iPhone app recording issues

We've seen a recent increase in the number of iOS users reporting GPS issues when recording but we aren't quite sure of the cause. This means the app freezes or stops mid-recording which results in incomplete data and missing portions of your activity. To help us investigate the issue, please try the troubleshooting steps below and let us know if it improves your future recordings:

  • Try turning your phone completely off then on.
  • Try turning location services off then on. Location services are located in settings > privacy > location services (turn off/on).
  • Try turning off wifi before and during recording. 
  • Close all other open applications before recording and if you open another app during your activity, navigate back to Strava afterward.
  • Lastly, sometimes recording data quality can be improved by giving your phone more time to acquire satellites prior to starting your activity. Try opening Strava when you have a clear and unobstructed view of the sky and wait a few more minutes than normal before starting your activity. 

Update: We've received reports that updating to iOS 11.3 has helped to improve GPS recordings on Strava.

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  • Strava has been doing this very frequently as of late: not recording the first mile or two of a run. It is very annoying

  • I'm seeing this issue as well (iPhone 8, iOS 11.2.6, Strava 37.0.0). I start my run and after 5 minutes I look at my phone and the only number changing is the time. Distance and pace are both at 0 (it happened once mid run as well that everything got stuck). I've had it happen with RunKeeper as well though so I think it might be an iPhone / iOS issue.

  • Very similar to all those above. I am training for my first Triathlon and this is really frustrating, 3 out of my last 5 have failed or not picked up my position until well into my workout despite saying it had a good GPS signal at the start. Tried the fixes mentioned above.

    iPhone 6s, iOS11.2.6, Stava v37.0.0

  • I'm also experiencing an issue where the timer starts but distance and avg. pace shows 0.0 and 0:00 the entire run. I've restarted phone, reinstalled app, toggled location services, turned off wifi, etc, etc. Nothing has worked. Super frustrating.

    iPhone 6S
    App version: 37.0.0
    iOS: 11.2.6

  • iPhone 7 running the latest iOS update and have had the same issue starting in January. Only about 1 in 5 runs records flawlessly. Typically, it will fail to log distance the first mile or so (even though it states the GPS signal is acquiredu), then pick up the signal and track me and then sporadically lose signal throughout the duration of the run. I have seen improvement when not running other apps, but this is less than ideal as I like to stream music. I am

  • Been having this issue for about a month now. Getting worse each time I try to record a run. Cycling is ok, though it misses segments occasionally, but my runs are an absolute failure.

    I ran 10km yesterday and did everything suggested and after getting a strong gps signal it only recorded the last 600 metres. And I’m pretty sure I busted a KOM on a segment too.

    Not happy Jan!

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