Samsung Gear and Strava

You can sync activity data to Strava from the Android Samsung Health app. We don't have any plans to directly support Samsung Gear at this time.

  1. Record your activity with the Samsung Health app and your Samsung Gear device.
  2. Connect Samsung Health to Strava: From the main screen, go to "More" -> "Settings" -> "Connected Services"
  3. Log into your Strava account. Workouts will then automatically be uploaded to Strava.
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  • I'm finding it difficult to understand why Strava isn't planning to support Samsung Gear devices. What did Samsung ever do to Strava to warrant exclusion from it's sandbox? This is no way to encourage a good chunk of the android marketplace to opt into Strava Premium. Shame on you Strava.

  • Well its time to cancel Strava Premium.........

  • Can you let me know when a strava app will be available from the samsung gear s2. Ive just brought one and I can't believe there isn't compatibility with strava.

  • I figured out how to easily upload your Gear S2 rides to Strava. There is no Strava app, but it can be done through the S Health app.

    On your phone, go into the S Health App.
    From the main screen, go to "More" -> "Settings" -> "Connected Services"

    Then log into your Strava account. Workouts will then automatically be uploaded to Strava.

    I just did a short ride around the block, and it works!

    I hope this helps!

  • Good new everyone, Strava is a supported link in the SHealth app. If you go under More -> Settings -> Connected services and sign into strava. Bam, connected.

  • Thanks Nick and Matt! I'm going to add this to the top of the article.

  • That's a nice feature. However, the Gear S2 gps capabilities are so horrible that I set my brand new S2 aside and bought a Garmin device. The S2 was recording 4 miles of a 7 miles hike, 29 miles of a 40 mile bike ride, 2.5 miles of a 5 mile walk in the woods. I'm curious what you are seeing in distance recording.

  • Linked S Health to Strava. Went for a ride. Data did not sync. Tried removing and adding the link to Strava but still no luck.

  • Are you logging the ride with s health actively? I have done it several times without any issues. I am activating the watch today with 3g and will test my GPS accuracy.

  • Linking the Gear fit 2 to my Strava, works fine as explained on top of this page. However it doesn't synch heart rate data. Will that be added?

  • Same as what Karl said. I linked the accounts and Strava does not sync automatically based on the advice given here. The only thing I could do was export the activity from S-Health and then import into the site manually.

    I would maybe be ok with this, but it doesn't import the heart rate information, just the ride. As others have said, it looks like it's time to cancel Strava premium.


    Actually, I feel a little bad now. This isn't Strava's fault, but Samsung's fault. Looking into it further Samsung has pretty much cut out third party app developers in favor of pushing their own crappy platforms like S-Health. So this was my mistake. 

    For the record the latest updates to the watch and it started syncing correctly. 

  • Tim - same thing here. My 10 mile run the other day logged as a 90 minute 3 miler. Today's 2 miles was 1.2. The whole reason I got the S2 was for workouts, it's a total letdown.

  • The S Health - Strava link has since started working. Perhaps I wasn't patient enough. Activities from both services show up in the other. The GPS accuracy of the S2 seems pretty good and there's reasonable correlation between the heart rate on the S2 and my Garmin chest strap. However, heart rate data does not make it out of S Health - this seems to be an S Health issue as exporting a gpx file does not include HR either.

  • I have sent a request to Samsung via the S Health app (Help->Contact) to add the heart rate upload, maybe others can do so too.

  • I have had good luck with the GPS, but I have always had it tethered to my phone. Not sure how the watch is alone.

    Have you guys had good luck with the heart rate monitor? It sometimes does not seem accurate to me. For example I went mountain biking recently. After I huge climb my heart was pounding, and it was saying ~120bpm.

  • Not syncing for me either unfortunately...

  • I've seen some discrepancies with the live HR. I think there's probably some averaging going on so it takes some time to respond and update the displayed value. That and there's always the heart rate lag time to contend with.

    I've used the watch stand alone and the GPS was pretty good, maybe the occasional hiccup with calculated speed, but the track was true to my route.

  • OK, My S-Health runs have synced with Strava now. Like a previous post I must have not been patient enough...

    Is there any way or plans to be able to sync the Heart Rate data from S-Health to Strava?

  • Not syncing for me either. Does it require a premium account for this feature?

  • So I did activate my s2 g3 and have logged some runs with my phone and s2 in standalone mode to compare. The s2 gps is much less accurate then my phone. It logs about 35% more distance then I actually travel. The heart rate tracking seams really accurate. Also Strava will only sync when I just use my shealth app. If I use like pear or some other app, it doesn't upload. Still will keep the watch for heart rate and overall convenience.

  • Mikael, make sure you get the latest S2 update. You also have to manually start a cycle or running workout with the watch. It won't sync ones that were tracked automatically by the Gear, you have to stop and start like you would with Strava but with S-Health.

    Earlier I had posted it wasn't working. But what worked for me was getting the latest update, and manually starting the workout with S-Health on the Gear S2. Then it pushes it to Strava just fine.

    It still won't track heart rate though, but that's on Samsung's side unfortunately. Samsung has made the Gear as closed as possible because they want you to use their S-Health app.

    The whole thing is frustrating to be honest. It's an awesome watch, Samsung has rendered almost useless by their unwillingness to open up to third party devs.

    Hopefully the Gear opens up more in the future or it will be the death of it. I know I won't be buying another Gear in the future until I'm sure I can actually get third-party apps on it.

  • @Elle, is there any way to get the Heart Rate data from S-Health into the Strava activity?

  • I think you may need premium for HR monitoring, not 100% sure but when you tap the heart icon in strava it takes you to upgrade to premium account screen.

    Or it may be suffer score ???

  • Any way to export the heart rate monitor data from S Health as well would be great!!

  • @Evan, unfortunately Samsung has made S-Health really closed. It will only share your GPS data, it won't share your heart rate with any app.

    Samsung has done this on purpose, it's to try to force people to use S-Health. Really crappy move on Samsung's part.

  • To everyone with gear devices. I too used my gear 2 neo with a native strava samsung gear app, however they pulled it off the gear market (it didn't work properly anyway).

    This is my solution nowadays and it works perfectly, but you have to let go of strava as your first app to start recording.
    - get the endomondo app for samsung gear in gear market. It is awesome! Built in support for the wrist HR sensor in gear2.

    - get endomondo android app and configure your gear2 with it.

    - go to and connect your strava and endomondo accounts. Donate a few euro's and you will get full automatic syncing across all platforms (otherwise free manual syncing).

    - start recording workout on your endomondo gear app (and open android as well for connection).

    - finish recording on endomondo and voila within 5 minutes your activity including gps and HR are synced across to strava. Works like a charm!

    - finish 

  • I have a Gear S2 and Samsung Galaxy S5. Using S-Health on the Gear S2 and having it sync with Strava worked flawlessly for me. I would prefer a native Strava app on the Gear S2 rather than having to mess with S-Health, but this worked without a problem for me.

  • @Tom McDonald: did it include HR? That's one feature that I would love to have included with my Strava activities. According to a lot of posts in this discussion, it isn't there. :(

  • Anyone got this working on a gear fit 2? I find if I record on the phone gps in shealth it will push to strava. If I record on the gear fit 2, the data loads into shealth but does not push to strava. Help?


    Yep, got it working now.  Turns out it was a faulty GPS Unit.  Replaced with a new one and syncing across.

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