Having trouble logging in?

If you're seeing an error message that says Something went wrong” or “Cannot verify your account," there are a few things you can try:

  • If you've manually adjusted the clock on your mobile device, try setting your clock to receive the local time from your network instead. This can typically be done from your device's settings.
  • Log in to Strava.com on a computer, connect to Google or Facebook, and then try to log in through Google/Facebook on the mobile app.
  • Visit Strava.com on a mobile browser such as Chrome for iOS or Android and login to your Strava profile on the mobile browser. Once logged in, you may see a prompt to open Strava on the Mobile app. Follow the prompt and this should allow you to bypass the login error without issues. If this does not initially work, please try turning your mobile device off for approximately 30 minutes then turn it on again and try again.
  • If this issue occurred when you switched to a new mobile device, try to log out and log in again with the new password on your old phone.

If you're using an iPhone and seeing an error message that says "Authorization 401," please give the following a try:

  • Log out then log back into your Strava profile on the mobile app.
  • Switch from mobile to wifi (or vice versa) then try the previous step again.
  • Uninstall Strava mobile app from your mobile device, turn off then back on your device, and install Strava then login to your Strava profile.
  • If you're still having trouble, try visiting your account settings on the Strava website and changing your password. Once you've reset your password and confirmed it works on the Strava website, log out from your Strava mobile app and then try logging in again with the updated password.
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