Your Privacy Defaults when you Create a Strava Account

When you create a new Strava account, your privacy controls will be set to Everyone by default, with the exception of the Training Log which will remain private. 

  • Profile: Everyone
  • Activities: Everyone
  • Group Activities: Everyone
  • Flyby: Everyone
  • Training Log: Private

You have the option to adjust your settings at any time to reflect your desired experience.

How can I adjust my privacy settings?

To adjust your privacy settings, visit your privacy controls page on our website or the mobile app. To learn more about adjusting your controls, please visit our privacy center or any of the following articles.

What information is always visible to all Strava members?

To help people connect with you, some profile information will always be visible to all Strava members, regardless of your privacy settings: Your first and last name, location, bio, histogram, number of followers/following, and last 4 week/all time/and yearly aggregate statistics.

What information is public to anyone on the internet

Profile Page

If your profile’s privacy setting is adjusted to Everyone, a logged-out version of your profile page will be available to non-members. The information on your profile page may be indexed by search engines and consequently appear in search results. 

Adjusting your Profile Page settings to "Followers" prevents search engines from seeing your Strava profile and indexing photos and information attached to your activities. To enable this setting, you can go here on the website or settings > privacy controls on the Strava mobile app. Your public profile may be displayed in search engine results until the search engine refreshes its cache.

If you'd like to remove your photos from Google’s search index, you can request removal of content by following the outlined process here.


If your Activities Privacy Setting is adjusted to Everyone, anyone on Strava can view the details about your activities. In addition, anyone on the internet may be able to see your placement on leaderboards.

Adjusting your Activity Privacy settings to "Followers" or “Only You” will prevent your activity from appearing on leaderboards and will limit the visibility of your activity details to your selected privacy setting (either “Followers” or “Only You”). 

Frequently Asked Privacy Questions

Please visit our Privacy FAQs to learn more about your privacy controls.

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