iPhone app recording issues

We've seen a recent increase in the number of iOS users reporting GPS issues when recording but we aren't quite sure of the cause. This means the app freezes or stops mid-recording which results in incomplete data and missing portions of your activity. To help us investigate the issue, please try the troubleshooting steps below and let us know if it improves your future recordings:

  • Try turning your phone completely off then on.
  • Try turning location services off then on. Location services are located in settings > privacy > location services (turn off/on).
  • Try turning off wifi before and during recording. 
  • Close all other open applications before recording and if you open another app during your activity, navigate back to Strava afterward.
  • Lastly, sometimes recording data quality can be improved by giving your phone more time to acquire satellites prior to starting your activity. Try opening Strava when you have a clear and unobstructed view of the sky and wait a few more minutes than normal before starting your activity. 

Update: We've received reports that updating to iOS 11.3 has helped to improve GPS recordings on Strava.

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  • Iphone 5s, my Strava hasnt worked for weeks. It records time but the distance is completely off, in the past week the map has had me crossing rivers and running 10 miles quicker than Mo Farah.

    I have reset the location settings but that didn't make anything better. I will need to find a new app

    Strava is there any update?

  • For those of you who reported an app crash: We just released an update, version 35 that resolves this issue. Please update to this version.

  • Version 35 didn't work for me (iOS app on iPhone SE)... 2.7 mile walk, side by side with partner who recorded >4 miles.

  • ditto, i have done the most recent update and the data / GPS is not recording correctly. My strava is miles out too actual and has me walking across rivers !

  • I'm wondering if it's having Google Maps timeline feature turned on; I turned it on a while back and forgot about it, I've just disabled it and I'll see how I go tonight.

    This problem seems to have occurred without me changing anything about my phone, although maybe I updated the Google Map app.

    I used ridewithgps as a test, and have similar drop outs.

  • Did update V34.0.0 and had about 6 good rides, no faulty ones, Took Elle's advice and did lastest update to V35.0.0 and now back to Square one, three out of three have failed. Can I down-date ?
    On Iphone 5s

  • Update; it worked.

    EDIT; New update; didn't work this morning. Average speed of 70.2 km/h on my commute though!

  • Something that seems to have resolved the issue for me is an app called GPSdiagnostic. It’s designed to calibrate and reset GPS. I have since done 3 runs with no issues what so ever, having previously not been able to get any consistent GPS lock. It costs 2.99 I think but well worth it, hope this helps people out as I know first hand how frustrating it is to not be able to log stats.

  • I have had issues with Strava failing to record accurately. But importantly, I also had another exercise recording app fail to record correctly as well as inaccuracy. So this suggested it wasn't just Strava, although being random, Strava was more likely to have issues.

    I have recently updated to the latest iOS 11.2.6 version (on my iPhone 6s) and have not had any issues since. Still monitoring.

  • i have tried everything again with no luck
    it still randomly stops tracking me
    everything is updated or turned on or off ive even held my phone in my hand pointing to the sky
    the favorite cut off point for me is around 3.8 mile which is annoying on a 10 mile run
    i will keep Strava on my phone so i can track my friends as it is unable to track me
    hope you all find a solution before you get sick of keep coming back to this place to complain about it not working for you
    im off to find another app that i can use for my training

  • Is it possible this is caused by an autopause issue?

    My last two rides Failed. Did a third test and kept my phone mounted and on. For the first few blocks my location was correct. however it appeared stuck on auto pause.

    I went into settings and turned auto pause off. After I finished my ride the recording showed my ride starting after I changed this option.

  • Tried with ridewithgps last night and this morning, works fine. Premium member since Nov 2014, what to do?

  • Had the same issues, either I get zero data, just auto paused straight away basically, or a couple of times I have had the first half of my ride “as the crow flies”.
    Tried the work around, tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
    No joy.
    Seems to be a worryingly common problem, iOS users account for a large portion of Strava users I would say, might be time to pull the finger out and get a fix sorted quickly.

  • I had two runs back to back record time but no distance.
    I turned off the auto pause feature (was enabled for ride, not run) and it started tracking my time again.
    Was a bit of a bummer to lose the distance for the last run because I was like a gazelle out there....knocked out my PR for a mile but didn't get the dopamine satisfaction of seeing my little trophies when I was finished.

    And noone in my club believes I ran a 7:35 mile.

  • I turned the auto-pauses off but the app still doesnt work, recording time but not distances, Iphone 5s

  • I have the same issue.
    System info:
    - iPhone 6s with iOS 11.2.6
    - Strava v.36.0.0
    I noticed this problem on March 4th.

  • Errors recently. When I finish a ride I see my whole track on the map so the GPS has clearly tracked me, but with the wrong distance and time. After saving only a very short section is uploaded.

  • On iPhone 6S. My problem is at the start of the activity. App acquires signal and starts timer but is not showing any speed or distance. Yesterday it auto paused after exactly 10 seconds from starting and then was stuck on auto pause even when moving again. I turned auto pause off and carried on with the ride. It did not start recording until some point 20 minutes into the ride, so the first part of the route is shown as the crow flies. This pattern of picking up a signal at some point but not from the start has been common to every ride since January. Will try doing the things suggested but have not got much confidence that it will make a diffference. Thanks.

  • Hi had same issues all started with an update I did in January. I’ve got a iPhone6s I’m gonna try my iPhone 4 see what happens!

  • So frustrating - not been working properly for whole of 2018. A few times it records a bit of the run- most of the time it just records the time but not the distance. Any progress?

  • I've had the same problems, but only in the last week. I think its down to the update to OS 11.2.6 which I did around the same time. I'm using a Polar H10 heart rate monitor and their Polar Beat app which has previously worked flawlessly in exporting all data to Strava. Everything seems fine setting off on a run, GPS signal is acquired, all seems well until the lack of voice guidance doesn't kick in. Time and HR data is recorded but no distance or route. I've tried just using Strava with no other apps open - small parts of runs are logged with "as the crow flies" bits. It's very frustrating as I'm counting on this info to help train better for a marathon. Premium doesn't seem worth the money now that even the basic premise of Strava isn't working.
    I've done all the suggested fixes: resetting the Location services, resetting network settings, turning off wifi before an activity, waiting longer for GPS signal before starting... but nothing works. other GPS based apps seem to work Google maps and waze, so I'm not so sure its the iphone. I'm just hoping that there's a quick update fix from Strava.

  • I regularly do a 4 mile ride to the store. When i get there and pull my phone out, Strava doesn't show any info. i have to wait several minutes for my trail to catch up with me, for the mileage to increase bit by bit, and for the timer to start again. Then I have to do the same thing again when I get home before I save. At least, since the last update, I haven't gotten the 'as the crow flies line'. So maybe my iphone 6 is just slow because of the Apple screw up, and Strava is just having a hard time adjusting. (I still think the problems somehow have to do with Apple slowing down the phone) The phone is also slow and locks up occasionally when I'm just navigating through Strava while at home. I have auto pause off, and 'ask to join networks' on.  Its killing my ams.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue on my iPhone 7+ ever since the last iOS update about 2 versions back. I've done all of the suggestions above and it doesn't help. I would finish a run and see my Strava app try to play catch up in the map view for the following 5-10 minutes while I'm stationary, or it would skip my last 1/2 mile altogether.

  • I am so glad I finally found this thread - the malfunction is driving me mad. I tried everything (have an iphone 6) and it has been the same issue fora week now: 3 of my 4 runs, the app would only show moving time but no distance or time per km. When I finish it seems to show a distance but the time/km split often seems off (eg showing me an under 5min average when each km was run in over 6 min individually). I initially thought it was me using Bluetooth headphones, but even without them it would record a run to about 7km and then stop and not record even my moving time anymore.

    I deleted and re-installed, I turned location services on and off, I turned Wifi off, i started and restarted phone and app. I have always used Spotify in parallel on my runs so that should not be a reason for it to suddenly stop recording proper.


  • New update
    Same problems, not recording GPS
    Diappointed Strava seem unable to respond
    Time for a new app

  • My issues:

    -Records time but not distance or pace

    -When it finally begins recording (I go to my settings and turn off/on cellular data, GPS, and background app refresh and it will finally start after I've run about 10 yards), it doesn't seem to record properly...I stopped to walk and checked the app, it said I was at a 9min mile while walking.

    -First started noticing these issues around Feb 28, 2018. I'll try the suggestions in the OP tomorrow!

  • Got the same problems since roughly the beginning of the year on an iphone 6S- Do any alternative apps work and cover the same scope as Strava I wonder?

  • PS until the problem has been sorted, of course.

  • Strava - please take urgent note that for atleast 2 weeks I have been unable to log any sort of meaningful activity due to GPS failures.
    I have tried everything, reset GPS settings, carrier settings, re-installed strava, toggled privacy mode, toggled wi fi and even flight mode. All unsuccessful.
    Lost confidence and will be switching over to an alternative for my next ride.

  • Any word on a fix? I'm having the same recording problems and I've tried all the suggested fixes, except turning off wifi b/c when I opened Strava w/o wifi active it told me wifi will improve accuracy. I know I can ignore that warning, but seems contradictory. This may be related to acquiring the gps signal, starting in my work parking garage is understandable, but doesn't seem like front porch on a one story single family home should get in the way. Also, how can we tell? The app says "signal acquired" Can you fix that? If not acquired, maybe the app shouldn't say it has. I like the way Strava presents results, totals, segments and the social aspects, but getting too frustrated with the lack of accuracy.

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