No Heart Rate recorded with Apple Watch app

Not seeing heart rate data on your activities recorded with the Strava app for Apple Watch? We recommend following these steps to try and resolve the issue:

  1. Uninstall the Strava app on your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  2. Re-install Strava on both of your devices.
  3. Go through the onboarding process on the Strava iPhone app but skip health kit permission. Instead of tapping finish, tap set up later instead. 
  4. Open the Strava Watch app and switch your activity to a run by swiping right on the record screen then start an activity.
  5. While you're viewing the record screen tap the grayed out heart icon to request Health Kit Permission.
  6. A prompt should appear asking you to allow permissions on your iPhone. Once heart rate access has been granted, please record another activity and let us know if heart rate records properly. It may take a minute or so for the grayed out heart rate to generate your heart rate so please give it a moment.
  7. Lastly, if you want to sync your Strava activities to the Health app, please re-initiate permissions to the Health app: Go to the Strava iPhone app > More > Settings > Applications, Services, and Devices > Health > Tap the plus icon to allow full permissions.
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  • Hey,

    I tap the grayed heart but nothing happened. Are there others with the same problem?


  • Hi Jochen

    I experience exactly the same issue.
    Heartrate sign continues to blink without showing the data.

    The 'solution' above is not working.

    Strange that it was working a couple of weeks ago...



  • I also having the same problem. Was working up until 3 days ago up until I used the new “Outdoor Walk” option on the watch?

  • I’ve now got this to work. After uninstalling both apps I then turned both devices off before Re-installing.
    When following the instruction to tap the grey heart it would appear to be more of a hold your finger down on the grey heart, then when the message comes up on iPhone I pressed the “Allow” in the top right hand corner of the phone as well as the allow heath to use HRM. Good luck and hope you get it sorted.

  • Try checking to make sure this setting is turned off:

    "On your iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch > General > turn off Workout Power Saving Mode."

    I missed this per my comment here:

  • Thanks this worked for me. I also restarted the watch and phone as suggested by Adam.

    The interesting thing is that the heart rate for my run is showing in the Activity App after syncing with Strava, it just didn’t show on the Watch during the run.

  • Heart rate works now. I did restart the watch and phone as suggested in these comments. At step 3 of the instructions, make sure the first 4 items of the checklist are checked (green), but do not "check" the last item, which is titled, "Sync With Health". The rest of the instructions are straightforward.

  • a fix i just found was to go in to phone settings > health > strava > allow strava to read heart rate at bottom.
    For some reason when trying to fix another issue this was disabled when re-installing the apps

  • I found my profile had only some permissions linked between the iPhone and Strava also I hadn’t set up the Apple Watch links fully.
    I will find out later if it works.


    If anyone is having issues with tapping the gray heart and nothing happening:


    Uninstall and MAKE SURE TO TURN OFF WATCH AND PHONE COMPLETELY. This will actually work when you install the app again afterwards.

  • Heart rate finally works. The missing step was to power off both watch and phone once the uninstall process was complete m. The remaining steps work fine.

    Make sure the Workout Power Saving Mode is OFF.

  • Hi. Thanks everyone, same for me... it only worked AFTER turning off both devices first.

  • I've tried all of these. I've even went as far as restoring my phone and watch lol it still just spins and never registers HR, it lights up green the whole run, and my activity rings close but no HR is displayed or recorded to my run.

  • Brilliant, thanks Sandy! Easy fix

  • Hi, this did not work for me. I have tried it 4 times. What is the solution??

  • Sandy, this just worked for me. To clarify, go to Health app, then Sources at bottom, then Strava, then scroll down and turn on Heart Rate. I just tried and it was reading my heart rate on Apple Watch. Hope it stays!

  • Thank you, was very helpful!

  • So I had the HR recording just fine until about 2 weeks ago (1 week before my first race - disappointing). AW3/iPhoneX, iOs up to date, basic (not premium). I have also tried Mel's recommendation above, made sure that Strava has all the permissions with Health (reviewed in both Health and Strava settings), checked watch for power saver, uninstalled/turnoff/reinstall on both devices. HR is being recorded and I see it when I run (the red heart on the watch with a number), it just doesn't show up in the activity record with the graph (I have 5 dots below the map, not 6 as on previous activities). Questions:
    1) Any other suggestions?
    2) If I get this fixed, is there a way to get the HR recorded for my first race in Health (I can see it in Health) to sync back into Strava so I can see the Heart Rate Analysis? (really do want to see how I did)

    Many thanks

  • Follow up - I missed the data permissions/privacy update in the last few weeks (probably GDPR stuff). The resolution was to go on the website my profile>data permissions and check the new box. Works now. Good luck!

  • Follow up - I missed the data permissions/privacy update in the last few weeks (probably GDPR stuff). The resolution was to go on the website my profile>data permissions and check the new box. Works now. Good luck!

  • @charleThuss what box was that? i'm having the same problem. Heart rate is showing on the watch as a run but not in the Activity log. I've allowed data permission access.

  • So the path is actually settings>data permissions (sorry, got profile wrong). The only box I see now is "Deny Access" (probably because I enabled it) and the heading is Health Related Data (text copied below). Does this help?

    "Health-Related Data
    You have allowed access
    Strava collects and uses health data from paired devices, like a heart rate monitor, to give you interesting and useful performance analysis. We collect this data only from sensors or devices you've connected to Strava. We do not share it without your consent. Learn more"

  • Do I have to be using the watch app in order for the heart rate to be read and accessed? If I just record through the phone app is the heart rate recorded? I have been doing kayaking and this sport is not an option on the Apple Watch app, so how would I get a heart rate for that sport?

  • I can see my my heart rate on the app in real time during a workout, and then I can see my average rate in the summary when i finish just before saving...

    Once it is upload to my Strava account though, there is no heart rate data...?

    I exported some GPX files and noticed there is no heart rate data recorded, although I can see it has access on the watch...

    Would really like this to be included in the GPX file to see on my account.

  • this worked for me only once I had 1. removed the apps from watch and iphone 2. shutdown both watch and iphone 3. powered up both and installed the app, on strava iphone app go through the set up but do not turn on the bottom setting "Sync With Health". 4. the heart rate will be greyed out, touch it and this opens the iphone strava app to accept permission 5. you will know it works if the heat beat rate is displayed.

    Note without powering down the activity will show the heartbeat red line but no heart rate.

  • I can see my heart rate on my watch, but it does not appear in my workout later on my phone. I should be able to see it in the third screen, after hight and tempo?

  • The fix worked for me initially, but it seems that if my watch is out of range of the phone it won't display heart rate data (obviously defeating the purpose of having a running watch).

    Everything about this app worked for me about a year ago when I first bought my watch and now it's basically unusable.

    Really enjoyed being able to log all of my runs on this site, but now I'm stuck with the native Apple workout app because it's the only one that actually works.

    Would love an actual fix for these issues...

  • It did work for me... The Heart Rate shows in Strava now. Thanks! Now I don't see the calories though.. :-(. It does not show in Strava but it does show in the other summaries with the iPhone

  • This worked for me! Weird workaround, but thanks!

  • I had to go to settings on my laptop, and then "Data permissions" and allow health related data, then it worked for me!

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