Garmin Vivofit and Vivosmart activity trackers

The Vivofit and Vivosmart wristbands do not have built-in GPS sensors for location tracking. If an ANT+ heart rate monitor is connected to your Vivofit or Vivosmart activity, you can sync the data with your Garmin Connect account, and if enabled sync this data with your Strava account. Keep in mind that the resulting activity on Strava will only show HR data, and will not have a map or record distance. 

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  • I too would like to see support for Vivofit.  Currently I export the activity from Garmin Connect as a .tcx file which I upload to Strava.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to recognize or categorize the activity properly.  It sees heartrate data, from when I have my HRM paired, but it won't show the graph.  Nor will it show distance or cadence/steps info.

  • was considering purchasing one of these but I prefer Strava than Garmin connect so are there any plans to support this?

  • if only garmin vivofit was supported by strava :) please do something about it!

  • i would like to be able to use vivofit with strava  as well

  • Thanks for the feedback! It doesn't look like the Vivofit has a GPS built-in, so it's unclear how Strava would support the Vivofit, and in what capacity. We'll certainly look into it! 

  • I would love for this to be supported as well, I would be happy with exporting the data from Garmin, and importing it to Strava, but then saying this information links to this ride and just overlaying the heart rate information using time as the key for lining up the events. 

  • Thanks for the feedback Mark! 

  • Fully agree. Vivofit is great but Garmin Connect is as complete disaster. Strava has a tremendous opportunity here! Use it and make your software even better than it is already. We will be thankful :).

  • Is it possible for Strava to pull the HR data via bluetooth and sync with the Strava ride?

  • Hi Anthony - Yes, you can connect most Bluetooth Heart rate monitors to the Strava app (but not all) and then record your heart rate data with your Strava activity. 

  • +1 just purchased a vivofit and would love for the sync to happen easily.

  • Actually, I might have an update for those of you with a Vivofit. If you connect your Strava account to Garmin Connect via the new integration, your Vivofit activities will automatically sync with Strava.

    More info here:

  • Hooray!  It's a great product. Thank you Strava and Garmin for working together.

  • Ella the Garmin Connect new integration does not sync my Vivofit activities to my Strava account? Unless I'm doing something wrong? I installed the new software in order to pair my Garmin Edge 800 cycling with my Garmin and Strava accounts at the same time which works effortlessly,

    However, none of my Vivofit activities have transferred  to my Strava account even tho' they are all on my Garmin account?

    Any help with this would be much appreciated as I now much prefer Strava to Garmin Cheers

  • I also just purchased a Vivofit and have linked my Garmin account to my Strava and the data isn't syncing

  • @Jeff and @Helene - I'm still doing some investigating to try and determine the specifics here. Sorry for the wait.

    Since the Vivofit does not have a built in GPS, I believe it uses the GPS from the phone when it is paired through bluetooth. Perhaps someone on this thread can help educate me since I've never used the Vivofit: Is there a difference in how your daily activity stats are displayed on Garmin Connect (like steps/calories/distance for the whole day), and how a specific "Activity" or "Workout" is displayed on Garmin Connect, assuming just these specific events have GPS data associated with them? 

    I'm trying to understand the different types of data that the Vivofit provides to Garmin Connect to see if there is a trend in which data can be synced to Strava and if some data cannot. 


  • so, on my issue - I do use the vivofit - BUT I also use the garmin fit mobile app on my mobile device when I am biking - I would LOVE for the garmin fit mobile app on my mobile device to connect to Strava - but it is not connecting to Strava - the garmin connect is and that is where the vivofit synches into and it shows no data on Strava - my question for you is - how do I get the garmin fit mobile app to connect to Strava instead of garmin connect?  As the garmin fit mobile app that is where my cycling goes....  

  • @Elle,


    Vivofit gives a daily step count and a sleep movement graph - I doubt this is easily accessible for export, but the more interesting part is the HR tracking.

    1) You can record an activity start to finish which includes steps and distance over time along with HR BPM recordings. If we could track a ride with Strava and then marry up that activity with the HR file from the vivofit based on time as the 'key' that would be brilliant - enriching the data on Strava.

    2) If we could log the walk/run/jog/hike etc in Strava as an indoor training event. This is possible through a manual entry and would look similar to when I turn GPS off on my Garmin Edge and just do a turbo session - I can still view the HR graph in Strava. When I do a walk I should see the same data - HR graph over time. 



  • Thanks @Jennifer,

    Regarding the Garmin Fit mobile app recordings that are NOT syncing to Strava - is this consistent with other users on this thread? 

    @Alex - it's a bit challenging to merge data streams from two different devices, and it's unlikely we'll be able to head in this direction unfortunately! I'll check around and see how difficult it would be to get Vivofit heart rate and fitness data on Strava.

  • @Elle

    Now that I have Garmin Connect automatically exporting my activities to Strava, I would like to see improved support for Vivofit activities.  For example, I had a soccer practice session, and used my Vivofit with an HRM to measure my effort.  Garmin Connect shows that I ran 7.7km, and burned around 1000 calories over 1h38m.  When that same activity automatically gets uploaded to Strava, it only shows time and HR, no distance or calorie.  Unfortunately I cannot edit the Strava activity with the matching distance and calorie expenditure.

    Here are the activities that I'm referring to:



  • I've got a few updates for the thread:

    • For VIvofit uploads that sync from Garmin to Strava (like Tony's example), the data in the upload regarding distance is not currently in a format that Strava can read. At this time, Strava can't display that distance data but if you have a heart rate monitor connected you'll be able to see that data. I'm having the team research if we can address the distance issue going forward.


    • Garmin Fit mobile app: I've tested this on Strava, and from what I can tell from initial testing there is again a formatting problem with the files which prevents Strava from reading them correctly. It is possible that Strava cannot read the files at all, or sometimes will read just a tiny part of the recording. When I export the TCX from Garmin Connect for a Garmin Fit mobile app recording, the data loads correctly on Strava when uploaded manually from file. 

    While we continue to investigate any issues with the file formatting, I recommend that using the export TCX workaround from Garmin Connect.

    Please pass along any other examples - both the link on Strava and the link on Garmin Connect will help us research. Thanks! 

  • @ Elle. I have the same issue with Garmin Fit & Strava


    Todays commute on Garmin Connect = 4.9 miles

    Todays commute on strava = 0.9 miles

  • I want to buy a vivofit or a vivosmart ... but if it's not compatible with strava ....

  • @Nick, Thanks for the example. That looks to be consistent with the issue I mentioned in my comment on September 20th. If you export the TCX from Garmin Connect, the data will appear correctly. Again, something seems to be different with the file formatting Garmin is sending Strava in the sync process, and Strava is unable to determine the distance properly. 

    @Ben, there does seem to be some limited support for the Vivofit if you enable the Garmin sync with your Strava account. However, as you can see from the comments here, the data from the Vivofit can encounter a few issues. 

    Has anyone on this thread been using the Vivofit with Strava, and do you have an update you can pass along if the issues previously mentioned still occur? 

  • Vivofit has bluetooth. Is anyone using one to pair with their android mobile to record heart rate through Strava? I am looking to get a pedometer type device such as fitbit or vivofit for general daily use but one that will act as a heart rate monitor for strava would be top of the list.

  • Hi,


    Does anyone know if there's already some progress on the vivofit - strava support? is there still an issue in the way garmin format the distance?


    Kind regards,

  • @Elle 

    I can report the same issue as Tony. When I am recording my runs with the Vivofit and HRM, Garmin Connect does automatically sync to Strava, however I can only see the HRM information on Strava and no information about Distance or calories burnt. 

    It would be really great if this issue could somehow be resolved, I would then be able to see all my running and cycling activities in one place on Strava. I really like the Strava user experience but the only reason I got a wristband is that I really don't prefer taking my phone for my runs. If these sync issues are resolved it would be really really convinient!

    Do you have any updates? 

  • Unfortunately, no updates at this time. However, the workaround is still effective: If you export the TCX from Garmin Connect, the Vivofit data will appear correctly.

  • Can someone explain how to do the tcx file thing?

  • @Suprateek B.

    The Vivofits (1 and 2 and Vivosmart HR) are not GPS enabled so they are not capable of tracking your route. They calculate distances based on number of steps multiplied by stride length and Strava uses GPS location for that.

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