How to turn off automatic Facebook sharing

Automatically share activities on Facebook: 

There are two features available to share Strava activities on Facebook. For an individual activity of your choosing, select the share icon from your activity feed or the activity details page after finishing, saving and syncing the activity to Strava. For Strava to automatically share all new activities on Facebook, the automatic share feature must be enabled from the save activity screen on either the Android mobile app or the website.

On the Android mobile app, the automatic share option appears on the screen just after finishing the recording and before saving the activity. On the Strava website, the automatic share option appears before saving manually uploaded activities by file. The automatic share option is not available on the iOS mobile app.

To enable and disable automatic Facebook sharing:

If the "f" icon or "Share to Facebook" toggle is enabled before saving an activity, then the activity will be automatically shared to Facebook when saved. This enables automatic Facebook sharing for all new activities until it is disabled. To turn off the automatic Facebook sharing, disable the Facebook share icon or toggle on the activity save screen on your next upload. If you're an iOS user, you can control this setting from the Strava website.


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  • This has been a real pain in the ass. I'm really irritated that this "setting" was automatically on...always. I've been a Premium member since Dec '12 and was very close to cancelling all Strava usage because of this.

  • Hi Will, please let us know how we can help from here. Hopefully you've been able to sort out the settings now? 

  • My little 'f' symbol is no longer there. How can I turn off auto posting to done?

  • OK, I've logged on to my account on a PC and have turned OFF the Facebook sharing.   I've done this FOUR times and each subsequent day Strava is sharing on FB.  I go to log in and each day its back on.  How do I turn this off permanently? 

  • My automatic FB posts will not shut off and I am getting pretty annoyed.  From my log in page, in settings I turn off FB.  Its off.  It says its off.  I log out, log back in and its says its off.  Next day my Strava ride posts on FB and I am annoyed.  I go into Strava and its turned back on.. I turn it off, it says its  off..  repeat every single day.   Please help or I will have to cancel my account. 


  • If you don't want anybody to view it on facebook, when it posts, just go to the upper right corner of the post and select private, where only you can see it.  I know it doesn't solve the problem, but it is private.

  • I will uninstall the app because of this stupid function (automatically sharing activitues on fb).

  • I will uninstall the app because of this stupid function (automatically sharing activitues on fb).

  • My app seems to be reenabling Facebook sharing on its own every week or so. Really annoying.

  • Strava, as much as a love you, this is simply the most stupid thing you have done. For many years I have enjoyed separating fb and strava, and suddenly you enables this automatically. Its not like we havent had the chance to share our activities before, so why make it automatic suddenly? Maybe my big thumb hit the fb button by accident, but if not you are making a mistake here.

  • My thumb has not accidentally hit the button multiple times over the past month or so. Something is definitely flakey here.

  • Shoot, this button shouldn't be sticky, and automatic sharing should not self-enable. Can those of you who have reported unintentional fb sharing confirm that the "f" button is greyed out when saving your next recorded activity?

  • So after reading this post, I've been vigilant to check the facebook symbol before sharing rides. However, my last few rides have been automatically posted to facebook, and for each of them, the facebook sign was greyed out as it appeared above. On my most recent ride, I even turned the facebook symbol on and the off again and it still saved to facebook..

  • I have an android. Every ride is posted to Facebook. I have been trying for an hour to shut this off and can't figure it out. Please help. Extremely annoying.

  • this annoying "feature" began auto-posting to FB for me in the past week. I did notice my activities synced to strava from my garmin did not post there; only activities created in strava did. after trying unsuccessfully to stop posting within strava I went to my FB prefences and revoked strava's permission to post. seemed to work thus far.

  • Whether to post automatically to FaceBook or not should be controlled in general settings or your Strava profile - not on the individual save ride screen, as that makes it harder to control (because you need to start and save a ride first, before you can change the setting).
    Further, I never actively turned this "on", so expect it to be "off" by default. The fact Strava put this new feature in, and sets it to "on" automatically, I find a violation of my privacy. Please be more conscious of this in the future.

  • By Strava. This is idiotic. Don't need Strava if they insist having free advertising.

  • Hi everyone - I realize that Strava just released a new and improved way to share activities from the app. The "f" icon on the finish & save screen is still the old sharing method, so I will be sure to share this info with the team on Monday and see what can be done. Maybe there is interest in changing how this automatic facebook sharing feature works to reflect the other recent changes. Thanks for your patience. 

  • I've simply disconnected my facebook account from Strava in 'settings' on the desktop website. Hopefully this will stop auto sharing. If and when this bug is fixed I'll reconnect my fb account so I can share what I choose to share.

  • A month later and it still insists on auto posting. I have to be careful when I save because sometimes it will just post my ride to facebook and then I have to go to my feed to remove. Seems to be a real problem and a singular turnoff to using the app. Will have to check out alternatives until it gets sorted.

  • This also caught me by surprise today! New privacy-related features should be "opt-in" only.

  • Thank you Matthew L, best suggestion yet. Only wish Strava could get their act together on this.

  • Wow, this is still an on-going issue as has happened (activities auto post to FB at what seems like random times. One more time and will de-activate my account and use alt apps.

  • I assume I chose to share ONE activity and now the option is on all the time.
    Some one commented " (because you need to start and save a ride first, before you can change the setting)." and that's what I guessed I would have to do to get access to the button to turn it off. It worked. I started "Record Activity" on my Android phone, walked around a bit and clicked stop. Before saving I toggled off the [f] button. The I deleted the activity (from my desk top's browser).

  • My runs are auto-posting to Facebook and the option when I save the run is definitely turned off.

  • Suddenly I started sharing all my runs (not rides) in Facebook. I have not tried to turn off the sharing yet from the Android App but I hope when I do in the next run it will work ...
    It is very annoying if not illegal ( !!!) to share unauthorized info. From what I can see previous users had trouble perm deactivating this feature. It is frustrating to see that someone has given the thumbs up on FB for an activity that you do not want to publish in the first place! The solution should be not to disconnect FB account from STRAVA as a whole, because at some point you should be able to publish. Also it would be good to have the ability to turn off the general option for auto sharing from the browser app as well i.e. not just from the phone. In fact is a question why not to have that already.

  • Thanks Michalis, I'll follow up with the team to provide better education for this Facebook feature. It wasn't our intention to make this feature so misunderstood and easy to accidentally activate.

  • Please SHUT OFF the default to automatically share to Facebook! I want to share every now and then, I should not HAVE to shut it off after.

  • Why cant the Facebook feature be deactivated in the settings when logged on a PC? Why is it so hard for Strava not to implement this change when faced with the comments above?

  • This is unlawful. Strava postings include personal data, and Strava transferring that data to another company (Facebook) without the consent of the person who the data relates to, is not lawful. Strava failing to deal with this is troubling.

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