Kudos, follow requests and requests to join a club from spam profiles

We're aware that some Strava members received kudos, follow requests and requests to join a club from spam profiles. The profiles, clubs, and kudos are being removed as soon as possible and our team is working hard to resolve the situation and prevent this activity in the future.

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  • We are aware that more spam profiles have been created, and sending spam club invites. We are continually working to remove these profiles and resolve the situation.

  • Our team is taking care of the new Spam incidents that have been occurring. Thanks for your concern and patience.


    Please "follow" this Known Issue to receive email updates on the status of the incident. 

  • If you have received kudos from any of these spam profiles, please know that the kudos will be removed when the profile is deleted.

  • We are aware that a new group of spam accounts has been created, and is giving kudos. These profiles are in the process of being deleted, and the kudos they left will also be deleted.

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