Resolved: iPhone Update Crashing App (Version 34)

We have released an App update to version 35 that resolves this issue. Please update your app to resolve the crash.

We are aware that the most recent Strava update is causing the application to crash for some users on iOS. If you do not have any pending uploads (activities that have not yet synced to your account on your device) please follow the directions below:

Delete/Reinstall Strava

  1. Delete the application off of your device (since all your activities are stored on our servers you will not lose any information. However, if you have any un-synced activities - pending to upload - they will not be saved. Please contact Strava Support for further instructions if you have any pending uploads before deleting the application)
  2. Turn your phone off for 10 seconds.
  3. Turn your phone back on and re-download Strava (iTunes:
  4. Log back into Strava

If you do have any activities that have not yet uploaded to your Strava account, please reach out to Strava Support for additional instructions on recovering this activity first.

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