Sharing your Strava Activities

You can share the details about your Strava activity on social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most social apps installed on your phone will support this sharing feature.

Linking Your Accounts:

  1. Login to, then go to your Settings on the drop-down menu under your name in the top right.
  2. To the right of your settings page, you'll see a box labeled "Social Connections" (highlighted below).
  3. When you click Connect with Facebook, etc., you will be asked to authorize Strava to use the specific social account.


Sharing Activities

  1. From your mobile device, select an activity you’d like to share. Please be aware that only activities recorded with GPS can be shared with a map or image with stats. This means that you won't be able to share stationary activities, indoor activities, or manually created activities.
  2. Click the share icon in your feed or activity view.
    iOS share icon Android share icon
  3. If you’ve attached photos to your activity, you will be prompted to select what you’d like to share (a map or photo). If you don’t have any photos uploaded to your activity, you will be able to share the map image. We’ll add relevant stats to your shared image.
  4. Next, choose where you’d like to share this activity. You can share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other apps that have sharing functionality. You can also share the image in a text message or email.



Is this available on the website?

It's not possible to share activities in this style from the website. 

What units and language will my post use?

Posted activities will display your units of choice (within Strava) and your phone's language. 

Can I customize what statistics I share?

At this time, we only share your moving time, distance, and elevation for rides and distance, moving time, and pace for runs and swims. 

Will these activities get added to my Facebook Fitness section?

No, activities shared through the mobile app do not use Open Graph sharing and consequently won't be included in the Fitness section on your Facebook page. 

Where can I learn more about Facebook sharing?

You can learn about sharing activities on Facebook, where activities will appear in the feed, among other topics in this article.

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