Training Plans for Cyclists (Summit)

We’ve worked with expert coaches to develop 10 customizable 4-week training plans in select languages, each intended to optimize your performance on a different type of segment.

  • Customize your training plan based on the number of hours you’d like to train per week.
  • All plans start on a Monday and end 4 weeks (28 days) later.
  • Each plan follows a 5-workout-per-week format, with workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, longer rides on Saturday and Sunday, and rest days on Monday and Friday.
  • Workouts will be delivered directly to your inbox the afternoon prior to the workout.

How can I participate?

Training plans are included with the Strava Summit Training pack.

  1. Visit on the web and log in to your account.
  2. Access Training Plans under the Training menu on your dashboard, or visit directly.
  3. Click “View details” to find out more about each plan and “Start plan” to begin.

You will receive an email confirmation of your entry into the plan within minutes, and your first workout will be delivered the afternoon prior to the scheduled start date. Please note: Training Plans are currently offered in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

How should I choose a plan?

Selecting a plan is easy; the plan times are based on current ability and not target time. If you've got a segment in mind, look at your most recent efforts. Choose the plan that best matches your recent or best average times. For example, if you typically climb a local hill in 5:30, you should probably choose the Six Minute Climb plan option to help you improve.

Why CTS?

Over the past 14 years, CTS and its coaches have helped more than 15,000 amateur and professional athletes achieve their performance goals. They’ve long been pioneers in the endurance coaching industry — their coaches have set the standard for professionalism, service, and expertise.

The organization’s coaches are relied upon as experts by leading brand and media outlets around the world, including USA Triathlon, Kurt Kinetic, Outside Magazine, the Amgen Tour of California and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

In addition to personalized coaching services and training camps, CTS has produced a wide variety of indoor cycling videos and several books, including best-in-class books like “The Time-Crunched Cyclist” and “The Time-Crunched Triathlete.”

These materials have been put to good use by countless Strava athletes with great success. With Training Plans for Cyclists, we’re taking CTS’ proven strategy and making it inherently accessible to all Strava Summit members. 


I didn't get today's email. Can you resend it?

If you're currently part of a plan, you will see two buttons on the Training Plan web page. These buttons will allow you to re-send emails (today's workout and tomorrow's workout) in the event that the one you expected did not appear.

Can I pause a plan? Can I re-start a plan in the middle?

We do not currently support "pausing" an ongoing plan. If you decide to opt out of a plan, you'll have to re-start that plan from the beginning.

What if I miss a workout or need to do a specific workout on a different day? 

That's totally fine. The workouts are sent to you on a daily basis and are designed to be done in the order they are received, but we understand that life often gets in the way. Feel free to re-arrange your days or skip days (but not too many!) as you see fit — you'll have everything you need in your inbox, so you can always go back and revisit past days.

What happened to the Gran Fondo training plans?

Gran Fondo training plans are no longer part of the offering from CTS. New CTS training plans will be added in the future that we hope will suit your training needs.

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  • How do I change my training plan to start this Monday? Had a family emergency and did'nt start this week.

    Thank you,

  • I can view only active training plan. Want to see other training plans as well. How do I do that?

  • @Gary, I believe you can cancel, then restart your training plan.

    @Latha, It's possible the system will only allow you to view one training plan at a time.

  • Hallo.

    Trenings Einheit sind Englisch und ich verstehe englisch nicht.Kann ich das auf deutsch haben und kann ich dise tagliche trenings Einheit am GARMIN EDGE800 speichern und wäremd trening verfolgen


  • hello.
    I have a doubt.
    I have the effort test in a sport medicine center. My maximum heart rate is 177 and my anaerobic threshold is 160.
    when you say a percentage of heart rate is about the maximum heart rate or for the anaerobic threshold? for example, endurance ride is between 51% - 90% aprox. This percentage is calculated on the maximum heart rate or anaerobic threshold?

  • 32

  • hello.
    I have a doubt.
    I have the effort test in a sport medicine center. My maximum heart rate is 177 and my anaerobic threshold is 160.
    when you say a percentage of heart rate is about the maximum heart rate or for the anaerobic threshold? for example, endurance ride is between 51% - 90% aprox. This percentage is calculated on the maximum heart rate or anaerobic threshold?

  • @Fazlic.

    Es tut mir leid, aber ich glaube es gibt kein Strava Training auf Deutsch.

  • how can i delete a training plan.
    I just wanted to check how it worked but now it sends me emails...
    i want it to stop

  • peace, if i got free trial and start the training plan few days after, does it will gone when my premium member end?
    or it will stay 4 weeks?

  • How can I upload these plans to my Garmin training calendar? Thanks!

  • Abdur, you're training plans will arrive by email the day before each training day.
    Keep them sorted in a separate folder you can create in your email program.
    Then you will have the entire plan after when it is over.
    Subscribe to another plan and do the same thing.

  • gostaria de saber como isso funciona tipo
    (Inclua séries de treino contínuo de 4x8 minutos 5 minutos de descanso entre as séries)
    isso pra mim ficou vago porque essa serie pra fazer no esforço máximo tipo um sprinte alguém saber me dizer ?

  • What about to use standardized (SI aka metric) units instead of these imperial? In user profile is a switch box for units, so it could use it. It should not be a big problem.

  • In your training plan, I have a question regarding the CTS field test. For calculating the CTS training intensities, it says to use the average heart rate from my CTS field test.
    Are we not suppose to use the maximum heart rate? Or I have the use the average heart rate on the 8 minute test?
    I'm confused, can you held please.

  • Does anyone know if there's a way to easily convert the training into specific workouts on a Garmin device? Would I have to manually create a new workout on the Garmin device for each day of the plan? Seems like there should be an easier way to do this.

  • ^^^ Marko good question. I would love to see this answered. Having a training plan pushed to Garmin or Zwift would save a ton of time.

  • Thanks Marko and Benjamin! Feedback received.

  • How can i change the rest day to Sunday?

  • How do I cancel a plan? I signed up for a training plan and then remember that I will be out of town and unable to continue for a week before the plan is over thanks,

  • I'm interested in going premium to access the training program. I'm hesitant because there are no examples that I can preview to make sure this is a good way to go. Can anyone give me input? Are the videos meeting your expectations?

  • I'm following a training plan Granfondo Cycling Advanced 8 weeks, and week 4 is a rest week with 2 times a Recovery RUN of 1 1 hour on Tuesday and Wednesday...
    I hope this is a small error in the scheme and it has to be 2 times a Recovery RIDE of 1 hour ? ;-)

  • I don't have see the Granfondo Advanced on my menus, but the intermediate granfondo is as hard as you want to make it, except for maybe the Climbing Repeats. You can also intensify the Over-Unders, if you like. BOTTOM LINE: After completing the 8-week plan, I am certifiably faster and stronger. Numbers and PRs prove it. But there are no videos, or at least I didn't use them. You can also adjust to truly fit your schedule, but complete the plan and your lactate, endurance, and VO2 will all increase.

  • How does 3x15 min T, 5 min RBI, = 1h 30m work out time?
    None of the total times equal the workout descriptions. Please show examples!

  • I always factored in a 15 minute warm up and cool down. That makes it 90 minutes.

  • Sorry need better understanding on this:
    5x90 sec at 110+ rpm, 3 min RBI + 3 x 30 sec max sprint, 5 min RBI
    In this scenario I will be doing one 5 x 90 sec FP and 3 min RBI each 90 sec FP? In the FP description it states in FP's RBI are usually short? This is why I ask.

    I am such a newbie to this. And this is my tomorrow workout.

    Thanks for anticipated reply!

  • This is how I would interpret. You would execute:

    Five 90-second intervals @ 110+ rpm with 3-min RBI between each interval, then

    Three 30-second intervals going as fast as you can with 5-min RBI between each of these intervals

    RBIs are usually shorter than the intervals, but in this case you should be exhausted after each interval so a short interval might be counterproductive. You need ample time to recover, then deplete your resources again in the next interval. That's how I'd interpret this. Good luck.

  • Hi

    Can I sync the plans to any of the Wahoo's computer's (elemnt/bolt)



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