iPhone app recording issues

We've seen a recent increase in the number of iOS users reporting GPS issues when recording but we aren't quite sure of the cause. This means the app freezes or stops mid-recording which results in incomplete data and missing portions of your activity. To help us investigate the issue, please try the troubleshooting steps below and let us know if it improves your future recordings:

  • Try turning your phone completely off then on.
  • Try turning location services off then on. Location services are located in settings > privacy > location services (turn off/on).
  • Try turning off wifi before and during recording. 
  • Close all other open applications before recording and if you open another app during your activity, navigate back to Strava afterward.
  • Lastly, sometimes recording data quality can be improved by giving your phone more time to acquire satellites prior to starting your activity. Try opening Strava when you have a clear and unobstructed view of the sky and wait a few more minutes than normal before starting your activity. 

Update: We've received reports that updating to iOS 11.3 has helped to improve GPS recordings on Strava.

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  • I have the same issue.
    System info:
    - iPhone 6s with iOS 11.2.6
    - Strava v.36.0.0
    I noticed this problem on March 4th.

  • Well this is frustrating but at least I am not alone. I start Strava up as usual, pop it in my pocket start my ride... find that it has not moved from my starting point and has recorded non of the ride. This just started this week for me. Iphone 5s, no recent OS changes, everything else works as it should, google maps tracks just fine... just Strava. Bit frustrating. will delete and reinstall and see if that helps...

  • iphone SE. I've used strava since 2012 and logged almost 700 activities. in the last 2 months, I've been plagued with these issues. Runs not being recorded, jumpy GPS, zero distance even though it seems to be able to locate my position accurately on the map. Updated the app at every opportunity, phone is up to date, reinstalled app several times, reset location settings, toggle all the various settings on/off . Occasional successful recording but mostly now serves as a distraction as i worry its not recording. and have to rely on friend to tag me on runs. Not ideal. Looking for alternatives now - any suggestions?

  • On iPhone 6S. My problem is at the start of the activity. App acquires signal and starts timer but is not showing any speed or distance. Yesterday it auto paused after exactly 10 seconds from starting and then was stuck on auto pause even when moving again. I turned auto pause off and carried on with the ride. It did not start recording until some point 20 minutes into the ride, so the first part of the route is shown as the crow flies. This pattern of picking up a signal at some point but not from the start has been common to every ride since January. Will try doing the things suggested but have not got much confidence that it will make a diffference. Thanks.

  • I can’t get mine to record any sort of distance, since my iOS update in October 17, I’ve tried all of the above and it also states that it has picked up my GPS location so that’s not an issue. Very frustrated and shall need to look up other map apps if I can’t get this resolved

  • Very similar to all those above. I am training for my first Triathlon and this is really frustrating, 3 out of my last 5 have failed or not picked up my position until well into my workout despite saying it had a good GPS signal at the start. Tried the fixes mentioned above.

    iPhone 6s, iOS11.2.6, Stava v37.0.0

  • Is it possible this is caused by an autopause issue?

    My last two rides Failed. Did a third test and kept my phone mounted and on. For the first few blocks my location was correct. however it appeared stuck on auto pause.

    I went into settings and turned auto pause off. After I finished my ride the recording showed my ride starting after I changed this option.

  • I’ve tried turning WiFi off even mobile data off and auto pause as well as all suggestions in this thread..nothing has worked. Interestingly or not I tried a run with MapMyRun and that wouldn’t work either seems they have the same issue. Garmin watch is uploading now so I’ll stick with that.

  • Have tried all of the troubleshooting above and nothing seems to work. Still just recording time but no distance 😡😡

  • Two rides now & nothing recorded. Starts normal, says GPS acquired. Shut screen off like normal, place in pocket like normal. Then when I’ve return home & open my phone to finish it’s only recorded about 50 yards. Possibly when I’m back into WiFi range. Very frustrating. :-(

  • So, two things seem to be helping me so far. fingers crossed.

    1. I turned auto-pause off. Because often the phone would not resume the ride after a short break.

    2. I turned on ask to join new networks. Seems like several times the ride would get cut off at the same spots. Maybe the phone was trying to pick up someone's network or a construction company or something near that area. idk

  • Interesting note. There is a Strava segment that ends near a busy intersection. After that intersection, I wind my way through the shopping center to a store. The last two rides to this store, Strava has stopped recording the distance and given a straight line from before the end of that segment to the store. I know because I checked it both times before entering the store. There is also another area that seems to cause Strava to shut off. Just wondering whether there is some sort of interference causing the problems.

  • My iPhone 6S stopped recording on strava on 02/18/2018. I have been a Premium member for almost 7 years but I'm starting to reconsider my loyalty to strava considering recent performance issues. When I go to record, I'm getting a message "weak GPS signal" that eventually turns into "No GPS signal". none of the suggested fixes worked. Wifi is always off so that obviously is not it. I agree with other users who are pointing to the iphone gps as the root cause but it seems odd that strava has not investigated this issue more thoroughly. 

  • This is exactly the issue that is happening to me too! It has done so for the last 4 rides I've done! I have taken to entering my data in manually to maintain accuracy. Will try the trouble shooting options suggested, and comment again with the result.

  • Strava - please take urgent note that for atleast 2 weeks I have been unable to log any sort of meaningful activity due to GPS failures.
    I have tried everything, reset GPS settings, carrier settings, re-installed strava, toggled privacy mode, toggled wi fi and even flight mode. All unsuccessful.
    Lost confidence and will be switching over to an alternative for my next ride.

  • As suggested, i used Strava today AND another app (at the same time) to record my run. The other app behaved flawlessly, whilst Strava 'lost' the first mile or so of the trace. so not a phone GPS issue, suggests more of a Strava issue. Can you roll back Strava updates?

  • iPhone 6S, tried all trouble shooting options no joy. Highly frustrating will have to find alternative if not sorted soon. Intermittent GPS, time record but no distance/stats shown

  • Hi had same issues all started with an update I did in January. I’ve got a iPhone6s I’m gonna try my iPhone 4 see what happens!

  • Since installing the latest App update on 2/21, the Strave App on my SE, iOS 11.2.6 won't run. App opens, appears normal orange screen on startup, then screen flashes black, then shows homescreen. Looking at background for Apps running shows App open. Attempting to open App from background produces same result - starts as if opening, black flash, then homescreen. This is new since App was updated 2/21. Good luck, Strava.

  • Version 35 didn't work for me (iOS app on iPhone SE)... 2.7 mile walk, side by side with partner who recorded >4 miles.

  • Tried Strava while walking the dog. Started Strava, turned off WiFi, then started to record. Stopped and wouldn’t restart until I stopped auto pause. Then it was fine. On my bike, I didn’t have to turn off auto pause.

  • So, like many on here. I've been using the Strava app on my iPhone happily without issue to records runs. My phone 6s, has worked perfectly with Strava up until Jan 22nd. But my last two runs on Jan 29th and Feb 5th have both not picked up any time or distance. Highly frustrating as I use this as a record of my activity. Just impacted the last couple of weeks.

  • ditto, i have done the most recent update and the data / GPS is not recording correctly. My strava is miles out too actual and has me walking across rivers !

  • Does this problem also apply to Apple Watch recordings, paired to an IPhone?

  • On a walk yesterday I turned on Strava, turned off WiFi, and started to record. App stopped recording until I turned off auto pause, then it was fine. Another successful ride today, using the same procedure, except that I left auto pause on.

  • Finally a successful record! I used 2 phones: an 8 with the latest Apple updates and my old 5 that I can’t update past 10.3.3. I didn’t download the latest Strava updates on the 5. I opened Strava (My Feed), turned off my WiFi (Bluetooth not on anyway), then went to Record. I also used Beacon on the 8. Did one phone at a time. Left the house and started to record. It was a cold ride for about an hour so I didn’t look until I got home and stopped recording—but the ride on each phone was essentially identical, and both matched my bike computer pretty well. Looks like a WiFi issue. Will try again tomorrow. Anyone know how to delete a second recording of the same ride without deleting both rides?

  • For those of you who reported an app crash: We just released an update, version 35 that resolves this issue. Please update to this version.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue on my iPhone 7+ ever since the last iOS update about 2 versions back. I've done all of the suggestions above and it doesn't help. I would finish a run and see my Strava app try to play catch up in the map view for the following 5-10 minutes while I'm stationary, or it would skip my last 1/2 mile altogether.

  • Been having this issue for about a month now. Getting worse each time I try to record a run. Cycling is ok, though it misses segments occasionally, but my runs are an absolute failure.

    I ran 10km yesterday and did everything suggested and after getting a strong gps signal it only recorded the last 600 metres. And I’m pretty sure I busted a KOM on a segment too.

    Not happy Jan!

  • So frustrating - not been working properly for whole of 2018. A few times it records a bit of the run- most of the time it just records the time but not the distance. Any progress?

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