Issues with Strava's Flyby feature

  • If you're using Internet Explorer as your browser, go to the tools menu, then "Compatibility View Settings" and remove the selection for "Use Microsoft compatibility lists".
  • Check your privacy settings to make sure that "Everybody" is selected for your Flyby preferences. If you select "Nobody" then the Flyby feature will not work for you. 
  • Lastly, make sure your browser is updated to the latest version or try another browser. There may be issues with older versions of Safari, version 10 and lower.
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  • Having the same issue

  • Mine 's not working either

  • Flyby wasn't working on Chrome or Safari for me either a few days ago after they updated the UI, but has been working ok recently, seems there is still an issue on IE though perhaps.

  • Same here. Worked fine for weeks. Stopped working recently. Presents an image of central Africa with a 'Loading . . .' message. Won't accept Activity ID in 'Change Activity' option. Using IE11.

  • Seems to work fine in Chrome but just sits in a 'Loading' screen in IE.

  • It doesn't work on IE but does on Chrome. I've found this with some other work related websites. I think people are switching to Chrome because it's apparently more secure. 

  • A solution for IE 11 browsers posted by John in a related forum: 

    "Go to menu "extra" , than go to "Compatibility View Settings" and remove the check at "compatibility list of Microsoft"."

  • On the menu bar click on tools then "Compatibility View Settings" and uncheck "Use Microsoft compatibility lists" works fine for me

  • my flyby isn't working

  • excuse the ignorance, but where is this "menu" and "extra"?

  • Ok, here is what worked for me. Go to settings, go to privacy, click the link on "who can see my activity on strava labs flyby. You have two options - everybody and nobody. Hit everybody and then go to your profile. It should be there now...hopefully. It was for me.

  • I cant view my flybys on my home laptop but I can view them on my desktop computer at work whats going on.

  • As Wayne described above (January 10th)..........thanks wayne :-)

  • Thanks Elle Anderson!
    Unchecking "Use Microsoft compatibility lists" worked for IE11

  • George S
    As Wayne Jan 10th worked for me. Thanks all.

  • Thank you Elle and Wayne. That trick worked for me.

  • It doesn't work for me because Strava is adding 1 hour to the start time. The time on my watch and on Movescount is correct, but Strava adds an hour to me and not to other runners. For instance, on my last race which started at 20:00 Strava says I started at 21:00 where as all other racers have a Strava starting time of 20:00 (which is correct).

  • Cheers Wayne Jarvis :-)

  • Edit: works fine now

  • Gerald, since I posted this, all new posts have the correct time and Flyby is working again. Not so for old posts with erroneous time.

  • I've always been able to get it to work with Chrome but not IE. Haven't checked IE recently though.

  • So I use Internet Explorer (IE) and my flyby app has been down for a while. Wayne Jarvis above nailed it for me and it is now working. Had the view of Africa and nothing worked. Note: the settings Wayne refers to are not Strava menus functions, but IE options (the little gear in the upper right corner of IE. Thanks Wayne.

  • Just realized that Elle posted the repair a week before Wayne and is way better looking. Thanks Elle!! No offense Wayne.

  • Não está gravando atividades

  • Flyby's haven't worked on IE on my Windows 7 PC for several months now and I tried the fix suggested above, unchecking the compatibility box in the settings ... and it works now ... great, many thanks to all for posting this solution!!

  • Flyby not working for me... just the Africa map. "Use Microsoft compatibility lists" is already unchecked (from the last time I had the problem. Using IE 11.

  • Now the time issue. my strava is again adding 2 hours to the real starting time, so the FlyBy can't work.

  • Any hints on getting it working in Firefox?
    IE is now OK again...

  • Agree: it just does not work (=is not tested...) in IE. Web software should work in all browsers in general use. Or even in *all* browsers: (which will be difficult to useless for text mode browsers like Lynx with graphical map animations like Flyby, but still...)

  • thanks Elle perfectly now!

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