iPhone app recording issues

We've seen a recent increase in the number of iOS users reporting GPS issues when recording but we aren't quite sure of the cause. This means the app freezes or stops mid-recording which results in incomplete data and missing portions of your activity. To help us investigate the issue, please try the troubleshooting steps below and let us know if it improves your future recordings:

  • Try turning your phone completely off then on.
  • Try turning location services off then on. Location services are located in settings > privacy > location services (turn off/on).
  • Try turning off wifi before and during recording. 
  • Close all other open applications before recording and if you open another app during your activity, navigate back to Strava afterward.
  • Lastly, sometimes recording data quality can be improved by giving your phone more time to acquire satellites prior to starting your activity. Try opening Strava when you have a clear and unobstructed view of the sky and wait a few more minutes than normal before starting your activity. 

Update: We've received reports that updating to iOS 11.3 has helped to improve GPS recordings on Strava.

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  • I noticed this issue on Tuesday, since then 5 out of 5 recent recordings were half-complete. I tried turning the phone on and off but it didn't help. I will try with location services now and see if it changes something. I am not sure if the last point would make a difference (acquire satellites signal) since recording works fine at the beginning but then it stops mid-journey.

  • I've now had a similar problem on 2 runs this week (tue and today). It says GPS acquired but then doesn't seem to log the distance on the 2.7km. It does how ever log the time and knows an activity is happening.
    I know I ran 5k (I followed a preplanned route). It knows it took 27:31 mins but thinking I only did 2.3km

    I have taken screen shots if you need to see them


  • I did every step you suggested (off/on, gps connection early, no other apps, location services off/on). It didn’t work. Same issue it starts timer but no distance tracked. I also updated to the latest iOS but no change. Strava worked perfectly on this device for a year, this issue started in mid January.
    When I TURN OFF AUTO-PAUSE it starts working ok.
    My mate is having the same issue with Strava on his android phone so it is not just an iOS thing.

  • I’ve lost significant amounts of data on 3 of 5 rides since the last Strava update, including twice on one ride today. The app clearly turns off at some point so no data is recorded. Today’s second occurred after I closed the app, shut off my phone, and restarted both. I did not turn the location off and on. I originally thought that the problem occurred when I stopped at an intersection, but this second one occurred during a downhill. Other than your update, I had downloaded the latest update from Apple, which was designed to address two critical vulnerabilities. A side effect of this was that the devices could slow down. I think that happens. So the problem may lie with the latest Apple update. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Potential solution for some of you.

    Ok, I had a lot of the issues you all are speaking about. Intermittent recordings and even no recordings, just time.

    The fact is, a lot changed on my iPhone 6 in a short period. Bare with me: I replaced my screen at an after market shop, Real nice guys. I also bought a new case for my phone, an otter case for iPhone 7 to replace my worn out otter 6 case. It fit nicely and allowed all the ports and camera to be used. I went with it since the 6 cases aren’t really being stocked. Finally, I started using my wife’s Fitbit which was getting dusty in her night stand.

    First, I conducted the suggested location tracking resets with no luck.

    Second, I went back to the screen replacement store, they must have knocked loose the GPS antenna. They opened it and checked it for free, Claimed no problems and that the antenna is built in the board for my model.

    I Did the resets again, tapped on the phone like an old tv with rabbit ears, tried running with the app open on the screen the entire time, tried with Fitbit vs strava tracking, ran with and without music and even drove my car slowly around the neighborhood while tracking. Strangely, the car thing worked but I think my car gps was helping the very weak signal I had on my phone. Worked in the car should work without, wrong.

    Finally, MY SOLUTION: 5 days ago, I started a run and thought I’d test my luck with Fitbit. I realized 1/2 mile down the road i had tracked no distance, only time. I stopped in frustration and removed the new case and BOOM, signal to full power. Fitbit shows GPS signal in bars. If strava has that, I’ve never seen it but it’s never been important to me. Anyway, Could it be...YES, the remainder of my run tracked nicely. I’ve probably got 4-5 rides or runs since then through strava. They’ve all tracked nicely.

    Good luck, I know it’s frustrating.

  • Another sufferer here. Just since the last Strava update. Tried all of the advised fixes and no joy. Uninstalled and reinstalled Strava so I await the next session with interest..............

    Strava, please note that my issue started only after updating the Strava app.

    Looking forward to a resolution to this issue

  • Hello everyone,

    We are also tracking how the iPhone's wifi connection may be affecting the GPS signal. We'd be interested to hear if disabling wifi before and during your recording improves the data.

  • I had two runs back to back record time but no distance.
    I turned off the auto pause feature (was enabled for ride, not run) and it started tracking my time again.
    Was a bit of a bummer to lose the distance for the last run because I was like a gazelle out there....knocked out my PR for a mile but didn't get the dopamine satisfaction of seeing my little trophies when I was finished.

    And noone in my club believes I ran a 7:35 mile.

  • After updating my iPhone 6S to iOS 11.2.5, and turning auto pause off, Strava has been working correctly for two days now. Fingers crossed.

  • Looks like I just got bit by this bug today on my 5s. Looks like it crashed or closed a short distance from my driveway. This thread is getting really long, so is there a summary of the current status and best practices to remediate? I lost the data from the first ride on a new bike today, and it's really disheartening to know that this bug has been happening to others for over a month now with nothing communicated. I would have checked throughout my ride had I known there was a chance of data loss.

  • My issues:

    -Records time but not distance or pace

    -When it finally begins recording (I go to my settings and turn off/on cellular data, GPS, and background app refresh and it will finally start after I've run about 10 yards), it doesn't seem to record properly...I stopped to walk and checked the app, it said I was at a 9min mile while walking.

    -First started noticing these issues around Feb 28, 2018. I'll try the suggestions in the OP tomorrow!

  • I too have all the stated problems. I too have tried all the suggested fixes with no change in fortunes. I mostly want to know why Strava app developers are so silent on this issue when there are so many people experiencing issues. I think people would feel a lot happier if Strava would actually make a statement about what is happening or what is currently being done to look into the problem. I have read most of the comments here and there are a lot of people that bleed Strava but people will only stick around so long. Time is ticking Strava. What is going on?

  • Well how interesting, someone above uses it for running and it fails but it works when switched to cycling. I tried mine on run last night and...........................it works. BUT it does not work for cycling.......................hmmm

    Why is STRAVA silent on this? Is something actually being done to find a solution?

    Wish there was a bit more feedback from the app developers...................

  • I turned the location on/off and lost less data than usual. Asking Strava to recalculate the distance left me 1km short, but other parameters did not improve. Just went for a 2.5 mile walk. A bar shows up on the profile, but the activity recorded 1min 10s, no distance. Apple just released a new update. I’ve downloaded it—fingers crossed.

  • So after resetting location settings on my iPhone all seems to be well again. Had two successful runs now so fingers crossed it remains stable. Good luck to everyone 👍

  • Fyi I've tried all the things on the list here and still hour an "as the crow flies" activity report today. Best of luck! -Jen

  • Yep same story for me, started just before Xmas. I do everything the same but half of my rides are now straight lines. Tried all of the suggestions above.

  • Update: I have attempted all solutions suggested on this blog, both by strava support and by users, and nothing works. I have re-installed the app and restarted my phone several times in different order. The app is completely unusable for recording activities. Since gps works perfectly fine on other apps, I believe this is a strava issue. My guess is that one of their software updates (probably intended to optimize performance on the new iOS and the iPhone X), may have inadvertently introduced a bug which prevents the app from recognizing the gps on older iPhone models. Specifically, the majority of bug reports on this blog are from iPhone 6S users, so that might be a good place to start trouble shooting if the strava software team is actually working on this. I don't think it's an iOS issue because mine is up-to-date.

    So Strava, please let us know whether you are working to fix this issue or is it time for us to start thinking about other ways to track our workouts?

  • Gonna try turning on "ask to join other networks" under wi-fi. Maybe other networks are confusing fitness apps. Will try this before turning off wifi. Although I still think it is something apple did.

  • OK. So uninstall/re-install, auto pause off etc. etc.
    Still misses off the first mile or so..............not happy
    Looking for an alternative app. Have been very happy until now. Cannot cope with unreliable software.

  • Hi Elle. I turned off WiFi for the ride home after work today and it didn't upload right away so I thought it was lost. But... it showed up a little later and recorded perfectly. The ride in (this AM) had Wifi enabled and did not record correctly and did the "as the crow flies" bit again. Hopefully this helps & I'm updating my phone tonight so I will test again tomorrow.

  • I've been using Stava since last June - no issues whatsoever until a few weeks ago when it just started to "jump" on my routes. I followed the trouble shooting instructions as above and it seemed to work, but only for 1 run. Very frustrating....

  • I have no idea what's happening with Strava but it's not helping my ruins one bit. My issues are: no distance or time breakdown recording of run, no voice progress messages. Actually, Strava is only working as a stop watch. I should add that I ensure I have GPS settings ready when starting run. I'll greatly appreciate receiving an answer and corrective measures from Strava - I've tried every potential solution listed in the chats.

  • Me too. iPhone 6s fails to record anything, just shows time, no distance, no splits, nada. I switched to Runtastic and it worked fine.

  • So,

    Auto pause off
    ask to join other networks on

    Didn't work

  • I just started having the same issue this week. I have been using Strava (premium member) for over a year now and have had no issues. This week, it recorded my ride as 5.7 miles in 33 seconds!!...then nothing! The only thing that has changed is a new phone case. I had to manually add my ride (I do the same ride 3 x week) and delete the 5.7 mile ride. Not sure what is going on, as nothing has changed. I haven't updated my iOS, or done anything different. I'll try the above suggestions, but can't understand why these issues were never issues before?! Hope Strava can resolve the problem soon! In the meantime, I will experiment and remove the new phone case to see what happens.

  • I'm also experiencing an issue where the timer starts but distance and avg. pace shows 0.0 and 0:00 the entire run. I've restarted phone, reinstalled app, toggled location services, turned off wifi, etc, etc. Nothing has worked. Super frustrating.

    iPhone 6S
    App version: 37.0.0
    iOS: 11.2.6

  • Doesn’t make sense, not working on my Iphone6s but I downloaded the app from cloud onto my work iPhone 7 and it works perfectly again???. I’m a bit surprised that strava is just ignoring all these comments and not even acknowledging them???

  • Errors recently. When I finish a ride I see my whole track on the map so the GPS has clearly tracked me, but with the wrong distance and time. After saving only a very short section is uploaded.

  • Update from my post a week ago. Since my phone is a 5S, they are no longer updating the IOS apparently. I tried all the turning other apps and autopause off... though why this would suddenly be the problem when it has never been before is totally illogical (what suddenly changed to make this a problem now?). It made no difference and the app still did not track.

    Instead, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Voila problem solved, back to showing my daily plodding... however it does seem that the reinstall gave me a new version of Strava, since the dashboard now gives me an 'Explore' button bottom left. Is it possible that many of us experiencing this issue are simply not being prompted to upgrade the app version? Whatever, it works great again now... yay!!

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