Zwift activities not grouped or appearing in Flybys

The Zwift activity grouping feature has been disabled for the time being. Grouping Zwift activities pose a unique scaling issue which unfortunately has caused major delays in grouping for all other activities on Strava. Due to this situation, you may see Zwift Runs on Flyby for your ride. This is also an issue we are working to address. We appreciate your patience while we investigate possible solutions.

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  • I really hope this is fixed soon. With the grouping on Zwift rides disabled, it is not possible to interact with those i rode with (kudo, follow, comment, etc), and this social aspect was the main reason i use Strava.

  • Ditto what Eric said.

  • I hope the smart Strava engineering team can find a solution soon, this is frustrating! Thank you.

  • Perhaps you could enable the list of other riders that you rode with without enabling the Fyby feature

  • Eric has a point there. I really miss the interaction with fellow group riders top. It takes a lot of the fun away. Hope to see this fixed soon.

  • Piling on here. One of the major draws of both Strava and Zwift is the social component. Hopefully gets resolved soon.

  • Any news on this?? Very frustrating, For zwift users (that are increasing) this is key functionality! Hope you can resolve soon !!

  • I thought I was the only one with this problem and was starting to tweak my privacy settings thinking that some weird setting might have been the culprit. I hope this is fixed soon.

  • Half the fun after an activity or a race was checking the flybys, please fix this!

  • I thought you guys were on AWS. Just spin up another thousand instances. :-D

    But seriously, I'm not sure if the 'grouping' that is being referred to here is the list of people you rode with but if it is this is, indeed, a critical feature. Group rides are what this sport is all about and riders need the ability to recap and provide positive feedback to others (many of whom are strangers) that they rode with.

    Flybys is also a real bummer as, again, the battles we wage in virtual reality are just as real as the ones out on the open road.

    As a paying Premium member I'm asking Strava to please don't let this fall through the cracks

  • +1 Please solve this issue, it's a valuable feature for me.

  • I'm gonna have to cancel my premium membership if this is not fixed within renewal. This feature was one of the main reasons why I kept renewing.

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