Bulk Editing, or Editing Multiple Activities

We don't offer a feature to edit multiple activities at once, although we know it's a popular request. For example, after bulk importing historical data you may wish to bulk apply activity settings such as gear, privacy, activity type, tag, etc. For now, you can most efficiently edit activities one-by-one on the website from the My Activities page. You can select Edit, adjust the activity settings, and Save for each activity without having to leave this page. You can also filter activities by activity type, keyword, commute or private tags. 

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  • Hi Weedy,

    I do apologize I did not work on it for a long long time. I messed up my TODO items. I have just updated the tools so that you can select your bike for Virtual Ride activities. Thanks for your patience and reminder!

  • Excellent, worked a treat. Thanks so much for this tool, very, very handy!!

  • This. Is. Perfect. Thank you very much, Toru!

  • Hi Toru,

    thanks for your tool, which is a great workaround for what should have been implemented by Strava a long time ago. I have been able to make imported activities private with your tool. However, I would very much like to start syncinc from scratch as I would rather import from another source than GC. Therefore, I would deeply appreciate a version which includes bulk delete - have all my data available on other platforms.

    Best regards

  • HI Toru,

    This is working fine for bike riding, but when I select activity 'Run', the dropdown list does not populate with my running shoes.

    Any ideas about this?



    EDIT: I revoked access, removed cookies and then restarted the app.  Seems to have fixed the problem.  Thanks Toru!

  • What I would like to see is another "if" operator so that I could do things like:
    IF activity type is "ride" AND IF distance is less than 3 miles, THEN update COMMUTE. That would make this much more powerful.

  • Hi Toru. I reactivated a dismissed bike in Gear on Strava, but I can't see it on Objem...

  • Solved. I hed to reconnect to Strava.

  • Francesco B.
    I guess the tool retrieves your bikes only when you signs up. Not sure. I am being a little too busy these days to fix it immediately, but I will keep this issue in my TODO list.

    and other athlete who reported issues. Thanks. I will keep your report in my TODO list, too.

  • Francesco B.
    Great to hear that and I appreciate your feedback.

  • Great tool, thanks!

  • Great App! I seem to frequently get the "Something went wrong" message if I select a large date range and then need to go back and trim it down. Any way to adjust the code (rate limiting or array/list size) to fix this?

  • Hi, Mike Burkett

    It is because the code tries to run too long if you specify a relatively long range and Google App Engine allows the code to run within a minute. I am just too lazy to fix it using task queue, continuous client/server communication or simply limiting the range.

  • Is there a way to mark all rides that are 5 miles or less as a commute? This would save me hours of tagging!

  • Really great tool, thanks a lot!

  • This is a great tool, thanks a lot for providing it Toru!

    I have 2 bikes - road and MTB, and I recently learnt about the equipment feature. So I want to go back in the past and mark the rides with the bikes used, so it can track the mileage I have with each bike.
    I usually ride on my MTB during the weekdays, and the road bike on weekends. It would be great if I can have a rule to mark the rides. It can be one of:
    1. Days of week - mark all rides in days x,y,z with tag/bike/anything else you enable editing.
    2. Average speed - in my case, if it's lower than 22kmh it's MTB, higher is road.

    Thanks again for providing this awesome tool!

    P.s. I'm a programmer so if you want some help in maintaining it I'll be glad to help.

  • Fantastic tool... would it be able to extend it to delete duplicate activities?
    Or bulk delete by upload source?
    Background: I uploaded old activities into a new Polar Flow account and it synchronized all activities again. So I now have doubled apporx. 1500 exercises. It would be great to be able to delete the ones that are synchronized fro Polar or identify double exercises (same start date/time?)

    I contacted Strava support but they do not seem be able to help me..

    thanks a lot,

  • Hi Toru,

    thanks for the great tool! Wouldn't it be possible to allow tagging Runs as Races? I have some old imported data from Runtastic and they all have misleading pace because they don't take resting time in account (and resting time is not detected correctly for them). Tagging them as Races would make Strava use real elapsed time instead of leaving out resting time.


  • Hi Toru,

    I second Brian R's request above, for tagging rides below a certain distance as commutes. I was searching for a bulk updating tool for strava to do such a task and came across your tool.


  • Hi Toru,

    Great tool, thank you! First time I used it, I got the "something went wrong" error. Then I used it, month-by-month to change all my blank bike entries into my first bike. All but two months went fine, and I ended up manually going through those months to find the failed ones and correct them.

    They seemed to be related to those occasions where I used an running watch and Strava app to record an activity.

    Anyway, as a feature request, it would be good to provide the activity URLs for those updates that failed (as debug-type output) so you could quickly go in and fix them, rather than manually having to hunt them down.



  • This is brilliant. Worked like a charm!

  • Awesome tool, thanks for building! I'm getting 500 errors whenever I try a request to update gear though. Have tried different timeframes, but no success. Is it down right now?

  • Hi Toru,

    Great idea for a tool but it doesn't seem to work for me at the moment. I'm trying to change the gear for rides within a specific timeframe, but it always returns the error 'something went wrong'. I hope that you have the time to fix it.

  • Same error when trying to change gear for runs: "something went wrong"

  • Could you add the ability to (bulk) "Correct Elevation" for rides if possible please?

  • Could you add the ability to get a list of the queried activities (i.e. from the "IF" box) then manually remove some of the activities before applying the "UPDATE" action? It would also work if I could get a list of all of my activities (or maybe within some date range) and manually choose which activities to apply the "UPDATE" action.

    I really just want to find my commutes and tag them but there is no way to search for them because they look like all of my regular rides.

  • Does not function!! Something went wrong -> is the message.

  • This article has been updated to reflect the most current information.

  • The problem with this new version is if you Edit an activity, then Cancel your changes, the activity gets modified anyway. This bug has been present ever since the My Activities page was redesigned.

  • What's the status of this now? The third party tool link mentioned in the comments says it's closed. All these years on there's still no bulk edit option in Strava? Editing one at a time for thousands of rides will take way too long. I want to be able to change past privacy settings, plus even one at a time there's no option to remove from leaderboards. Though if you had a feature to only appear on leaderboards for approved followers and not public leaderboards (no KOMs etc, no fussed about that, just compare against friends only option), then that would be ideal, but... ;)

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