Zephyr HxM Heart Rate Monitor

We discontinued support for the Zephyr HxM when we rolled out ANT+ support last year. If you contact us directly, we can send you the last version of the Strava app that worked with the Zephyr, and as long as you disable auto-update you can continue using that version of the app.

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  • Hi Mike,

    I have the same issue on my android phone, the Hxm is paired but strava just does not pick it up, hoping that support will come back with some information as my heart rate monitor is not even 18 months old.



  • As a side note to my previous comment, I know the heart monitor works as I'm able to see all the device details in Google My Tracks app, including the battery level, there was a feature request in the forums for this. Strava please put back the Zephyr Hxm support. 



  • The Zephyr is Bluetooth 2.0.  Strava recently stopped supporting that version of bluetooth for some reason.  This might have happened in the December 2015 release.  Not exactly sure.  I downloaded the Strava 4.5 apk from some sketchy website and installed it and my Zephyr works again.  Also had to tell google play to not auto-update Strava. 


    Pretty crappy of Strava to remove support so quickly for a properly working accessory just because they finally got around to supporting newer devices.  I would have bought the Zephyr Bluetooth LE version, but it was unsupported by Strava at the time.  I had to go with the the older Zephyr.   The Zephyr hxm BT 2.0 is still available for purchase today.  Its not a discontinued relic.  And, considering how much power the GPS uses on my phone, reduction in power use between BT 2 and BT LE is no excuse. 


  • Same deal here.  Disappointed it was cut off.

  • Likewise. Poor decision making from the Strava team. I have requested support to install older version and heard nothing back. Not impressed.
  • I find that versions up to and inclusive of 4.8.0 works with my Bluetooth 2.0 HXM. 4.9.0, otoh, does not have a switch for bluetooth 2.0 vs 4.0, and presumably it automatically looks only for 4.0. It did not find the hxm. I don't know of an official source for the older versions. They can be found via Google on 3rd party sites, but theres no guarantee of clean code!

  • Just found out too - very disappointing. Again I know that my Zephyr bluetooth 2 works with my phone as I also use Zephyr HxM Heart Monitor app for circuit training and it works with no problems.

  • I'm having the same problem.

  • Like many others i just upgraded my device and had to update from the strava 4.2 version. I have a help ticket that has not been answered yet to allow us to revert back to version 4.5 which is the last version that allowed the BT 2.0 zephyr. With some googling the older versions of the app can be found but come from sketchy sites that are not 100% trustworthy. Hoping either they fix the oversite on a new version or allow us to revert to older version when it did work. Until then I have found that the sportstracklive app works well with the zephyr and has a decent UI. It does allow for GPX data download which you can then manually upload to Strava if so inclined.

    UPDATE:  Submitted a help ticket and STRAVA support sent me the latest version that worked with the Zephyr.  Just need to deselect autoupdate so it doesn't go back.  

  • 100% Agree. I have a zephyr and it's been great to me. Their decision makes it less likely I'm going to buy any of their kit. I've been paying for premium for years.

    Maybe I should just go old-school and use it only for the basics.


  • I have switched to Endomondo. It works for me and my Zephyr!

  • I used to love Endomondo too, but they have dropped support of many bicycle cadence sensors. I switched to Runtastic, and they support all the sensors I have.

    It's a shame what Strava did. In my case, they lost out on the money I would have paid for Premium. Instead I have chose to go with Runtastic  premium.

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