How to share an Activity with a friend

On the Strava app, you can invite a friend who was with you but didn't record their activity. You can invite friends regardless of whether they're already on Strava. First, open the activity you would like to tag your friend in. From the activity details page, you can select the Add Friend button. Select the application you would like to use to send your share invitation. The friend will receive the link to the invitation through whichever app you chose to use (email, text message, etc.) The friend can then accept the invitation, or if they are not on Strava, they can create a new account. The activity will appear on your friend's Strava profile and feed as if it was their own. Learn more

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  • I did a trail race (TRT) this year and my Fenix 2 crashed and I lost all data. It was suggested by a Strava tech that I could contact someone who also did the race in/near the same time and ask them to send me the GPX file of their race.

    After attempting to contact several people without luck, I recalled a friend did the same race last year. He sent me the GPX file for his race and I uploaded it to my Strava acct. the problem is that I can't figure out how/if I can change the event date so it appears in this year's stats.
    Any suggestions?

  • Hi Glenn - 

    You'll have to open the GPX file in a text editor and "find and replace all" for the new date. Hope that works! 

  • Ellie, I'm glad to see a workaround like this to copying someone else's activity as though it were your own... but I'd really like to suggest prioritizing the development of a feature that does this with one tap from a mobile app.  I should be able to view an activity belonging to someone I follow and tap a button that says "Copy Activity" and be done with it  This is a lot of work and is especially difficult if not impossible to do from a mobile device.


  • Totally understand David. I also agree it would be a great feature to develop so that this action is easy and seamless. Thanks! 

  • I also think that copying the .GPX file isn't a good solution because you will have the same exact instant speed and sometimes even the heart rate. When in fact the only equal data is the total distance and average speed ( and all other average data). I would suggest something like: you have an icon that you click saying that you were in that run, and your friend or some of them need to confirm in order to you have the total distance and average data copied to your acct.

  • Totally agree this this needs to be easier, but thanks for the work around for now.

  • I agree with Ericsson Lima, should just be able to tag a friend in a run. That friend then gets a notification asking if he ran with you. If he/she clicks yes, then the run is populated into his account.

  • Since two weeks i noticed that sharing my activity by sms now sends a static picture of the map. Before it used to send a the URL. That website contained sufficient and interr

  • Since two weeks i noticed that sharing my activity by sms now sends a static picture of the map. Before it used to send a the URL. That website contained sufficient and interresting information, and was alot more convinient

  • Since two weeks i noticed that sharing my activity by sms now sends a static picture of the map. Before it used to send a the URL. That website contained sufficient and interresting information, and was alot more convinient

  • Since two weeks i noticed that sharing my activity by sms now sends a static picture of the map. Before it used to send the URL. That website contained sufficient and interresting information about the activity and was alot more convenient. I hope Strava changes back its Share activity

  • My situation is slightly different in that my friend and i started from 2 different locations. We met up part of the way to our destination and rode the remainder of the ride together. My strava failed before we met up but recorded the majority of that part of the trip. can i import the second half of his ride and add it to the end of my recording?

  • Greg C. Not sure if you can add two activities together, but you could import your friends activity and then crop off the bit you don't want from within Strava's website - once imported, just click the spanner from within the activity and choose 'Crop'. This will be a separate entry to yours but you still get the km's etc on your profile.

  • If you rode beside someone and you were not racing, then taking their GPX file seems ok. But if I lost my GPX file, I would just enter a manual time and distance and give up the map. Then it is clear that I am not showing non-real data.

  • So silly that Strava hasn't developed a feature yet that allows adding friends to an activity.

  • Come on Strava geeks. This should be available. I road 160 miles the other day and my GPS failed but my son's worked and it should be simple to copy the basic data to my account to show I at least did the miles.

  • Is there some magic by which I can use this functionality from my phone, choose Strava as the app to share, and have it prompt me to select people I'm friends with to share with directly or something?

    As it stands, when something goes wrong with my wife's recordings, I have to use the app to send an email or something because using Strava just makes a post where anyone can come and click to say they were there, requiring me to wait for her to add it and then delete the post.

    If not, this seems like a really glaring omission from the functionality, unless most people tend to walk with strangers and not with their usual friends or something.

    Besides anything else, the phrasing "tag a friend" and "add friend" seems entirely misleading since that's not really what you're doing in either case.

  • I'm having an issue with this feature ... I can send the invite to fellow athletes ... but they don't get the option to Accept or reject ... they just get the link to my activity. to view it so it wont appear in their activity list.

  • I ran into that literally yesterday when I had to use this feature again due to some other Strava issues. Make sure that you're hitting the button that says "Add Friend" and not just sharing the activity. If you're doing it on the web it should pop up a dialog giving you a link to manually share. On the phone app (Android at least), "Add Friend" prompts you to select the method of sharing for the activity, while clicking the share icon opens a screen that says "Share Activity" instead.

  • I received the invite from my friend we workout together. However I've clicked on the accept buttom but nothing happen! Iv'e tried on several browsers (IE, Edger, Chrome) but none worked. Is there any clue or trick?

  • How can I share my rides only to a Facebook GROUP, not on my timeline?

  • Seems to be an issue on this. Rode with 2 of my friends but forgot to switch Strava on when we started, and thought they should be able to add me to the ride, I knew and get that the PB's wouldn't work or show as how could they, but it is just to ensure I have the miles added rather than do it manually. They both added me but I have received nothing to acceopt their invitation in the app or otherwise. If you add a feature just make sure it bloody works for crying out loud.

  • I got the problem and discovered that deactivating ublock (on both my and the friend's side) makes it work. I find it somewhat facepalm-inducing that this feature was implemented using techniques that get red flags from anti-tracking tools…

  • I had problems with this feature working and found a solution. When you go to add a friend, and the menu appears to search for their name with the word “add” in a box next to their name, do not click that add button. Instead, click on the link at the bottom that says “were you with someone not on Strava?” with the “invite friends” button. That was the only way I could get it to work. Please fix, Strava, but in the mean time everyone else use this workaround.

  • Anyone get this to work? Send Ride to friend but there appears to be no way to accept it on iOS app?

  • Andrew Dunning, the last time I tried this I still had to pretend like I was inviting a friend who was not on strava, using the method I described above.

  • Cheers Grant - Strava actually told me that way. Had to send the other person a text message :) maybe they will fix it one day ... functionality def doesn’t work

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