Segment Matching and Achievement Delays

Our team is aware of an issue that's causing delays in both segment matching and segment efforts appearing on leaderboards and awarding segment achievements. If your activity appears to be missing segments or your segments have matched but achievements appear to be missing, we recommend waiting 24 hours and then checking again.

  • If the segments still haven't been matched, try changing your activity type to "Canoe" (or anything other than the actual activity type) and save your changes. Wait a minute and then go back and update the activity to the correct type.
  • If your achievements are still missing after your segments have matched, please try refreshing achievements on your activity by following the directions below:
    • Navigate to your activity page on the website (this feature is not available in our mobile apps.)
    • Click on the (◦◦◦) more options menu located on the left-hand side of your activity page.
    • Click on Refresh Activity Achievements.

If you're still having trouble after giving that a try, send us a link to an activity where you're having this issue as an example as well as a link to a segment that's missing an achievement as an example.

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