Bluetooth Low Energy accessories for Android

Since version 4.1.1 of Strava for Android was released in June 2014, this Strava app now supports heart rate, cadence and power sensors that connect with Bluetooth LE.  More info here.

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  • ...Me too!

    I've finally got my Android 4.3 update OTA for my Nexus 4.  So the big question is, if I buy a Bluetooth low energy heart rate monitor will it work with Strava?...and if not when will it?

    Big thanks if/when it happens.


  • It won't work ...I already tried a Polar and Wahoo heart strap with my Nexus 4 (android 4.3 with BLE),  Many 2013 devices supports BLE ( GS4 , Htc One X, Nexus 4 and some sony devices). Strava team needs to update their app to use the new Bluetooth API. I can't understand why the Strava app isn't compatible with BLE devices yet, as it takes literraly 300 lignes of code to implement. Runtastic did it less than 24 hours after the Android 4.3 annoucement....:

  • me too!

  • I'd love to see this too.  Something like Wahoo HR and Speed/Cadence support would be fantastic.  Then I could use Strava to record all my indoor training

  • I'm glad I saw this thread.  I was about to start shopping for a BT HRM... now I'll wait.

  • I just got the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM and confirmed it does not work on the Galaxy S4 (ATT 4.2.2). Only the Zephyr works it seems. Viiiiva works with other apps though. At least it will operate with ANT+ too.

    I ended up cracking and bought a Garmin 500 (ebay from Taiwan for $145) since my other issue is that I can never read my phones display when mounted on the bike. In the fog its hard to read through the cover and in the sun, well with or without a case and sunglasses it's impossible.

  • Come on Strava...pull you finger out ffs!

  • Come on Strava! I'll even buy a new phone if you add this support. I'm just NOT going to buy an iphone...

  • Does the strava "Team" read this?  They could aknowledge BLE support it is coming or say they have a deal with Zephyr (or other reason) and it can not happen right now.  Simple as that.   It really is not hard.  

  • Yeah instead we get heat maps and not even an acknowledgement to BLE! Sort it out Strava...

  • I have lunch across from their office. Being a hipster joint I keep hoping to bump into someone from Strava! Still I think there are obviously many development paths occurring so hoping they have things in the pipeline, priorities to strategize etc. 

  • Sort it out Strava FFS.

    At least reply to the thread with some feedback to manage our expectations on this...

  • +1

  • Uh, hello..... hello... Strava.... you there?  Hellooo....

  • Please sort it out Strava... it's really not dificult to implement as proven by the guys at runtastic.

    This will stop people from going for Premium accounts as there is no real point if you don't have heart rate data.


    I would have been premium a few weeks ago if you had added this - do you guys not want our money :) ?


    Pleeaaassseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sort it out.

  • At least reply to the thread.

  • This is the dealbreaker for me when it comes to paying for Premium... I'd throw my $$ down today if I could go buy a BLE monitor and use it with my Samsung phone.  Had to return my Mio Alpha because of this, which was irritating since it was otherwise a great device.

  • I second Tom C. -- Strava, at least reply to this thread. Or close it. Something. What's the point of a corporate forum if you are not tending it.

    • Is BLE coming or not?
    • If it is coming, when?

    If not, let me move on.

  • Support for BLE in 4.3 would probably tip me over into paying for Premium too.

  • @Strava: Please reply ...

  • Hello.

    I'm on the Android team @Strava and we are working very hard on BLE support. That being said, BLE support is a bit more of an undertaking than we first thought. The SDK is finally here and more & more devices are getting upgraded to 4.3 every day, but it is still pretty young. Plus it takes a lot of time to test various BLE devices on various android devices in various situations. We really want to get BLE support out as soon as we can, but we certainly can't release something that isn't ready.

    We're working hard to get you a great product - and we hope to get that to you soon.

  • Thanks for the update Mateo. Finally an official answer from the strava team. Do you have a time-frame for the release of an eventual update?

  • 3 months and we finally get a response! That's all we wanted! It nice to know it's being worked on. Sick of having to use runtastic for heart rate monitored runs and switching back and forth. I want to go premium just don't have ANY incentive the way things are.

  • Hey Ariles, I hesitate to even give a vague timeframe as there are some thigns out of our control. In some ways we're probably closer than you think and in some ways further.

    If you want to hunt for clues you might keep an eye on for interesting Android app uploads!

  • Firstly, thanks for finally responding!

    The only thing I don't understand is that RunTastic released this at launch of 4.3, so what is 'out of your control'?

    Sorting this out has a positive effect on your balance sheet, and a positive effect on your userbase - so get it done :).

  • Tom, I wouldn't read too much into that. Only so many ways to say "when it's done". Thanks for your patience, it is greatly appreciated. 

  • I'm also waiting patiently for this

  • Hi Mateo, any update with the Strava app for Android?  

  • Hey Jesus,

    We're making good progress, here's a little proof

    The Android 4.3 BLE drivers are still young and we need them to be reliable before we release. Out of curiosity, do you (or others) own BLE devices now or are you waiting for software support?


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