Samsung Gear and Strava

You can sync activity data to Strava from the Android Samsung Health app. We don't have any plans to directly support Samsung Gear at this time.

  1. Record your activity with the Samsung Health app and your Samsung Gear device.
  2. Connect Samsung Health to Strava: From the main screen, go to "More" -> "Settings" -> "Connected Services"
  3. Log into your Strava account. Workouts will then automatically be uploaded to Strava.
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  • PS. I'll give Strava credit for at least not censoring your comment. I wish they'd build a Tizen app but, credit where credit is due.


    Endomondo, My Fitness Pall, Map My Run now available for Tizen (Gear S2/S3). We can only hope STRAVA can now be given the go ahead to build/release a standalone Tizen app :D S Health so so bad.

  • I tried to install the old S Health version (4.8) with APK file and still not running. I will try to install an old Strava Version Apk (Before November 2016)

  • C'mon Strava, please give advice on how S-Health on Gear3 watch will talk to Starva.

  • If Strava aren't going to follow Endomondo, My Fitness Pall and Map My Run in producing a Tizen app, it may be time to reluctantly leave Strava behind.

  • Is there any reason not to support Gear devices? You know your customers are the ones taking the L here, right? Is it fair?

  • I have used and investigated many apps for running and cycling and for mine there is no comparison to STRAVA, however that does not mean that there should be some elitist attitude to trade with other tech suppliers like Samsung Gear watches. Strava should strive to be the best used app by being more universal in it's accessibility. It is very frustrating that Strava only works with select devices, but even more frustrating that Strava only works on some devices within a family of devices i.e. some samsung devices and/or apps, but not the entire family or suite of products. C'mon Stava, get smart.

  • I just got a Gear Fit 2 and I am trying to figure out if it will sync with Strava. I have read most of the previous posts. I have an iPhone 6 and I have the Gear Fit App and in that app is a tab labeled "S Health". No where can I find a place to log into Strava. I can't find a separate "S Health" app in the app store. Any ideas?

  • Synching my son health data to Strava is now a piece of cake, but why are duration and average speed in strava so different from each other? On s health I drove 1:53 min at 24,6km/h while strava shows 1:40 mins at 28,7km/h. Nice to fool your friends, but I rather have the correct data.

    What can be done to fix this?

  • A sync from SHealth on my Samsung S6 to Strava shows things are not working properly. Ok, it synced immediately after my run, but all kms had a similar time on Strava while on SHealth, my first 3 km were much slower, which is correct. So it's great the sync works, now fix the data (or the import).

  • S health is not up to standard, I need a Strava App for Samsung Gear devices PLease!

  • Please start developing Tizen App for Gear S3!Please start developing Tizen App for Gear S3!Please start developing Tizen App for Gear S3!Please start developing Tizen App for Gear S3!Please start developing Tizen App for Gear S3!Please start developing Tizen App for Gear S3!Please start developing Tizen App for Gear S3!Please start developing Tizen App for Gear S3!

  • No strava for gear s3 yet?

  • I have no intention to renew my premium subscription if there is no Strava app that works with Samsung gear devices. Unfortunately the heart rate does not sync with strava when using S Health to sync.

  • Tip adviced by Ellie Anderson doesn't work on iOS. There is no such option as connection to Strava in the settings. Will it be fixed?

  • Samsung Gear support would've been great. I would buy Premium for it for sure.

  • Come on Strava. Support the Gear S3!

  • I have the same issue as Jan Witkamp noted.
    I started using the connect service of samsung health to send the data to Strava. But it's unusable at the moment, it seems to chop time off my runs. My 26:50 run of 5.05km was registered as 5.2km at 25:00. At this rate a PB should be easy...but I'd rather have accurate data

  • I have synced no problem but the gpx auto link file and the manual file seem to give incorrect information particularly on travelling time so the average speeds are of the charts fast?? I can forward?

    is it the way shealth rights the gps files or is it a compatability with auto pause elements of the data???

  • Since today it seems to work. In my morning run not only tempo is shown but also heart rate.

  • whoever manages this product needs to reflect a little on strava's users. seems that a simple update to support gear devices would provide a much better user experience and generate more activity in the app....which sells more ads....which also contributes to ROI.

    arrogance won't increase your bottom line.


  • You must add an app for Tizen!! I've just bought a Gear S3 to replace my current watch because it has no GPS and new Wear 2.0 will not work with Strava because of that.... and Now I have no Strava app on the watch at all!! :( :(

  • Cycling season is ramping up here in the northeast and I have no intention of even logging in to my strava account. There are supporters and detractors on each side of this coin. But the fact remains it's been more than a year since strava decided to build a wall (ala donald trump) between Samsung/Tizen and the strava user community. Their lack of response/action, (except to say they won't support Samsung/Tizen or certain flavors there of), to a growing populace among their users base is an indication that they just don't care. Fine neither do I, not any more. There are other apps out there that i would rather spend my time spinning my wheels for, including their advertisers. Why spin your wheels in vain hoping strava will tear down their wall when other apps are already open and waiting for business?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm developer and creating native Tizen Watchfaces for Gear S2/S3/Fit2.
    See here:

    After doing some functional watchfaces, I'm now planning to build a watchface for S2/S3/Fit2 that do:
    - continious HR tracking
    - Step counter and usage of internal step metering (without GPS)
    - maybe GPS, maybe not measured every second to save battery - need to be evaluated
    - maybe support for HR chest strap (so you don't need your phone on your activity)
    - upload to Strava

    I'm no sports man, so it would be good to get some ideas and suggestions from you - the community.
    So if you have anything to know, just mail me:

    Best regards,
    Stefan Thomas

  • Hi does anyone know how to connect the gear fit 2 to Strava when using an iPhone?

  • Okay so i got a gear fit 2 watch, it's great. but when I've recorded a run with the watch And synced it to Strava they're saying completely different times. One is saying over 12 min miles and the other under 10. It's annoying because I like to see my pace to keep improving! Had any one had this? What is likely to be accurate?

  • @gemma drew - yes, I get that.
    I posted on androidcentral questions about it
    Not sure what the issue is, but the auto sync doesn't work very well.
    What you can do is manually export the GPS file from S health and manually import it into strava as a race, but its a bit of effort.

  • Troy,

    What I have found to be the most accurate is a bike computer unfortunately. I too have the very same issues, but with the samsung gear S2 watch. Just make sure you tune your bike computer with the correct tire size.

  • Very dissapointed to find out that S Health won't share heart rate information with Strava. I had the Microsoft Band for 1 year, and they allowed all information to upload to Strava. Samsung needs to realize that some Apps have a different niche and just because they share the data doesn't mean people won't use the S Health App. Come on, Samsung!!!

  • Come on Strava.
    Please develop a Tizen application that permits to connect my Gear S3 an external bluetooth heart rate monitor band. (The built-in sensor isn't trustworthy during sports)

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