Samsung Gear and Strava

You can sync activity data to Strava from the Android Samsung Health app. We don't have any plans to directly support Samsung Gear at this time.

  1. Record your activity with the Samsung Health app and your Samsung Gear device.
  2. Connect Samsung Health to Strava: From the main screen, go to "More" -> "Settings" -> "Connected Services"
  3. Log into your Strava account. Workouts will then automatically be uploaded to Strava.
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  • I changed the login method from "use google account" to the regular strava login with mail and password.
    Seems to work now!
    Had to delete the pairing between strava and s health and pair them again by using the regular login method.

    PS: If you dont have a password at strava because you used the google/facebook login:
    Logout, click the "regular" login button and try the "forgot password" link with your google/facebook email adress to create one.

  • I have the gear sport and my activities and my runs and cycling sych up fine. My issue is with my swims. Only my time comes through. No distance or anything else. Had anyone else seen this or know how to correct it. I had a ticket open with support, but they just closed it with no resolution. Thanks!

  • Having the same issue as others, Gear S3 did work flawlessly with Strava and then stopped. I can't even find the GPX files now, where are they. It's a same that these are linking and why did it stop working

  • I think this is on Samsung's side.....coming from my Gear Sport to S7 Edge works fine, but Samsung Health will NOT push to Strava. I had to start using Endomondo with as the in-between to push to Strava. Sooooo wish there was an app for the Gear Sport from Strava!

  • Just bought the Gear S3 Frontier. There seems to be no Strava support. It seems like both Strava and Samsung are pretty mainstream. Is there a plan to make them fully compatible?

  • Hi Guys,

    Instructions on how your can enable Strava and Spotify offline on your Gear S3. I spent a fair bit of time trying to work this out and have written a step by step guide to help others.

    I've just been for a walk to test this...was listening to my Spotify playlist with bluetooth earbud headphones, and had all my Strava data on screen and it syncs to Strava once I have wifi.

  • Ciao, sapete dirmi come mai nonostante ho collegato S-Healt a Strava, non mi vengono caricati i risultati tipo di una corsa su strava? ma continuo a vederli solo sull'app di Samsung?

  • Strava have taken money out of my account without my permission!
    Who can I speak to in the U.K as they are based in a single office in Bristol and there is no telephone number advertised. Is STRAVA a legitimate company.....?

  • So when is the strava app available for the Gear S3 frontier? It's about time don't you think? People are buying the new model and not the old ones anymore, it's a bit of a shame that it's still not available at this moment...??? We are living in 2018...come one strava get updated!

  • will not buy premium until gear watch is supported

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