How to fix incorrect totals for goals and profile stats

Is your weekly goal showing an incorrect distance? Or are your year-to-date profile totals off? It may take a few hours for your stats to update after an upload but you can always recalculate your profile statistics from your account on the Strava website. On your profile page, scroll down to My Stats where underneath you will be able to click Refresh Stats. After clicking 'Refresh Stats' the button may appear greyed out while the system is refreshing. It may take a few hours for the stats to refresh.


Possible Profile Statistic Discrepancies:

  • The training calendar includes all activities on your account, including activities that are gym workouts, walks, ski activities, etc. while your profile stats are only sport specific to cycling, running, and swimming.
  • Walks and Hikes are not included in running yearly totals.
  • The displayed total may have previously been inaccurate due to a previous bug where deleted, cropped, or updated activities did not refresh the profile stats.
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  • I pressed this button some days/weeks ago.
    2018 is still wrong (1 ride is missing from the sum) and the button "refresh stats" is already a loooooooooooooooooong time (at least days) greyed.
    So - WTF?!

  • it's odd that strava doesn't simply trigger this after each upload. but at least this one is something where users can manually trigger a refresh. it would be great if the same facility existed for search, where broken indexes happen all the time.

  • Now already 2 of 14 rides missing, although I pressed the button... It really sucks.

  • I tried that "refresh Stats" button a couple of times this week. My 2018 total on the profile page is still short a ride, even though if you add up all my individual rides, the total is correct. Too bad there isn't a "recalculate mileage" button...

  • Same ... my stats differ from my training log..
    Possibly missing the 1st of Jan run ...

    definitely wrong though and have tried recalculating!

  • I added a ride today and whilst the ride uploaded OK, the yearly mileage total has not updated. Tried the "recalculate" button but it doesn't appear to have worked.

  • Same here ... The 2018 total is missing 1 workout (and distance) so far ... The 'refresh button' has no effect on it.

  • Richard... same here. I did an 8.7 mile ride today (uploaded fine) but those miles were not added to my yearly mileage total. Any insights?

  • Mine is also missing a run and 5k off my YTD total.

  • I have tried refresh stats and my 2018 total is still off, 150.1 miles for the month. Yet my activity total for month is correct at 158.1 miles. Anyway to get these numbers to sync?

  • I've done the same thing and it's still not working for my yearly total....

  • Hello -

    We've been tracking this issue of profile totals not updating when new activities are uploaded. In general, the issue seems to resolve itself within a few hours. We are still investigating and hope to resolve this issue.

  • No, it does not resolve itself within a few hours. one of my rides is still missing and it is already 2 - 3 weeks...

  • My total is still out... come on Strava... sort it out...!!!

  • Wow, NOW the button finally worked and corrected the stats!

  • Some of my results are incorrect (like a 13:22 5k!). I'd like to zero out the incorrect results without wiping everything. If I click refresh stats does that zero out everything?

  • Refreshing stats didn't work for me. So I emailed them (left a post on the FB page first) ... very helpful Strava support sorted it.

  • Same problem here, sometimes it takes new yearly distance and elevation immediately, sometimes takes hours, even if i press the button.

  • My year-to-date total is wrong, and is short of the sum of the weekly totals. The "refresh stats" button is greyed out so that is not an available option

  • Same problem here. Strava hasn't counted my spin today in my yearly distance. Tried refreshing to no avail.

  • I found success by 'Refreshing Activity Achievements' from within the missing activity.

  • Same issue. After todays ride, hours are correct, mileage for the week is correct but YTD total has not changed. Tried the refresh button, same as other comments. A very long time with NO result.

  • I'm missing a ride as well done 12 but stats say 11.

  • My year to date total is also wrong...... this happened a week ago but refreshing my results sorted it out but sadly, not this time. A different subject completely is Ive somehow lost over 100 koms too. When I look at my data in general, there's more stuff thats wrong than right. Its a bummer but what can you do ?

  • If one clicks the RESET button does it reset all or are you able to select certain distances/times? I am not having the UPDATING TOTAL issue but with incorrect PRs that I would like to reset without reseting everything.

  • My 2018 total is wrong for rides and right for runs: only the last ride is missing. Uploaded with the same Garmin Fenix. I've already tried the refresh stats button. Never experienced this problem before.

    My 2014, 2016 and 2017 totals are right. Little difference in 2015, but I don't know why

  • Been having the same issue for several weeks. This tip to refresh stats doesn't fix the issue. This is a Strava Premium feature. Makes you rethink the value of spending a yearly subscription cost for a feature that helps you reach your goals.

  • This has just started for me as well. 2018 totals are missing activities. Started yesterday.
    So far it seems to recognise my morning ride, but ignores the afternoon ride.
    Tried refreshing stats and activity achievements, but no luck.

  • An update that we are experiencing a known issue with incorrect stats on your profile. I'll be sure to post an update when I have more info.

  • This is really crazy, and shouldn't take this long to figure out. I am also reconsidering spending money for a Premium feature when problems like this occur and aren't fixed right away.

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