How to integrate my parkrun and Strava accounts

Do I have to load the GPS file for it to link? I've linked my parkrun ID to my strava profile but can't see the race I completed. Any help please? 

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  • Hi Ryan,

    I've found a Strava blog post where it describes how the integration works:

  • Elle, thanks for the link. I've successfully linked my parkrun profile to strava and can see the strava logo on the parkrun site. 

    But the run doesn't pop up in my strava profile, do i need to record run details using a GPS device for the run to appear in my strava profile? 

    Sorry if the answer should be obvious ...

  • This also seems to be an issue for me... I have linked and authorised accounts and I get the Strava logo on my Parkrun profile, but the results are not being logged in Strava... any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.

  • Also an issue for me. Did Parkrun today, can see the Strava logo next to my result but can't see the run in Strava. Am I missing something obvious. Not yet downloaded my run to Strava (synched to my Garmin account) but assumed this wouldn't be necessary considering my Parkrun profile is linked to Strava. Can anyone help?

  • Same thing happening to me. I have seen people run my Parkrun and then their feed shows that they and so many others have run that event. My last Parkrun just showed up as "Morning Run" and I'm trying to work out how to integrate it...

  • Doesn't anyone from strava tech support monitor these posts, in order to fix these issues. I've been linked for two weeks, and yet none of y parkrun (or Garmin connect) data has copied to strava
    Still waiting for Strava to respond to my submission, which was two weeks ago.
    Very very poor on Strava

  • Yeah I've got the same problem.....cant you work out a way to record parkruns straight to strava? Seems like an easy concept to program. Very annoying. Fix it and I'll even go premium ya mongeese

  • After a month, I get the following information from Strava. What a complete waste of time. It's taken them 18 months since they 'joined' parkrun, and still they don't have the decency to tell EVERYONE (ie.. comment on this thread!) the following...
    (Hope this helps people from wasting their time on this false link.)
    ps.. needless to say, I am removing 'the icon'

    Steven G. (Help Center)

    Jul 8, 3:05 PM PDT


    Sorry for the confusion. We don't actually receive any data from Parkrun unfortuatnley. I hope it evolves into that in the future, but for now it's just an icon next to your profile on Parkrun's website. Sorry for the confusion.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Strava Support Team

  • Well when you say you hope it evolves in the future. 10 months later still nothing has happened.
    If you cannot transfer information from Parkrun then what is the point in having the link. Taking mine off.

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