Samsung Gear and Strava

You can sync activity data to Strava from the Android Samsung Health app. We don't have any plans to directly support Samsung Gear at this time.

  1. Record your activity with the Samsung Health app and your Samsung Gear device.
  2. Connect Samsung Health to Strava: From the main screen, go to "More" -> "Settings" -> "Connected Services"
  3. Log into your Strava account. Workouts will then automatically be uploaded to Strava.
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  • Anyone using the gear fit 2? Data recorded will load into the s health app but won't push to strava. S health will push gps when recorded on the phone no probs.Help?

  • @joel miranda No, it does not include heart rate data. I'm using it to track my rides : Shows time, distance, elevation change and achievements and segments (identified in SHealth)

    9:10 AM 20.0mi 210ft Achievements 1
    Dodge the pot holes! PR (1:34)
    Kudos 1 Comments 0

    And it includes the data in the cumulative stats (two rides totaling 33.8 miles):

    Activities for Aug 22, 2016 - Aug 28, 2016 May 9, 2016 - Aug 22, 2016
    33.8mi 2h 30m 421ft

  • "Anyone using the gear fit 2? Data recorded will load into the s health app but won't push to strava. S health will push gps when recorded on the phone no probs.Help?"

    I'm having the same problem. I have Strava shown up as connected services just like it says in the instruction however nothing links!

  • Suddenly s health is not pushing data to Strava. It has been working great until now. I wonder if it's related to a new s health update, but I am not sure. Does anyone have any issue?

  • My S Health is not pushing data to Strava too. I wonder what's the problem...

  • Now with the announcement of the Galaxy Gear S3, which looks phenomenal by the way (coming from an Apple fan), and supports iOS, are Strava going to reconsider their stance on supporting them?

  • I think the issue is that Samsung doesn't include certain functions in the API. For me, I'm disappointed I won't be able to see HR in my activities. I'm getting a Gear Fit 2 through promotion, so I'm not super bummed about it. Now I just know what question to ask if I ever actually buy a fitness band/smartwatch.

  • @Tom Mcdonald, those stats you just posted, I'm not clear. Did you get that from your watch (i.e. s health) or was that from strava after an export?

  • Thanks for all the posts guys had some good information.

    I am currently a Galaxy S7 phone owner and I enjoy strava (SHealth doesn't have elevation gained also I have friends already on it) and was hoping to use this function.

    My goal was to buy a Samsung Gear Fit2 and pair that with my phone (S7) and be able to bike ride and have the gps get pushed to Strava. Sucks that doesn't seem to be working.

    I just tried a simple run around outside after using the "connected services" feature of S Health to Strava and the run is yet to post to my Strava and this was 5 hours ago. I saw the posts about it showing up maybe the next day so I'll do an update maybe in 48 hours.

    Shame that the app isn't doing this simple task (relaying my GPS from S Health to Strava). Looks like I will not be purchasing a Gear Fit2 as I read above someone said the phone GPS was pushing to Strava (sad I can't even get this part to work) but his Gear Fit2 was only pushing to S Health and not ending up in his Strava.

    Hope this gets resolved soon because Strava is the best and I like the looks of the Gear Fit2.

  • Yea, I'm having the exact same problem. My first run or two with the Gear Fit 2 (threeish weeks ago) transferred just fine... but since then, NOTHING.

  • All I keep reading is "we have no plans to support Samsung Gear devices" but I never read WHY you don't plan on supporting them.

    Nike are already on board. The S2 was a best seller. The S3 is now available, with GPS and 4G. These devices are perfect for Strava. Why are you not supporting them?

  • I can't find the source, but what I've read is that you can't get HR data exported out of the Gear S2/s3/Fit 2. Is that still the case? Is Nike able to get HR data? As far as I can tell, adding HR data to your Strava activities is a Premium feature. No HR, no extra $ no benefit for Strava to develop for Samsung Gear.

  • well, add me to the list of folks where S Health isn't pushing my rides to Strava.

  • Me too. No syncing between s health and strava any more... just as things started to look good too. The Gear S3 could be a winning device...

  • I'm using the Gear S with S Health but have never successfully got it to sync directly to Strava despite the connected services faeture in S Health. I have managed to get S Health to make GPX files that I have uploaded to Strava as a workaround but it would be nice if they would upload directly from S Health to Strava with the heart rate data as well. I'm not sure what is preventing this data being uploaded from S Health to Strava.

  • Hello -
    Are many of you still having issues syncing your data from S Health to Strava?

    I would try removing the connection in the S Health app, and reconnecting.

    Keep us posted.

  • Ok, so rides recorded in s-health either via the app itself of by the gear s2 are now syncing. Thanks for sorting this. Still no heart rate data which means I will probably not continue my premium membership as it stands.

    Also, recording via the phone app allows me to use a variety of devices including a bluetooth HR chest strap which is much more accurate than the optical HR on the watch. Has anyone figured out a way of having this data (i.e. from chest strap) displayed on the watch? Thanks guys...

  • Feeling a bit frustrated - I have new Gear s2, which I ran with for the first time today. I started the run activity manually. It has synced to on my phone, but it refuses to sync to Strava. I've disconnected strava and reconnected it, no luck - in my strava profile I can see that is an authorised app... no errors, nothing... the watch updated (I assume to latest levels) when I first connected it to the phone... any other ideas? 

  • ok, by trial end error - got this working - user error, it turns out and not reading specs properly - the watch has to be paired with the phone at all times for this to work... Not sure if it's just me - but the Samsung documentation could be clearer...

  • Simon, so did you have to carry your phone as well as you gear s2? I have just received my gear s3 frontier. Tried all the above and it didn't sync. I'm pretty annoyed, fitness is a big reason for purchasing the watch and to find that it isn't compatible is ridiculous!

  • Update, I had my phone with me as Simon suggested today. It synced to strava no problem, Samsung didnt state this in any advertisemet. I dont see the point in this watch if you need your phone with you? I might as well just take my phone?! Will update when more answers are given from samsung.....

  • so I've been for 2 runs and 2 bike rides with my new frontier watch. It won't sync to strata unless you carry the phone with you while you run/ride. Defeats the purpose of the watch really. strava would have the option to import from s health to take the data post exercise. I don't wanna run with the weight of my phone bouncing about in my pocket

  • Thanks Dean & Barry. I'm just debating up-grading from the S2 to the S3 frontier (based on better battery life and integrated GPS) so it's interesting to hear that you still need to have your phone (making stand alone GPS a bit pointless). One app that I am using quite a lot at the moment is 'pear'. It's available on the galaxy app store and has built in HR based workouts (variety of disciplines) plus a free tracking mode (HR / GPS data for bike, run, indoor). It is compatible with gear s2 and also a variety of other HRM and syncs with s-health and also with strava. I wonder if recording with this on s3 would sync directly with Strava (rather than going through s-health)... if not, then upgrading to the S3 seems a but pointless (I quite like my S2 now I have the above functionality)

    PS as the optical HR can be a bit hit and miss for some workouts, I have found that if I use a chest HR monitor, open 'Pear' on phone first, then lauch Pear S2 app, it displays HR from chest strap on the watch thereby eliminating accuracy issues whilst still being able to see it on watch. HTH

  • Just purchased S3 Frontier and super excited to go for a run and first realizing Strava doesn't even make a Gear app now i read it won't sync with Strava without the phone, is yes upsetting to say the least. Exactly what is the point of the watch!!
    I don't understand why Strava doesn't make a Gear app, is Apple paying Strava NOT to?

  • My Gear S3 arrived today, S Health was set up days before and fully working as is my new Gear S3, however, although my S Health app is connected to STRAVA, S Health still didn't push the run workout to my STRAVA account. Samsung needs to realise STRAVA as a fitness platform is WAY bigger than S Health and thats where I need all of my workout logs to end up for me and my friends to see easily with the rest of the workout history.

    Although actually running with S Health on the Gear S3 is great (apart from the woman telling me to slow down all the time!), I'm still finding more run dynamics displayed in one place and easier to find at the end of workout on my Garmin Fenix 3 HR both on the Watch and STRAVA as STRAVA immediately syncs with Garmin Connect which immediately syncs with the Garmin watch. If S Health was as good as that, the Gear S2/3 would easily be the best GPS watches avaliable!

  • Been having a play around....
    1. Check that the gps location is found on gear s3, had to turn the watch off and on again before it found location.
    2. Make sure both apps are open, strava and s health on mobile phone. I found that if strava is open and s helath is not, sync doesnt work.
    3. Carry both bits of tech so your are lit up like a christmas tree! I am considering returning the watch as I have found myself recording on strava just incase it doesnt sync.

  • you can import the data as a gpx file. only thing is it will not contain you heart rate data. you can save the gpx file in s health and then import it on strava. bit of a pain but its a workaround

  • I'm still waiting for my Gear S3 to be delivered so in the meantime have been use the S Health App on my phone and carrying phone with me on runs. The first couple of runs uploaded fine to Strava but now it wont work. Exporting the GPX file and uploading to Strava works but, as already indicated by others, is not a great workaround. I have used the help section in the app to contact Samsung again, but last time they told me to force stop the S Health App and clear the cache - I did and it didnt fix it. They also told me to contact the Apps developer, which was odd, and I replied "isnt that you?"
    Hoping these issues get sorted and would be nice to know Strava team are reaching out to Samsung? In particular I am very sad to learn HR data wont be uploaded from my new S3 :(

  • I have had a little bit of success:
    I cleared the cache and force stopped both the S Health and Strava Apps, opened them both back up and tracked a test run, and it uploaded automatically and straight away this time! (last time I only did the S Health App)
    Going for a proper run soon so will see what happens but that might be the fix if sync stops working?

    Please can everyone else try this and let me know if it works?

  • Went for a 30 minutes run, with GPS tracking run activity using S Health on just my phone, it uploaded to Strava fine

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