How to change the team displayed on your Strava profile

If you've joined more than one Strava club, you will see a selection box in your profile settings to choose your preferred club for display on your Profile. If you wish to change the racing team displayed, navigate to your profile settings (on the Strava website) and choose your preferred club from the menu. To remove the club from your profile, select "None" from the menu. 



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  • Hi Elle,


    Need to be able to select your preferred Team, this should be an easy addition to your Profile, the DB is already in place...





  • Elle - agree with Craig.  Some teams are "virtual" and some of us are on more than one team that meets/runs/rides in person, but have a home team, or as Craig put it "preferred team" .



  • Yep agree too. I think the only thing I can do is leave the teams ahead of my current team and rejoin them, if they aren't closed!

  • Completely agree ... I guess a large data base of Strava users are not a part of professional racing teams. So while the functionality was developed to address them, it is not a bad idea to let others decide the team / group they want to be a part of on their online profile as well.

  • Agreed. I happened to join a club on Strava before my team was listed. Now I need to change it. It would be much easier to do than to quit all the clubs and have to rejoin them.

  • 2 years later and this is too complicated to change.

  • It's ridiculous. I may "quit" 3 of he teams and then rejoin to have my actual team showing in my profile.

  • I would have thought that this would have been addressed now - It should be a relatively easy fix. I agree with all the posts above regarding this. As a premium user paying for this service I am sure judging by the multiple threads on this subject that you have an internal business case/justification to approve the change with your system developers?

  • And we still can't choose which team/club is listed?

  • I agree it would be a nice feature that you could select which club (race or club or whatever) to appear as your "Main" club should be simple to fix it. Strava, please make it happen! Thanks!

  • Selecting "team" should be a routine field in your "settings" -- this is so basic. These complaints go back over 2 years.
    The UI on all these "social media" sites, whether FB, LinkedIn, Strava, etc, is so clumsy & amateurish. What is the problem?!

  • I'm noticing a trend on the Strava forums when a feature is requested.. Folks inquire as to an improvement, the community manager shows up to assure customers that "things are being looked into," only to never reply while leaving the community in perpetual limbo.
    It's shameful behavior; I'll not be renewing my membership after observing this on multiple fronts. I've only started to use this app and as much as it offers, I'm now on the hunt for a solution that is truly focused on the end user. Feel free to forward any suggestions!

  • As a web developer, I have to say that this should be a hilariously easy feature to implement. You guys have done some awesome stuff, but this is one of the few niggling things that is kind of annoying and makes the user experience less than perfect. Thanks.

  • Please add the option to select a team, this is ridiculous.

  • Totally agree with all the comments above... my 'Team' is now TrainerRoad? I work in an Internet firm and a change like this is less than an hours work tops for a developer. Come on Strava, pull your finger out!

  • This feature is terrible. What PM conjured this up? :P

  • Strava still didnt solve this issue. we should be able to select which team we prefer to show as our teamle. come on strava, do your thing. removing all the clubs and adding the club we prefer and again adding all other clubs is a hassle. it should be a lot easier. just put a drop down list under our profile settings. that simple!

  • This needs fixed. My old race team is now a riding club, and I've joined a new team. I have no desire to remove myself from my old riding "club" and then rejoin it - since I am the owner of the old "club" strava group.

  • We do need the option to select the team we are actually on

  • Come on, Strava. Please fix this issue. I know you can do better.

  • Got impatient and proceeded with the delete and rejoin method. Remarkably, I only had to delete and rejoin one team to land where I wanted. YMMV.
    For the price of Premium membership we should be able to tailor our profile a good bit more.

  • More flaky, half-implemented features from Strava :(

  • It's ridiculous how can we not define such a simple thing

  • Strava is great.
    I really love it.
    It could be so much more. And it can get a LOT better with just a few smart changes.
    Being able to change a silly, simple thing like this removes a little irritation and makes the general user experience just a little better.
    But nothing happenes.
    Not really smart of our good friends at Strava.
    Not smart....

  • Seriously???
    Strava wants me to remove all club-Memberships, only to re-add them in different order?
    Sorry, but programming a "select-your-racing team-option" should be a minor dev task, so pls get it done.
    You owe it to your community.

  • What, not fixed after this much time? It's not that hard, please fix and preferably so that strava members can highlight any strava team/club.

  • A vast majority of cyclists will be associated with a club, sometimes multiple clubs, or several divisions of one club that each have their own Strava club (eg. TT, Road Racing etc). This is the most clunky part of Strava I have experienced so far.

    I find it antiquated that the first club you join shows as your profile club. If you can hold down and select an image from your workout to be your main image, why can't you simply select whichever club from your list you'd like to have as your main one?

    This will take a developer half an hour to implement and keep a lot of people happy whilst allowing them to enhance their profile with the correct association. People like people to know who they represent!

  • half an hour- yes. Obviously no one reads these comments or cares

  • Came here to see if there was a solution. Looks like people have been sweating over it long before I did.

    Tried contacting Strava support via twitter. In the hopes this gets attention (nobody likes to seem like they're ignoring their customers on more visible forums...), give me a retweet:

  • This is shameful, how is this not a feature!?!

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