How to refresh Challenge badges & results

Not seeing the correct data on a Strava Challenge? First, check that your activities are, in fact, eligible for the challenge. Read the Challenge info or check these reasons why your activities may not be counting on the Challenge leaderboard. If everything checks out, find the "Leave" option on the Challenge page (use the menu button on the mobile app or hover over your name on the website). Leave the Challenge, then a few moments later re-join. You can only re-join the Challenge if it is still active. These steps will refresh your data for the Challenge and should fix any issues with your results, milestone or completion badges. If you're still having issues, or the Challenge has already ended, please contact our support team directly.

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  • No badge 5x5 februari on my site, each day more as 5 km ,totaal 63 km, please give these badge.
    There more people with this problem !!

    Caspar Wijnen Premium lid.

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