How to make a private Segment public

If you created a Segment, you can change the Segment from Private to Public.

1. From the menu under Dashboard select My Segments.

2. Select the tab Created Segments. Select the Private Segment you wish to make public. 

3. Find the Actions menu on the right column, and select Make Public.

Unfortunately, Strava does not allow public segments to be made private. 


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  • Hi Gianni -

    Open the segment page in question from Dashboard > My Segments > Created Segments. 

    From the Actions menu, select 'Make Public'.

  • No actions menu?

  • 1. Dashboard > My Segments > Created Segments.
    2. Click on your segment.
    3. On the right sidebar is going to be "Actions" button. Click on it. => "Make Public"

  • And how to make it private if I removed private flag as described?

    There is no "Make Private" in Action menu.

  • I'm having the same problem there is no make public in actions once you've created the segment

  • Me too

  • Hello...Beuller?? Is there a way to make a segment private again??

  • Hello, I've just updated the article to provide more information. Please let me know if there are any further questions at this time.

  • My "created segments" section is empty.
    Can anybody help me?

    Furthermore - why do I have to make it always manually to make each activity public while i changed my privacy settings to be PUBLIC anytime.....
    Can anybody help me?

  • I'm having the same problem there is no make public in actions once you've created the segment.
    I think this segment is not public: I want to do it public.

  • same problem.... no make public in actions

  • How long does it take to show 'efforts' after you have created a segment?

  • How long does it take before a segment you create for public use will show up on the "explore segments" map?

  • the same problem there is no make public in actions once you've created the segment. My "created segments" section is empty.
    Anybody help me?

  • whem i click created segment get this..Sorry, you are not allowed to access that page.

  • There is no option "Make it Public"available

  • weird behaviour, public created segment behave like private one: only visible by creator
    It is a difficult "bug" to find out since
    1)you need looking at your route from another user's profile (indeed I've discovered by accident)
    2)not all created (public) segments are affected
    Any ideas?

  • Is there a solution for this??
    I can't see the make public action.. and only I can see the segment.

  • After clicking on created segment, then Actions - there is NO make public as many above have said - why is this not being addressed? And why so often are topics and links not as suggested they will be? So sitting here stalled out - no way to make just this segment public without making everything public.

  • as of 07/12/2078 only actions available are
    and Refresh My Results.
    so this leads me to believe this is a Premium feature?

  • Hi

    I am also trying to make 3 segments public for a sportive but have the same result as above, it appears this seems to be a compliant of many but nothing seems to getting done??Please could you assist asap.

  • Same problem here.

  • I have a premium package, but when I creating the segment, sI have this info "Sorry, you are not allowed to access that page."
    What is wrong???

  • This action I seems is not possible. You have to delete your private segment and recreate segment in public. After, it have to wait a update of segment.

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