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  • it still is not able to find my vivoactive...Any other suggestions?

  • VivoActive FIT files uploads semelessly after first following step 1. Strava.com/upload/device. Actually Starva gets the elevation 100% right where Garmin has me 20 meters below sea level at Ocean edge (even with elevation compensation on as advised) using the same FIT file? Garmin software is ok but Strava is better with premium package.

  • Hi Guys,


    Is there a fix for this? Starve cannot find my device... I have used a Garmin 910 for years with no issue...



  • Thanks Elle!

  • I can't seem to get my Garmin vivoactive to sync with strava - I have tried the tip below using the strava.com/upload/device and syncing it to my garminconnect account and it tells me the accounts are synced but it still won't automatically upload - I need to plug my vivoactive in to the USB and manually upload my activities. Anyone any ideas how to sort this?

  • Hi Fiona, Looks like your first two Vivoactive activities have synced to Strava now. 

  • Looking at buying this watch... If  I do data sync from Garmin to Strava, will it include segment data?

  • Elle -

    I followed your instructions - when I choose "Connect with Garmin" nothing happens - the screen just sits there!

  • I'm having the same issue syncing Strava with my Garmin Forerunner 920xt - Everything looks good, but when it goes to connect it just sits there - I have tried leaving it there for an hour...   nothing.  :-(

  • I just got a vivoactive HR device. All of my activities are syncing to strava through Garmin connect automatically. They are showing a 0 mile rides. (ie: hot yoga, strength and jump rope activities) Is there a way to only let my runs and rides sync to Strava? Or to selectively sync activities from garmin connect so the non run/cycle activities dont sync??

  • @Lynne, I having the same problem. Can't find any answers. I am just going to disconnect it. If I walk across our building or lift weights its posting it to Strava. Blanking STUPID>

  • @lynne if you connect your rides and data using Garmin Express you can filter out the noise. I am guessing you are using https://tapiriik.com which is slurping up everything. I killed https://tapiriik.com and switched to Garmin Express and I am set.

    The downside you will be stuck using USB. The upside no more junk.

    If you want it to be automatic connect garmin connect to trainerroad or trainerpeaks.com. Those will auto sync to strava. Neither picks up the watch data.

    Hope this helps!


  • For those that want to filter out activities from Strava.. the best way I found was to set your strava settings to private and only unlock those activities that make sense to the public view

  • For those that want to filter out activities from Strava.. the best way I found was to set your strava settings to private and only unlock those activities that make sense to the public view

  • hi guys
    my strava wont show correct cals burnt from my vivoactive hr ,so say I burn 500 cals strava will say 26 cals ,it was ok for 5 months or so then for no reason started this ,it syncs the correct data to Garmin connect ,any comments would be welcome ??
    the watch is only 8 months old
    thanks Philip

  • I'm thinking of buying a Vivoactive BUT have a Polar H10 HR Sensor (Chest). My question is can I run both of these into Strava? Or do I have to buy a Vivo compatible HR Sensor (Which I don't want to do).

  • Hi, I use a vivoactive hr device and want to see my hr in the strava app on my iphone while riding... how do I do this?

  • @ nigel Vivoactive HR device is an optical sensor. Apps and other devices usually do not pick up the sensors. The chest straps use wireless sensors and communicate via bluetooth. The strava app will have the data from Garmin Connect after the ride is over. If you want to see HR start the bike app and switch the screen to HR on the watch. Not the best solution but it works!

    @matt Polar and other chest straps are wireless just go to the sensors menu and pair with your watch. I use the chest strap with my watch. The watch picks up my cadence sensors and power meter. Again, it just pair bluetooth to the watch or the app or both.

  • I use my iphone on my stem while i ride (using a quadlock) and is great for a heads-up display. Recently purchased the vivoactive Hr and wondered
    a) which is more accurate? Recording with both on the same ride, distance and time are the same but elevation gain, cals etc are different... assumed the vivo would be better for cals since it can use HR input too, but which is better gps? Surely the should be the same?
    b) is there anyway of syncing the data from both into a single ride file?
    c) is there anyway of displaying HR and suffer score from the watch to the iPhone while riding? Have read the watch cant be paired as an external sensor?


  • @olly

    1. Your watch has two gps settings. The connect app has elevation correction. If they are using the same gps both should be the same. Especially with correction.
    2. Which app are you using on the phone? Just download both the ride files and upload into Strava or have both sync to strava or connect. TrainingPeaks or D.C. Rain makers tool would be the best option for analysis.
    C. You can sync sensors to your watch. Bluetooth. I use my watch on the trainer. Syncs to everything but the power meter

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