Fitbit Charge and Strava

The Fitbit Charge does not connect directly to the Strava app for recording heart rate data. Instead, we recommend recording your activity with the Fitbit app. First, set up the automatic sync with Strava. Then, record an activity with the Fitbit Charge using the Fitbit app. When you're done recording your data in Fitbit, the activity will be synced to Strava with your heart rate data. 

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  • Same problem here:

    Got a new fitbit charge HR and the HR monitoring works fine with the fitbit app, but the strava app does not detect it as a HR sensor. Sensor settings are bluetooth on, 4.0/LE, fitbit call notifications are on. Phone is Samsung S4 / Android 4.4.2

    How can I use the charge HR as a HR monitor in strava without using the fitbit app ?



  • so? what's the answer??? How do we get the HR in Strava? Seems i'm not the only one with this question...


  • My Strava app can not detect my fitbit charge hr as a Heart Rate sensor. It is possible? (I have an iPhone6s)

  • Come on Fitbit and Strava! At least tell us you are working on this.

  • Would love to know if this is being worked on!

  • I really need to know if the Fitbit Charge HR can be used with Strava as a heart rate monitor.  It will determine whether I keep the Fitbit.  Please advise.

  • I've a good and a bad news. 

    The good news? Yes, it is possible to have a workout with the HR recorded with the Fitbit into Strava.


    The bad news? It is so broken that, basically, it's not usable.


    How do you do that?

    1. Link your fitbit and your strava account.

    2. Instead of launching Strava when you go for a run, launch the fitbit app on your smartphone.

    3. In the fitbit app, go to the exercices/activities screen (yes, the one with the history of your previous activities which looks more like some historical data than a screen to record an activity).

    4. In the exercices/activities screen, click on the small stopwatch in the top right of the screen.

    5. Wait for a GPS fix. Unlike Strava, fitbit refuses to launch an activity if there's no GPS fix.

    6. Now click the "play" icon.

    7. Run or walk.

    8. Click the stop icon.

    9. The workout will be uploaded to Strava soon with the HR data.


    As you can see, it's rather convoluted to the point you simply don't want to go through all that hassle everytime you workout.

    This also comes with a hefty dose of inconveniences.


    1. You cannot use the Strava app nor any compatible device (like a garmin). So you will have the HR data but none other Strava features. According to my tests, Fitbit is a lot less precise when it comes to speed and position. The GPS position sampling seems to be a lot less precise.

    2. I said run or walk because, yes, there's no option to do cycling, even though fitbit is able to automatically detect cycling activities. Wait!? What????

    3. If you record the same activity with both Fitbit and Strava, there will be two Strava activities. No intelligent merging here.

    4. I use Strava twice a day when going to work and coming back. I simply don't see myself going through all that fitbit hurdle twice a day.


    So the basic answer is : from a marketing/bullsh*** point of view, yes it is technically possible to record your HR through a fitbit and upload it to Strava. From a real life point of view, no, it simply doesn't work and the Fitbit/Strava integration is a lie.

    I also bought the Fitbit when I heard about the Strava integration. I'm not a happy customer and I feel cheated.

  • perfect answer by Lionel ! That is exactly correct.

    In short, if you want HR for strava, don't buy the fitbit HR.

    The fitbit gps track is not only less precise, it also drains my phone battery real fast , so I don't want to use it. The solution would be easy if fitbit would allow its HR function to directly sync with strava or if a sync of the HR data only to strava  would be possible. The Mio seems to work better, I have to look into it.

  • I also had problems but have found a solution based on the post by Lionel Dricot.  Once fitbit and strava are synched you just need to record your cycling through fitbit not strava (as points 3 to 6 above).  I have tested the accuracy by running strava and fitbit for the same activity and there was only a very small difference between them.  It is true that fitbit only allows run, walk and hike when linked to strava but you can change the activity to cycling in strava, so you still get all of the segment and power data that Strava creates.  I did struggle to get accurate hr readings at first but once I moved the fitbit a little further up my forearm the results were far more accurate and consistent.  While it might be a bit of a long way around and it would be much easier to be able to detect fitbit as just a hr sensor I am happy with the product and results.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi all, late to the party here.
    +1 with Lionel, Chris and David. I got my Fitbit cause of the non-existing-sync capability and am not exactly impressed.

    Now here's another question adding to this discussion.

    After I've used Fitbit to record my ride and changed my strava activity to cycling presumably after it syncs. Given I will have to use Fitbit to record the initial activity, can strava still pick up all the other wahoo sensor data that is coming from my bike, ie cadence and speed data?

    I guess when I'm actually on the road cycling its lesser of an issue. But recently I got a turbo trainer and I'm scratching my head how I can get strava to recognise all the different data points (ie HR, Cadence, not so useful distance, and speed)

    Ideal world of cause is for Strava to be able to get Fitbit data while being able to get wahoo blue sc data at the same time.

    Can anyone please help?

  • Strava will not recognize a Fitbit Charge as a Bluetooth device, end of.

  • yep, well said Lionel, I'm well miffed, got this charge HR as a HR solution for strava and eventhough I'm going through all the phaff described above to record my HR on strava, fitbit doesn't send it with the other info to strava.
    I think I'll put it on ebay and get a wahoo strap

  • It really sucks that Strava won't support fitbit.

  • @Lionel Dricot nailed it. Without well integrated HR data; getting a real sense of how hard you are working and thus accurate calorie burn is nearly impossible. The old Polar HR monitors of the 90's were able to work perfectly with any treadmill in the gym. I cannot believe in 2016 these biometric monitoring companies can't get their shit together and make this stuff "just work".

    I'd blame all the proprietary nonsense surrounding modern tech. On the upside whether you are in a FitBit forum, Strava forum or Google Fit forum; consumers are bitching about this stuff. Keep it up. If there is one thing I've noticed in all my nerdy investigations, its that tech companies tend to follow Internet chatter. I would say follow both FitBit and Strava on Twitter and start bitching up a storm. :)

  • This functionality is a no-brainer and should not be an issue. Please up the priority of this Strava. Cheers

  • What's the latest on interoperability of FitBit HR and strava? The connection methods above seem exceedingly convoluted.

    Is there a reason Strava has avoided the HR model?

  • I contacted fitbit & strava via facebook & fitbit came back with the following link which apparently has been around since last year:
    not sure if it works properly yet but will try it out at the weekend.

  • @Graham DCD It did not work for me. Had Strava running/logging on the phone while I was riding and my Fitbit HR on my wrist. The activity was recorded separately by both my Fitbit app and my Strava app (and with different results). The Strava data DOES import into Google Fit on my phone but neither Google Fit nor Strava talk with Fitbit.

    UPDATE: Okay it isn't entirely a fail. Fitbit will feed data TO Strava but it doesn't seem to work the other way around. My walk this afternoon was exported to Strava.

  • Sorry for the confusion folks!

    The Strava app cannot currently connect to the Fitbit Charge HR to record heart rate data. However, if you instead [only] record with the Fitbit app, the heart rate data will be captured and if you enable the sync, your data will automatically sync to Strava including the heart rate data.

    I hope that works for those of you who have posted here!


  • Elle, thanks for your reply. So the answer to the thread question is "No, Strava cannot access the Fitbit HR data. Further more Strava will ignore the heart rate data recorded by your fit bit app when it transfers your activity across from Fitbit."

    Elle, can you tell us if there are there plans to remedy this? and when we'll be able to make use of the Fitbit HR data?"

  • @Call me Al -
    I am not under the impression that the heart rate data is omitted when the data is synced from Fitbit. I will start a support ticket for you to troubleshoot this 1:1.

  • The things is, when you record an activity with the Fitbit phone app (so that it has GPS data), you are not necessarily synchronized with the fitness tracker (that has the HR data) at the moment when you save the activity on the phone.
    So that activity is sync'ed to Strava, but has no HR data at the moment when syncing happens.
    But after that, you sync your fitness tracker with Fitbit, so the activity now has both GPS data AND HR data in the Fitbit dashboard.
    You must have the possibility to update that activity to strava, so that it receives the missing HR data.
    I hope I was clear.

  • I'm also interested in the result of this issue. I have a fitbit Charge HR and want to use my fitbit to monitor my HR and sync this data with my Strava route information.

  • Strava does log the information through fitbit, but the recording is done through your phone and then the statistics are sent to the Strava website.
    It's not possible to record the activity on Strava at this point.
    If you read the rest of the posts, they will tell you this.

  • The Basis Peak has a better HR monitor and works great with Strava.

  • The Basis Peak fits all my needs, but it is being recalled, and thats a darn shame!:

    On June 13 we shared reports of overheating in Basis Peak watches, and we recommended that you stop wearing your Basis Peak watch right away. We had hoped to update the software on your watch to address the problem. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we aren’t able to develop such a solution without completely compromising the user experience. As a result, we are asking that you return your Basis Peak watch and authorized accessories for a full refund at your earliest convenience. This was a tough decision, but your safety is our top priority.

    We are issuing this safety recall of the Basis Peak watch because the watch can overheat, which could result in burns or blisters on the skin surface. It is important that you stop using your watch immediately and return it. Although we are stopping support for Basis Peak immediately, you can access your data until December 31, 2016. After that date, the Basis Peak services will be turned off. Once we shut down the services, your watch will no longer be able to sync, which will cause it to stop working.

  • This has already been touched on, but just to say it again as simply as possible:

    The Charge HR syncs with the Fitbit App.
    The Fitbit App can sync with the Strava App.
    The Charge HR CANNOT communicate directly with the Strava App.

    This is why the only way to get your HR data in to Strava is to record your run in the Fitbit app first.

    I would assume this issue has nothing to do with Strava and is to do with the fact that Fitbit runs a monopoly where their devices only talk to their app - pretty much the same model that Apple uses with all their hardware.

    I've been tracking my runs this way for the last 6+ months and it's not as big a deal as some have made it sound. All I have to do is track my run within the Fitbit app and everything auto-syncs once I'm done.

  • Thanks Lionel! Very helpful.

  • Hello, I just stumbled upon this discussion and I can answer this with 100% accuracy. It has nothing to do with Fitbit being a monopoly, it has only to do with the fact that the Fitbit Charge HR is not nor was it ever designed to broadcast HR.. In fact Polar's own A360 cannot broadcast to the Polar v800 or M400. They (Charge HR, A360, vivofit) just were never built for that purpose as they are stand alone devices. I will strongly suggest the Schosche Rythm as a wrist based HRM to use with Strava, it's awesome and I use it all the time.

  • Thanks so far. sorry for mye bad english, but I hope You will understand.

    I got my Fit Bit Surge. I have connected it up with strava, but I want to use strava when i an on my bike, and I want my Strava to get data from my Fit bit inn to the heart screen.. For me it is importent since I also monitor power and Candense .

    Please get it solved.

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