Create a Strava Route from an existing Activity

To create a Route from an existing Activity:

This can be done from your own activities or someone else's activities. Please note this feature is only available for someone else's activities depending on their privacy settings.

1. From the Strava website, navigate to the Activity page where you'd like to create the Route.

2. Click the "wrench" icon on the left hand side. Select "Create Route"

3. You will be re-directed to the Strava route builder, where Strava will create the Strava Route based on the Activity data.

Keep in mind that this tool is limited to our current basemap. That means that if the original activity does not match Strava's basemap of existing route data then the process will result in an error message. 

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  • There is no Create route option. Only:
    Create Segment
    Make Private
    Export GPX
    Refresh Activity Achievements

  • Is there any update on this? I can only see the option to "Flag" the activity.....

  • I see the "create route" option, but when I hit it, it takes me to a gray route isn't loading. Am I doing something wrong?

  • try to create a route on Route Builder (BETA), base on my mtb offroad activity, but the path i've created always move to the road (asphalt, near off road trail).
    please somebody help me with this.
    I need to create route for my club so we can make a fun race base on my segmen. thanks

  • Please update this so we know what to do.... Better yet, please put the "create route" button back in place.

  • The "create route" button only appears if you have a ride in place. If it's marked as a workout instead of a ride, for example, then the button will disappear.

  • This works really bad on an MTB activity. Why does Strava try to reroute it to the basemap instead of just using the GPS data as it is? That way it would work well.

  • I have the same problem as Jack Jacobs. The original route is measuring 61 km but when the Route Builder creates a new road it becomes 71 km and is taking me totally wrong at some places. Don't know if it has to do with elevation or. Anyway it makes the Route Builder useless since I will become lost if i use it. Anyone knows how to handle it so it shows exactly the original path as it was?

  • Does this work for open water swims? I seem to only be able to 'flag' these activities, but it works for rides and runs.

  • It doesn't work for off road activities. Do you have planned to add this feature? I think is most valuable have off road tracking support than established roads that are known by anyone. Thanxs in advance.

  • @Barry, does not work for swims unfortunately.

    @Jorge, the Strava Route Builder only works if the roads/trails are known by the basemap. Most off-road trails are known, but we are still working to complete some off-road areas globally. To helps us add new data to our basemap, please give us feedback by following these instructions.

  • This would be extremely useful on the mobile app.
    Any plan to have it implemented, or at least provide a way for user to follow an existing activity as a route.

  • It wont let me star this route! I want this route to be added into my routes, So I can follow when riding this route

  • This feature almost never works for me anymore. I keep getting error when I add a route.

  • This is a really frustrating aspect of Strava - uploaded a route from plotatoute - firstly it then loads as an activity not a route - then try and create a route from the activity and it then says cannot create and refresh browser - as a premium user would have expected more - this is becoming an issue - route builder is slow and inconsistent and then you cannot add routes from another system - am slowly switching off Strava which is a shame and it seems Strava is not interested in resolving such issues just focussed on its image in the market and saying we are the best !!

  • Getting a error whenever i try and create the route.....real shame!

  • Created a segment from my older record but it is not showing on newer ones, why is that?

  • It has been over a year and this feature still doesn't work... i agree with white ghost; as a premium member I would expect features like this to be working! The route builder is pretty clunky I cannot build the routes I would like

  • So, I can create a route but I cannot use my Strava Mobile App for iPhone to guide me through the turns? I need to purchase a Garmin to do this?

  • Sorry Ryan, the Strava mobile app does not offer audio guidance for turn-by-turn navigation. However, you can still follow the route via the map.

  • Sorry for bumping this one...

    I accept the limitations for editing the route which is auto-generated from the activity.

    It would be nice to be able to clear the route and start a new route while the original activity is still available in the background.

  • @Harald: you can do that.

  • Dear Strava! The current Route Builder does not allow for import of GPX tracks AS IS, without regard to the road database. This is a major flaw and we premium members feel that this feature absolutely must work in order for us to be able to get the most out of Strava. No one should have to use workarounds to do this. Could you please fix this problem as soon as possible?

  • I can create a route from an activity but can't edit once created, is that a known issue?

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