Samsung Gear and Strava

Record outdoor runs, rides, walks, hikes, and indoor workouts with our standalone app for Gear and Galaxy smartwatches. You need an Android or iOS device to complete the setup. If you are using a new Samsung Watch running Wear OS 3 or higher, you can download the Wear OS app by following the instructions here.

Compatible Samsung Devices

  • Galaxy Active
  • Galaxy Active 2
  • Galaxy Watch
  • Gear S3
  • Gear S3 Frontier

*Wear OS app only. Learn more here.

Set up Strava on your Samsung Gear Device

  • You will install the Strava app on your compatible Samsung device using the Galaxy Store.
  • From a computer, go to to link your Strava account.
  • You will receive a four-digit access code on the computer screen to enter on your device.
  • You will be prompted to accept location, sensor data permissions, and a safety warning before being able to record activities.

Recording an Activity with your Samsung Device

  • Open the Strava app on your Samsung device.
  • Select your desired activity type. Outdoor activities (a GPS connection will be required) are shown on the right in gray and indoor activities are on the left in black.
  • Be sure to wait for a strong GPS signal before starting your recording. The GPS pin icon will go from empty to white when the device is ready to record. Please note this could take a few minutes.
  • Press the large orange button in the center to begin the recording.
  • You will see total time shown on the top of the screen, average pace or speed in the center, and total distance and heart rate on the bottom.
  • Swipe to the left to open settings, pause, finish, or discard the activity.

Syncing Historical Activities

  • If an activity hasn't synced to your Strava account, you can attempt to re-sync the activity. Select Tap to resync below the activity date and summary. Please make sure you have a good data connection when resyncing.

Recording Settings

  • Auto pause: Available for run and ride activities at this time.
  • Unit of measurement: Switch between kilometers and miles for your activities. This setting only affects the stats on the watch.
  • Notifications: Notifications for split times during your runs.

Known Issues 

My device isn’t getting a GPS signal, how can I fix it?

GPS signal can take a few minutes to be acquired. Please wait for the pin to change from empty to white while outside with a clear view of the sky and standing still.

Will I see Strava Live Segments on my Gear device?

No, Live Segments are not supported at this time.

Can I use Strava Beacon with my Gear device? 

Not at the moment, but it is something we hope to add in the future.

Why am I not seeing calories on my indoor rides/workouts anymore?

We recently removed the built-in calorie calculation on the Samsung Tizen App due to numerous reported errors. Outdoor workouts and indoor runs will continue to see calories once the activity is uploaded to your Strava account.



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