How to switch from a Facebook login to email login

  1. Log into to Strava with Facebook to check the email associated with your account. Update your email if needed. Note: From the website, a password is required to update your email but a password is not required when updating your email from the Strava app. If you have lost access to the email on your Strava account and cannot reset your password, contact us directly to resolve. 
  2. Log out of Strava. From the Login page, select "Forgot your password?". 
  3. Wait for the email to be sent to the email on your Strava account and create a new password. Now, log in with your email and password. If you would like to change your email on the website, go back to your profile settings and use your new password to update your email.


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  • Thank you very much Elle.

  • Hi, this does not work. It is impossible to change my email address, Strava gives an error "invalid password" but I do not have a password because my current login is via Facebook. Even with the password of facebook it does not work. Can you help me. Thanks.

  • Same thing with me as well. When I pressed log in with facebook it created a second account. Now I want to unify them as people started following me on the FB created account and my phone app uploads my activities to the other, where I log on with e-mail. Can it be fixed somehow?

  • I can't get this to work either. It imported my Facebook-provided email address, which is old and I don't have access to, and now I can't change it to my new email. I want to sign up for premium but I'm not going to do it if I can't even get the right email in there. Any fix devs?

  • I'm sitting with the same problem. Logged in initially with facebook but want to move over to email logged in account. Strava assigned a random email address to me and I never chose a password so it is impossible to change the email address to my current one. So, what should I do about it?

  • Walter, Vladimir, Chris, Daniel,
    Can all of you please create a support ticket so we can help you directly? Since this will involve us updating your email manually, it would be best handled directly.

  • Actually, I solved it some time ago. Well it wasn't the solution I wanted, but I was able to eliminate one of the accounts, and then following the provided solution above, I changed my password for the facebook account. And now I'm using this account. It was some OK for me, as I was new on Strava, and didn't bother myself with some lost activities on the other account. So for me, there's no need to log a ticket anymore.

  • Vladimir,
    Glad to hear you got the issue resolved. Since the other account was removed, I wont be able to double check this, but if you are trying to update an account email and that email is already linked to another account (say an unintentionally created duplicate account) then updating the email will not work and you will see that no change is saved. It is kind of like the page just refreshes.

  • Need to change my email address, and faces the same problem as described above. When logging in with Facebook and choosing the change email and password, I'm asked for the current password, but this I do not know. I have requested a reset but do not receive any emails to reset, and as I do not know the current, I can't make a new password and cannot change email. I have opened a ticket.

  • Yep this does not work! Help! Because I am deactivating my Facebook.

  • The instruction from Elle in the beginning of this thread are quite correct.
    You just don't have to "verify" your E-Mailadress, go to the settings, just to check which E-Mailadress Strava is currently working with.
    Then Log out.
    When you log in in again, follow the instruction Elle provided.
    Just make sure you are at the Login-page and not at the registration-page.
    Then enter your E-Mailadress (as checked before) and tell Strava you need a new password.

    Afterwards you can change your E-Mail and/or your Password as you like.

  • No, as many have already said, this doesn't work. Strava claims to have sent the recovery email ("We've sent an email to with instructions on how to reset your password.") but no such email ever actually goes through. Please provide different instructions. Thanks~

  • Thanks Elle, worked perfectly for me for Changing password and also changing from Google login to email login.

  • I have an issue that whether i log in via Facebook or Email it links to the same account. As far as i can see it looks like its the same account anyway, all the activities seem to be there, i would just prefer on log in if thats possible.

  • The 1st tip from Elle Anderson worked fine for me... thank you very much now my old account is working again and i could change the password.
    Just follow the steps for android correctly and it will work.... thx

  • What if you no longer have access to the email you signed up with?

  • The solution does not work for me. The recovery email was not delivered to my gmail account.
    Is there any default password used for google / facebook accounts?
    Why should I enter some password if it has been never generated?
    Why system not recognize the password is not generated?

  • Finally I found recovery email in the Social tab.

  • Followed instructions above. Recovery email never landed in Inbox (checked all tabs & spam for almost 30 mins now).
    Does said recovery email come via pigeon or horse?

  • I've got the same problem, I do not receive the email

  • Ok I recevied the email after several minutes in the social tab.
    Thanks you

  • Followed instructions above. Recovery email never landed in Inbox (checked all tabs & spam).

    Ok, received email after a while

  • If anyone is using Hotmail, when you're in inbox look at the top. There is a tab called "other" click that and you will find the strava password reset email.

  • This does not work because when you go to the Change Email and Password screen, the "Current Password" won't accept my Facebook password. How do you resolve this?

    (I did receive Password reset email link, but it wants me to sign in with Zendesk which pops up my Gmail email addresses that are not my Facebook email address) and whatever Gmail I try to sign in from Zendesk loops back to the same Zendesk login screen, even if I attempt to sign in from the "Other" email screen with my correct Facebook email address or my phone number associated with Strava)

  • I not longer have access to the registered email account and have been using FB to login. Now I cant change the email addess as I don't have the password. Please help.

  • Attempted. Never received gmail email. Waited for over an hour. Normally I have gmail fwd any email to my msn account then delete at gmail. I even went into gmail acct and told gmail to fwd but also retain. Still nothing.

  • Finally got an email, when I clicked on the link, the Strava log-in page said that the password recovery URL I used was either out of date or invalid. I clicked the link from

  • am also having the same problem

  • Same problem!
    The Link in the Password Recovery mail is forwarding me to for a download.... What is this, please???

  • I have had the same issue with passwords related to Facebook logins with Strava and have resolved the issue.
    This is how I resolved it.............
    1. Go to
    2. Click on the "log in" link
    3. Scroll down and click on the "forgot password" link.
    4. Wait about 5 or so minutes and go to your email inbox associated with your Facebook account.
    5. Open the email from Strava and scroll through until you find the "reset password" link and click on it.
    6. Enter and verify your new password.
    7. Wait about 5 minutes and login into Strava again using the Facebook login option.
    You will find you can do what you want with Strava now, using the new password you have created through Facebook.
    This worked for me 100%.
    Good luck. Cheers.

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