Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth heart rate monitor

During our testing, we have noticed that the Polar Wearlink+ tends to unexpectedly disconnect from the phone. For the vast majority of devices out there the only known workaround seems to be to constantly replace the battery. Because of this, we discontinued support for the Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth HRM. However, other Bluetooth heart rate monitors from Polar (like the H series) are currently compatible with Strava. 

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  • +1 for Polar Bluetooth strap support.

  • Adding support for the Wearlink would be much more usefull to me than the connection with Instagram.... Come on, I know that a lot of people are waiting for wearlink support. The wahoo products are only available for Iphone. The wearlink is the most common bluetooth HRM device here.

  • C'mon guys! There's a lot of other services using Polar Wearlink + Bluetooth!

    I just signed a Premium Account, but I can't really use it properly, because I can't record HR of my workouts!

    How long we will wait for this IMPORTANT feature?


  • Agree with the other posters. Polar is probably the leading supplier and the Wearlink+ is compliant with the standard. It surprises me that it didn't just simply work. Looking forward to getting support as I can't really be bothered moving to another application and Strava is very popular  locally among my peer group.

  • I'm a premium user as well and would like to use my polar wearlink+ with Strava....what gives?

  • Yes please........it's a pain in the backside to have to buy a new HRM when I already have a perfectly good one.

  • Yes please! Don't wait to long for this 'future version'.

  • Please, please!  I love Strava (Premium member), but whenever I need HRM (intervals, hill repeats) I use Endomondo because they support my Polar Wearlink+.  It would be nice to just use Strava!

  • Im not buying premium until I can use my polar its a bit ridiculous that all the free apps use polar but not Strava lol makes you think the programmers are lazy or maybe Strava are in Zephr's pockets im not buying another product just to link to Strava seems just pointless really, surely if the developers find it hard to do they can just sack them and get some decent ones in maybe?

  • Add my name to the list of people who won't go to the Premium service without the Polar compatibility. I already have the WearLink HRM strap, so it just seems silly to me to spend another $60 for a strap when others are already supported.

  • I will get the Premium when it is Polar compatible

  • I have to use sportstracker in order to record my rides with my polar wearlink HRM. Please update STRAVA with this functionality!!!

  • Bumped this post on Strava Cycling Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/Strava):

    Me: Hi Strava, when can we expect support for other Bluetooth and/or ANT+ variant heart rate monitors? Premium customers are begging for this; potential Premiums too!

    Strava: Thanks for the push Michael! We'll do our best

  • Hi all, great news! Matt (Android Engineer at Strava) is baking in Polar support over the next few days and will distribute an early release to test compatibility. Please read below to help test.

    If you own a Polar Wearlink+ or other Bluetooth (standard only) heart rate strap that is compatible with Android can you please contact me with your e-mail address so I can pass it onto him, he will respond to you directly. Please include your Android phone model and Android OS model

  • My e-mail address is michael@visser.com.au, hope to see this Feature Request closed in no time! Props to Matt and Strava! :D

  • 1+ for support of the Polar Wearlink+ bluetooth HR monitor. E-Mail. is wkoelsch@web.de

  • Hey everyone,

    We are still considering supporting Polar, but we have not committed to it.

    I would not recommend entering your email address on here. We are reaching out to everyone who's commented on this thread.

  • As above, apologies for jumping the gun Matt as I had raised this topic on the Facebook Page as well, still hope to see Polar WearLink+ support in Strava.

    I've forwarded you the phone model and Android version of those who reached out to me. Thanks again.

  • wow 5 months to 'consider' the most popular HR monitor only took me 5 minutes to download endo and sportstracker, export the data to strava though and HR is not there.


    Chop chop lads to much ZZZzzzz going on at HQ

  • I know a good programmer you can hire who can do this in a week. Why are you guys screwing around?

  • Well Strava i guess that means we are just " considering supporting Strava, but we have not committed to it!!!

    To be honest if it was not for veloviewer and other strava 3rd party supporters i would not be using it now.......why do we have to use other sites for the functionality you should have....why is Strava development so slow???... you should be desperate to add better functionality for the average user to this site as well as Polar support to increase your membership.

  • well ? any chance to see my polar iwl wearlink+ to be supported ? I'm really tired to use endomondo even if I'm importing data to strava is easy (I found a trick to import many training from endomondo to strava), but endomondo app is becoming worster in every update.

  • I would like to know too when this is done.

  • Please let me know if you're still considering support for the wearlink.

  • Yes, please. There's no point for me to upgrade until Polar HRs are supported. I use Android model SGH-I757M, operating system 4.0.4.

  • I just got the Polar Wearlink Bluetooth and am dissapointed Strava is not supporting it. Please consider more support for bluetooth and ANT+ devices.

  • Big fan of Strava (premium user), however Sportstracker Pro is looking better and better the longer it takes to get this HRM compatibility issue sorted out. I'm guessing that its all contractual rather than technical obstacles too.

  • Please add this feature soon or you will lose lot of users this summer!

  • please at least before the summer

  • Six months and no sign of this addition :-| Any official update from Strava?

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