Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth heart rate monitor

During our testing, we have noticed that the Polar Wearlink+ tends to unexpectedly disconnect from the phone. For the vast majority of devices out there the only known workaround seems to be to constantly replace the battery. Because of this, we discontinued support for the Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth HRM. However, other Bluetooth heart rate monitors from Polar (like the H series) are currently compatible with Strava. 

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  • I cant believe were all stupid enough to still be using Strava when so many if not all other apps do so much more than Strava, the only reason I still use it is because a lot of my buddys use it and we compare times and miles riding if it wasnt for that I wouldnt bother as I cant use the £70 piece of equipment I have been using for years with other softwares because Strava has lazy programmers, I thought Strava needed to make money? So far they have missed out on a years premium subscription from me. 

    Why concentrate on iphone users when android is the strongest OS in the world?


    Everyone rally to the play store and give this app 1 star, it works for some app developers makes them wake up and listen to their customers

  • Instagram integration? Stop spending time on features that no one gives a shit about and SUPPORT Wearlink!! That's ridiculous...

  • thats it. put it on the top of your priority list. 

  • @Matt Laroche I would be happy to be a beta-user: I use the afromentioned polar wireless strap with a HTC One in Switzerland.

  • I use a polar strap with a Samsung Note 1 in the Northeastern USA...and would be happy to beta test as well.

  • this would be a nice addition

  • I just bought Polar Wearling HRM, gave STRAVA 1star in Google Play and uninstalled the app. Oh Dear... effing with so many of your hard earned customers...  And for what? Zephyr Corp. must really be paying you a loooot!

  • C'mon guys!

  • Must have! 

    are they already working on this, what's the status? What's the plannend release date?

    I hope it's not a Won't have!!!

  • As you all know we have been evaluating the Wearlink+ for a little while now. During our testing we have noticed a disturbing tendency of the device to disconnect from the phone. After doing some research on the internet** and with other apps it appears to be a common theme with the hardware. Unfortunately, the Wearlink+ is not compatible with most Android models. For the vast majority of devices out there the only known workaround seems to be to constantly replace the battery. Sadly, that means we cannot officially support this device.


    I want to sincerely thank everybody for expressing interest in Wearlink+ support, but we will not be adding in official support in our apps. In our mission to support our community of athletes, we base our decisions to integrate with devices on the ability to ensure the best performance tracking experience possible. We would not think of giving you anything less.

    **If you would like to do further reading on the subject a good place to start is http://forum.polar.fi/showthread.php?t=18487

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