MOOV NOW and Strava

To connect your Moov account with Strava, please go to your Moov app settings > Connect with other apps. Only activities recorded after Moov is connected with Strava will sync. Moov is not able to sync heart rate data at this time. See the Moov help site for more information. 

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  • Please add support for this device

  • Yes please add support for Moov now.

  • Thumbs up for this request

  • Hey guys..i think it's just done.

  • Confirmed! Thanks for the heads-up Yong Chong. To activate, go to the settings in the MOOV app and connect Strava through "Connected Apps".

  • Mine connected by the workout wont' show up in Strava.
    Any idea?

  • KC Wong, unfortunately MOOV "shares" information to Strava once a workout is completed and logged in the MOOV app. Unfortunately, it does not expose the MOOV as a device in Strava. :/

  • Hello, I have a Moov Now and I can see the slider bar to allow uploads to Strave and MapMyFitness; However, when sliding to the right nothing happens. I contacted Moov and they gave me a few tips but none of them worked. I'm on an iPhone 6S, have you run into anyone with this issue?

  • Eric Jones, I have the same phone, the same Moov product and I'm having the same problems you are having.

  • Is the lack of support for Swimming due to something on Strava's end or Moov?

  • I am definitly throwing Moov in the wastebasket. Since october 2016 no swim-data upload to Strava! Moov-developer are you ignoring your customers? This has nothing to do with the Strava API!

  • Please add support for Moov Heart rate

  • How can I connect my Moov now with Strava?

  • Kay, go into Moov, select the gear at the top left corner, scroll down to "Connect with other Apps" tap it and when the next screen pops up tap don't slide the link next to strava. Word of warning it still doesn't seem to sync swim data.


  • Please add support for Moov Heart rate

  • When do you think the swimming data will be exposed?

  • we need swimming data can be sync to strava

  • Swim sync PLEASE!!!!

  • Swim synch is missing!

  • Swim sync please!!!!! I mean Strava on my phone is great for biking, but ya know what you can't do with a phone? Swim with it! Hence the Moov. Would be great to have the info in one place. I'd use Strava as my primary athletic app in that case.

  • I'm on iPhone 7. and same problem of swim not sync'ing

  • Please, add support for MoovNow on Strava. Thank you

  • Yes, just sync Moov swimming data WITH heart rate data from Moov HR

  • come on, where is the sync with strava for swimming!

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