Important Changes to Strava Packs

Why don't I see the option to purchase only one or two packs?

As we expand the Strava subscription to include new features, we've found that separating our subscription product into three different packs (Analysis, Training, and Safety) has created confusion. Since our feature functionality no longer cleanly fits into those three packs, we've decided to consolidate our subscription and remove the packs entirely. Now it’s simpler: you just use Strava for free, or subscribe to Strava for the best of everything we do.

I am currently subscribed to just one or two packs, what will happen to my subscription?

To make sure our athletes are getting the most value from their subscription, one and two-pack subscribers with an active subscription now have access to all Strava subscription features for three months. You will be able to renew at your current price until August 19th. Your first renewal after August 19th will be at the all-access subscription price.

  • For athletes who subscribed via the Strava website:
    • After August 19th, your next renewal will be automatically billed at the all-access subscription price unless you cancel your subscription before your renewal date.
  • For athletes who subscribed through Google or Apple:
    • After August 19th, your next renewal will be at the all-access subscription price only if you opted into the price increase via communications sent to you from Google or Apple.
    • If you do not opt in to all-access, your paid subscription will be canceled and your account will revert to free.

How is my subscription going to change now that "Summit" has been removed?

Your subscription will include more features than it did previously, but will behave the same way it does today. We’ve just said goodbye to the brand of Summit, so you won’t notice that name in the app anymore. Moving forward it will simply be known as a Strava subscription.

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