iPhone app recording issues

We've seen a recent increase in the number of iOS users reporting GPS issues when recording but we aren't quite sure of the cause. This means the app freezes or stops mid-recording which results in incomplete data and missing portions of your activity. To help us investigate the issue, please try the troubleshooting steps below and let us know if it improves your future recordings:

  • Try turning your phone completely off then on.
  • Try turning location services off then on. Location services are located in settings > privacy > location services (turn off/on).
  • Try turning off wifi before and during recording. 
  • Close all other open applications before recording and if you open another app during your activity, navigate back to Strava afterward.
  • Lastly, sometimes recording data quality can be improved by giving your phone more time to acquire satellites prior to starting your activity. Try opening Strava when you have a clear and unobstructed view of the sky and wait a few more minutes than normal before starting your activity. 

Update: We've received reports that updating to iOS 11.3 has helped to improve GPS recordings on Strava.

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  • Update; it worked.

    EDIT; New update; didn't work this morning. Average speed of 70.2 km/h on my commute though!

  • Just happened to me today, half of my route was missin, but the other app which tracks my Heart Rate recorded the whole journey just fine, is there a way to fix the misrecordes route?

  • Iphone 5s, my Strava hasnt worked for weeks. It records time but the distance is completely off, in the past week the map has had me crossing rivers and running 10 miles quicker than Mo Farah.

    I have reset the location settings but that didn't make anything better. I will need to find a new app

    Strava is there any update?

  • i have tried everything again with no luck
    it still randomly stops tracking me
    everything is updated or turned on or off ive even held my phone in my hand pointing to the sky
    the favorite cut off point for me is around 3.8 mile which is annoying on a 10 mile run
    i will keep Strava on my phone so i can track my friends as it is unable to track me
    hope you all find a solution before you get sick of keep coming back to this place to complain about it not working for you
    im off to find another app that i can use for my training

  • sigh. morning commute registered oddly for a very short time. afternoon commute registered perfectly. both were with WiFi turned off. back to the drawing board.

  • Same here. Issues started around 2 weeks ago. Has always worked perfectly before on same device. iOS updated to 11.2.4 around that time so likely the cause.
    I start strava and the timer runs but no distance recorded. When I disabled auto pause I managed to get it started tracking, but it gave me some very random split times.
    My running buddy also having same issue - strava time runs but not recording distance. This seems to be a general fault with the app and iOS phones. What is the plan to diagnose and roll out a fix to the app..?!

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