How to fix your timezone

Is Strava showing an incorrect start time for an activity? Are your uploads consistently a few hours off? Sometimes Strava gets stuck when updating your timezone based on the location listed on your profile. In particular, when entering a manual activity or uploading an indoor workout, Strava uses the location set on your profile to determine the activity's start time. Please try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve your timezone for all future activities:

  1. Access your account through the Strava Website.
  2. Go to Profile > Settings.
  3. Select your current location and type in Los Angeles, then Save. This is only to reset the time zone as we recognize this may not be your accurate location. You will reset your location in step 5. 
  4. Select Refresh Page.
  5. Enter your correct location and Save.
  6. Select Refresh Page.
  7. If the time zone still does not refresh to match your location please try step 3 again and then refresh the page followed to ensure the time zone and location match. Then enter your correct location again and refresh the time zone. Sometimes the timezone gets stuck and just needs some going back and forth to reset itself. Once it is set and is accurate it will not revert back.
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  • Is your developer on holiday or something? This is a pretty basic bug I would have thought...

  • I have changed my time zones back and forth, going to LA, back to Americas, back to La and so forth and still my activities are uploaded using LA time zone (I live in Colombia). I have even tried Europe`s time zones and still the same issue....

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