Samsung Gear and Strava

You can sync activity data to Strava from the Android Samsung Health app. We don't have any plans to directly support Samsung Gear at this time.

  1. Record your activity with the Samsung Health app and your Samsung Gear device.
  2. Connect Samsung Health to Strava: From the main screen, go to "More" -> "Settings" -> "Connected Services"
  3. Log into your Strava account. Workouts will then automatically be uploaded to Strava.
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  • I changed the login method from "use google account" to the regular strava login with mail and password.
    Seems to work now!
    Had to delete the pairing between strava and s health and pair them again by using the regular login method.

    PS: If you dont have a password at strava because you used the google/facebook login:
    Logout, click the "regular" login button and try the "forgot password" link with your google/facebook email adress to create one.

  • I have the gear sport and my activities and my runs and cycling sych up fine. My issue is with my swims. Only my time comes through. No distance or anything else. Had anyone else seen this or know how to correct it. I had a ticket open with support, but they just closed it with no resolution. Thanks!

  • Having the same issue as others, Gear S3 did work flawlessly with Strava and then stopped. I can't even find the GPX files now, where are they. It's a same that these are linking and why did it stop working

  • I think this is on Samsung's side.....coming from my Gear Sport to S7 Edge works fine, but Samsung Health will NOT push to Strava. I had to start using Endomondo with as the in-between to push to Strava. Sooooo wish there was an app for the Gear Sport from Strava!

  • Just bought the Gear S3 Frontier. There seems to be no Strava support. It seems like both Strava and Samsung are pretty mainstream. Is there a plan to make them fully compatible?

  • Hi Guys,

    Instructions on how your can enable Strava and Spotify offline on your Gear S3. I spent a fair bit of time trying to work this out and have written a step by step guide to help others.

    I've just been for a walk to test this...was listening to my Spotify playlist with bluetooth earbud headphones, and had all my Strava data on screen and it syncs to Strava once I have wifi.

  • Ciao, sapete dirmi come mai nonostante ho collegato S-Healt a Strava, non mi vengono caricati i risultati tipo di una corsa su strava? ma continuo a vederli solo sull'app di Samsung?

  • Strava have taken money out of my account without my permission!
    Who can I speak to in the U.K as they are based in a single office in Bristol and there is no telephone number advertised. Is STRAVA a legitimate company.....?

  • So when is the strava app available for the Gear S3 frontier? It's about time don't you think? People are buying the new model and not the old ones anymore, it's a bit of a shame that it's still not available at this moment...??? We are living in 2018...come one strava get updated!

  • will not buy premium until gear watch is supported

  • Samsung announced that Connected Services - presumably including Strava - will cease working on 9/1/2018:

    Please, Strava, support Samsung Gear directly.


    All that said, even though it's only 7/11/2018, my data is not syncing with Strava now. I've tried reconnecting the service a couple of times to no avail.

  • @Heath Stewart, Check out Gear Tracker. Uploads directly to Strava.

  • Boa tarde, estou com o mesmo problema de alguns. Fiz uma atividade física as 10 horas da manhã de hoje e agora são 16:45 horas e ainda não apareceu no Strava. A conexão do Samsung Health com o Strava está habilitada. Já sai do Strava e voltei e nada... Alguém tem alguma dica? Aguardo com urgência... obrigado

  • It appears that app is no longer available.

  • With Samsung's new end of service notice for connected services after the 1st September, what is Strava doing to help its customers and users?

  • 1. Samsung Health never syncs correctly.
    2. Not supporting Samsung devices discourages Samsung users from using Strava.
    3. I will NOT pay for Strava Premium when my device is not supported.
    4. The entire point in supporting Samsung wearables is so you don't have to carry your phone, Strava.

  • I just connected my S Health app with Strava but, It's doesn't syncronize my indoor activities or treahmill races, do you know why?
    Last week I went into an outdoor run and all was perfect but during the week I usually run on threadmill. My gear detects the activity but it doesn't sync with Strava.

  • I have Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, it pushes my cycling workout on Strava, no heart rate though.

  • Sporty Watch has now support for BLE footpod like Stryd and Milestone.
    It also supports the power metrics from Stryd and the SPM from the internal pedometer (if you don't have or use a BLE sensor).

    Cycling sensors will be supported soon.
    I'm in contact with TrainingPeaks to upload data there.

    A more basic watchface with bigger fonts (but less information) is in planning.

  • S Health on iOS doesn't have the "Connected Services" option. I appreciate this is a Samsung development issue, but the lack of Strava support on Samsung/Tizen is annoying.

    I bought the new Galaxy Watch today (Samsung's latest), because on their website it would "appear" that Strava is natively supported. Welp! Either the app' is late landing in the Galaxy App store, or it's still not supported and the Samsung website is a little misleading!

    I thought about maybe keeping the watch, but even with S Health installed on iOS there doesn't appear to be a way to connect to Strava without, yet another app, to sync' my data.

    I appreciate that WearOS and WatchOS are the dominant markets. But most WearOS watches do not have alot of fitness sensors. The Samsung watches are still the best hybrid watch out there but annoyingly they insist on running Tizen.

  • My Shealth has synced with Gamin but with totally different data (splits and run time). I started and stopped the watch manually so there is no standing time. Sheath has my splits as the first times Strava has synced as 2nd time
    5.04 /4.16
    5.06 /5.02
    5.08 / 4.52
    5.06 / 5.03
    5.09 / 5.14
    Finish 25.28 / 24.23
    Why would it change? Any ideas

  • Yeah I saw the strava logo on Samsung's website too. Got my hopes up that there maybe a strava Tizen app coming (we've only been asking for 2 years and yes the Galaxy / Gear devices are best out there in my opinion..) no word from either pay if that's the case though?

  • Allora ho abilitato quello che mi avete Co spigliato voi Strava a Samsung Health vediamo cosa succederà grazie ancora

  • My Strava app on the iPhone SE does give the possibility to link up with Samsung Heath. The only services shown are MyFitnessPal and Health...

  • Connect Gear S3 to Strava (android phone):

    1/ S-Health / go to "More" / Setting / "Connected Services"
    2/ Log into your Strava account
    3/ Strava / Settings / Link Other Services / Social Networks (MyFitnessPal)
    4/ S-Health / go to "More" / Partner Apps / add: "Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal"
    5/ MyFitnessPal / go to "More" / Apps & Devices / Connect "Samsung Health", " Strava".
    Search "MapMyFitness", "MapMyRun" and connect
    6/ Done!!! Workouts will then automatically be uploaded to Strava 

  • Update on Strava on Samsung's new Galaxy Watch. Still no news on when it will be supported; either natively or via. a connected service in SHealth (on iOS). Although Strava did comment on Twitter: "Samsung plans to incorporate Strava for their new watch and we'll work with them to see how we can support the Strava app." - This to me implies that it'll be just a connected service rather than native; but there's also no indication of timeline. Could be weeks, months or even years?

  • I have the Samsung GearSport and pissed that Strava does not support it. Also I am not able to get "connected services" on my S-Health App on my iPhone. I guess it only shows up on Android phones. I did find an app Run4Gear that is supposed to ink up to Strava and other sites, however the GPS takes forever to connect. May have to go back to Garmin

  • I did everything as in the instructions. Why are there no old workouts from Sheath?

  • I have bought Samsung watch and I have apllied:

    Record your activity with the Samsung Health app and your Samsung Gear device.
    Connect Samsung Health to Strava: From the main screen, go to "More" -> "Settings" -> "Connected Services"
    Log into your Strava account. Workouts will then automatically be uploaded to Strava.

    But it's not running. I can't understand wwhy strava admint that in samsung website appear and that samsung watch is available for strava when it's not true.

    Tell me why??

  • "Although Strava did comment on Twitter: "Samsung plans to incorporate Strava for their new watch and we'll work with them to see how we can support the Strava app." - This to me implies that it'll be just a connected service rather than native; but there's also no indication of timeline."

    @Tony Collings

    What about that statement makes you so sure it won't be a native Tizen app?
    I think it's unlikely too for a few reasons, but curious to hear your rationale.


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