Streak Challenges

What are Streak Challenges?

Streak challenges ask athletes to complete a certain number of activities for a consecutive number of weeks.

Streaks will perform a little bit differently than challenges as they currently exist on Strava. Streaks will allow different activity types other than just running and cycling to count towards your challenge effort and, unlike other Strava challenges, Streak challenges will not contain a leaderboard. Activity and profile visibility settings will not impact participation in Streak challenges.

The goal of each Streak challenge will vary. For example, we may ask you to upload an activity 4 days a week for 3 weeks, with each activity requiring a minimum of 30 minutes elapsed time. Each Streak challenge will vary, please check the details and eligibility section of the challenge page for rules and information on which activity types count towards the challenge. 

How do I participate in a Strava Streak Challenge?

You’ll need to join the Streak challenge just as you would any other Strava challenge. You can locate all challenges in the challenge gallery on the Strava website by selecting Groups > Challenges from the Strava mobile app. Once you’ve joined the Streak challenge you will find a calendar on the challenge page that will display your progress, in green, toward the challenge goal. Please note that all Streaks will begin on Monday. 

Where can I check my progress towards a Challenge?

  • You can view the Challenge page to check your progress. The circle that indicates the day of the week will fill green once you’ve uploaded a qualifying activity. If you were unable to meet the challenge requirements after the first week the calendar will fill gray to indicate a fail state.
  • You can find a progress bar on your profile page. This will fill after you’ve successfully completed your first week. In other words, you won’t see any progress here until after the first week, even if you have activities counting towards the challenge. 


I’ve joined the Streak Challenge mid-streak, can I still participate?

If you have qualifying activities from previous days you can upload those to your Strava account and they will count towards the challenge.

What activities will count towards Streak Challenges?

Streaks allow for a wide range of activities to count towards challenges but not all activities types will count towards all Streak challenges. Check the specific challenge you’ve joined for more information on what activity types will count. 

I have multiple activities uploaded for one day, which one will count towards the challenge?

We'll use the activity that best contributes to the challenge goal. For example, if the challenge requires you complete activities of a certain distance, we'll use the longest activity.

What will happen to challenges as they currently exist on Strava?

Strava Challenges like the 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Gran Fondo and the Running/Cycling Distance and Climbing challenges will remain unchanged.

More information on Strava Challenges.

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