Bulk Editing, or Editing Multiple Activities

We don't offer a feature to edit multiple activities at once, although we know it's a popular request. For example, after bulk importing historical data you may wish to bulk apply activity settings such as gear, privacy, activity type, tag, etc. For now, you can most efficiently edit activities one-by-one on the website from the My Activities page. You can select Edit, adjust the activity settings, and Save for each activity without having to leave this page. You can also filter activities by activity type, keyword, commute or private tags. 

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  • where I can get the tool? I can't find out, not here and not on the page from Toru, where can I find it?

  • Come on Strava, this feature is desperately needed.

  • "although we know it's a popular request" - so three years later, why isn't there anything like this? It takes like half a dozen clicks to change a single activity on the "My Activities" page. It'd be nice to auto change all of my commutes, say.

  • I'd like to mass edit all my walking activities, to change the shoes. My running shoes have been set as my default walking one... not too wise. :-D

  • How can I update all my runs for 2018 to use a specific shoe. For some reason it didn't use my default shoe when I uploaded my activities

  • "...although we know it's a popular request" - so why hasn't it been implemented yet, 3 1/2 years later?

  • As Tracy Rericha indicated, implementation period seems to be very extensive!!! Or, have you kicked this into the long grass?
    Changing my gear, one activity at a time, via, "My Activities", is slow going.. but, I'd do it.
    Unfortunately, I seem to be having to change all of my 'Virtual Rides', to 'Rides', just to get the Bike option to show! It's not available when Virtual Ride is selected.

  • On the My Activity page would it be possible to add check boxes for private (as now), followers only and everyone so that it is easier to find historic activity and change its privacy setting. I want to change all my old history from Everyone to Followers.

    With thanks in anticipation

  • Even when I began going through all of my activities, one by one, I cannot complete this task - Strava begins throwing a "Too Many Requests" error. How are we supposed to edit all of our activities if we cannot even do it the slow and tedious way??

  • OMG this would be so useful - my Garmin was off by like 70% for all elevation for the past year, so I'd love to edit all my prior to correct them!!

  • Can you add Electrical mountain bike in the activity ?
    And can we change ALL past activities to private, public or "followers only" at once ?

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