How to fix your timezone

Is Strava showing an incorrect start time for an activity? Are your uploads consistently a few hours off? Sometimes Strava gets stuck when updating your timezone based on the location listed on your profile. In particular, when entering a manual activity or uploading an indoor workout, Strava uses the location set on your profile to determine the activity's start time. Please try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve your timezone for all future activities:

  1. Access your account through the Strava Website.
  2. Go to Profile > Settings.
  3. Select your current location and type in Los Angeles, then Save. This is only to reset the time zone as we recognize this may not be your accurate location. You will reset your location in step 5. 
  4. Select Refresh Page.
  5. Enter your correct location and Save.
  6. Select Refresh Page.
  7. If the time zone still does not refresh to match your location please try step 3 again and then refresh the page followed to ensure the time zone and location match. Then enter your correct location again and refresh the time zone. Sometimes the timezone gets stuck and just needs some going back and forth to reset itself. Once it is set and is accurate it will not revert back.
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  • Is your developer on holiday or something? This is a pretty basic bug I would have thought...

  • I have changed my time zones back and forth, going to LA, back to Americas, back to La and so forth and still my activities are uploaded using LA time zone (I live in Colombia). I have even tried Europe`s time zones and still the same issue....

  • That does not work. I cannot even change the location in my profile. It doesn't save. I'm stuck on LA time zone.
    What if I travel to another time zone and submit a workout? Will it use the profile location? That's a strange concept. Please fix it properly for all use cases.

  • It still does not work and not the correct time is shown

  • this is not working...

  • Same thing for me, I can't even save any other location than "America/Los_Angeles" which seems to be a default value.
    Works fine for outdoor events, but incorrect date and time for any indoor or manually entered event.
    Can you please fix this ASAP?

  • Surprisingly, this method works for me. Having said that, I would believe this should be an easy fix, so please do so and get this done and over with. Thanks!

  • This worked for me, thanks! I’m now showing as Europe and not the US!

  • I had the same problem and thought it was with with zwift. Finally found this post and thankfully worked for me.

  • Worked for me! Thank you for the fix. I thought it was my phone app or the Sufferfest app causing the issues. Love strava

  • Is the London, UK timezone meant to be UTC rather than British Summer Time?

  • This is also not working as a fix for me for manual activities. Will check later to see if it's any different with the GPS. Very annoying it can't be fixed via the app itself, and as it stands now it can't be fixed on the website either.

  • Whu doesnt it use the data from the Garmin which knows the correct time?
    I shouldnt have to remeber to go to the website.

  • Also not working for me after trying several times.

  • Working now using the fix explained in the article - thanks!

  • Shame on strava, you are not able to fix such a basic bug for couple of years!

  • This is a joke. Strava "allegedly" the best fitness app out there can't even sort out this basic bug which has been going on in one form or another for a couple of years.

  • Bahh. Did that. Retry and retry and I continue stuck in America time zone. I live in Portugal. All my activities are shown with 8 hours difference.

  • Hello. I have a problem with time zones. I'm one hour late. how to solve it? I tried with the change in LA then refresh and nothing changed. Please solve the problem

  • Tried several times. Does not work!
    Please fix this bug quickly!

  • It's not work for my case. I tried too many times for many day. My activity time start at 6th Jan 1970. OMG. I want to give up. @,@

  • This procedure to correct the Time Zone does NOT work for me. This is disappointing -- I agree with others that have pointed out that determining a Time Zone based on a US State or ZIP code is pretty basic, and something is seriously deficient with Strava's coding for an error like this to occur.

  • No premium account for me when this problem stays unsolved.

  • Please solve the problem with time zone! I am considering to move to another application because this kind of bug is unacceptable and incredible....

  • Thank you very much for your contribution. I could solve the problem. I have been looking for the solution in Japanese so far.

  • I’ve tried this over and over again and I’m still 5.5 hours behind my uk time. As if I’d get up running at 4 in the morning. Absolute pain in the butt

  • Having this same issue. When I go to edit an activity, I see the correct time, but when I view the activity in my feed, it's using LA timezone. Checked timezone in settings and it was incorrectly showing LA. Tried the workaround several times, however, and no change. Is there any update or intention to fix??

  • a workaround might be changing the timezone on your phone to a zone in the same GMT that doesnt use daylight savings time..

  • Doesn't work for me. Very disappointed that this issue has been known about for so long, but not resolved.

  • Did not Completely work for me.

    I did also change weight and Primary Club ... then the right timezone stayed intact.

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