Heart Rate Monitors that work with Strava

The Strava app supports most Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) and ANT+ heart rate monitors, depending on your phone's compatibility. Please check the specifications for your phone. Bluetooth Low Energy compatibility is usually available for iPhone 4S and Android version 4.3 and above. ANT+ compatibility is built-in for specific Android models and available for iPhone or Android with a separate ANT+ adapter accessory. For more information and instructions, see our articles on connecting sensors on iPhone and Android

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  • I would be glad if Strava starts to support Xiaomi Mi Band 1S. Is there any plan?

  • Can somebody please tell me how to make my TomTom heart rate monitor watch talk to my Strava app on my iPhone please?

  • How do you get the Wahoo Tickr to actually pair with Strava? Its syncs with my Wahoo app, but not showing up in Strava, without it Premium is useless

  • I have the Bragi Dash earbuds, which talk to your phone via Bluetooth. They transmit live HR data to the iOS Strava app and it shows up while riding. I can't however figure out how to show HR as a graph vs time when reviewing my ride on a computer.

  • I don't see Garmin in the list of supported HR monitors. Is there any plans to support Garmin in the near future?

  • Scott Gaines, I feel your pain. Did you get an answer?

    How to get the Wahoo Tickr to pair with Strava? So far not happy.

  • @Ray: I did, but it was a bit convoluted. you have to turn on the Ride Screen (push the orange button), click settings, External Sensors and pair with BT (turn on Heart Rate Sensor). You have to jump back and forth with the iPhone BT settings screen, but it will eventually pair. Not intuitive...but easy enough once you figure out where it lives.

  • I'd like to offer a slight correction to the post. This post suggests that Strava supports Wahoo biometrics, explicitly including the Wahoo Run HR. The Wahoo Run HR adds accelerometer data to the base model (and Strava users paid 50% more for the upgraded version in order to actually use these additional features). At this time, I don't believe that Strava supports reading in the additional cadence information that comes with the more advanced biometric reader. Users have been asking about this specific limitation in forums for at least 1-2 years, so reading in accelerometer data doesn't seem like to be a high priority update for Strava. Therefore, I'd recommend editing this post to clarify the limitations of Strava biometrics.

  • would like to know if there are any plans to support geonaute heart belt monitor?

  • Do you need to have a Premium account in order to see your HR data? I'm looking at getting a HR monitor but if I need to upgrade to Premium I'll have to factor that into costs :)

  • It's pretty bad, that you don't support older devices like mine POLAR Wearlink+ Bluetooth for devices with BlueTooth 2.0+. Thumb down :/

  • Why Strava doesn't support mi band 2 ?

  • Will the Premium membership allow me to pair my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a Garmin HRM2-SS heart rate strap? I don't see any Garmin straps on your list.

  • @Yves, you can upload your Microsoft Band data to Microsoft Health, then sync to Strava

    @Kevin, Garmin HRM straps are not on the list as they use ANT+ to connect to devices, and most phones don't have ANT+. However, it looks like your phone does have ANT+ so yes it would be compatible.

    I'll update the list.

  • Thanks Elle. Now got my Garmin HR & Cadence connected.

    It took a few attempts, but the sensors finally paired up and give me a back up record against my Edge uploads.

  • My CooSpo HRM used to work with Strava but no longer connecting on BLE.
    Is this a support that's been removed? It works fine with another app I installed to rule out my HRM being faulty. I use a Sony Xperia Z3 compact and Android has recently been upgraded to 6.0.1 and Strava to 5.4.0. Any known issues?

  • I have a Garmin vivosmart HR and an iPhone 6 ... I put my vivosmart HR into "HR broadcast mode" but Strava and the Garmin do not seems to see each other. I have to update manually.

  • I wish strava was compatible with scoche heart rate monitors.

  • I also have the Bragi Dash and would like to be able to securely pair to them and record my HR data on Android.

  • I have the Polar H7 heart rate monitor. The Strava app does not seem to be detecting teh heart rate sensor. I've even bought Premium for a month.

    My phone is the One Plus One. The Polar H7 works well with other apps. Only Strava seems unable to detect it.

  • Fitbit?

  • It works great with a CooSpo H6 BLE+ANT+ HRM and with the CooSpo H8 BLE HRM; tested since a year ago.

  • So does the Wahoo Tickr X work or not?

    I'm using an Android phone (Nexus 5) and couldn't pair it - Strava just can't see it. The funniest thing is that Endomondo paired with the device in a second.

  • I am using Android Samsung S7 and it will not find my TICKR sensor.

  • Hi John,

    I asked Strava Support about that and this was their reply: "Since this heart rate monitor has an internal cadence sensor please be sure to turn off all other sensor types but heart rate in strava. Also please try removing all connected sensors in the sensor list. Please review this article https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216919007-Android-and-external-Biometric-sensors"

    I removed the internal phone steps sensor from the list and it worked.

    Good luck.

  • Sigma ANT+ heart rate monitor not recognized by Strava. No issue with the phone (Galaxy A3 2016), as working fine with other apps.

  • Why dont you Xiaomi Band 2, it is cheap and usefull

  • Are Android users still having issues connecting with the Wahoo Tickr?

    The Xiaomi Band is being investigated for potential support in the future!

  • I'm having some issues connecting my garmin HRM premium strap with strava on an S7, the phone recognizes it with no problem (using S Health app for example), but the Strava app seems to struggle A LOT to find it, once I started an activity it would be impossible to find it, I had to close and restart the Strava app and only then I was able to find the HRM. I didn't do it during the activity since I didn't wanted to risk the data, but I will keep checking this feature, I like it a lot.

  • Not getting a Quadlock HRM to pair with Strava.

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