What’s changed on Strava?

We’ve made some changes to the Strava subscription effective May 20th, 2020. Most notably, some features that were free are now only available to subscribers. Here are the features you’ll have access to with a free account vs. a subscription:


We know you have questions so we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions and provided answers below.


I currently have a Summit subscription, do I have to make any changes or additional purchases?

No, we have removed the name “Summit” but, other than that, your subscription will behave the same as it does today. We have, however, stopped offering packs which you can learn more about here


If I subscribe to Strava, can I use these features on past activities?

Yes, once you subscribe, you can use the subscription features on all past and future activities/segment efforts. 


If I do not subscribe, can I see segments at all?

Yes, as a free athlete you can still see which segments have matched to your activities, your time on each segment and whether you achieved a PR. You can also see the top ten athletes on the segment leaderboard including your own effort if you are in the top ten. You also still have the ability to create new segments.


Am I going to lose my KOM/QOM/CR’s if I don’t subscribe?

No, as a free athlete you can still see the top ten athletes on the leaderboard including your own effort if you are in the top spot. The achievement will remain on your activity and in you KOM/QOM tab on your profile. 


Will free athletes efforts still be placed on the leaderboards even if they can’t see them?

Free athletes can still record unlimited efforts on segments, see if they got a PR and view the top-10 overall, and view segment times on past activities. To see how you stack up against others by leaderboard rank and to analyze your past efforts using the my results tool, you’ll need to subscribe. Everyone on Strava can create new segments.


Can I use segment filters such as this year, my results, people I'm following, 

my clubs, today, this week, and this month without a subscription?

No, free athletes can no longer view the full segment leaderboard and therefore cannot filter by your followers, clubs, current day, or the current week, etc. Free athletes can still see the all-time top ten overall and top ten women.


Where can I find out how much monthly or annual subscription costs? 

You can review the price and purchase a subscription from this page: https://www.strava.com/subscribe


Does a Strava subscription still include deals with other retailers and services? 

Yes, the subscription still includes perks.


Where can I find my monthly cumulative stats?

A few of our free features like monthly cumulative stats have now become subscription features. Strava subscribers can access this feature from the Training icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. These stats will no longer appear on the top of your activity feed.


Why can't I see surface type on the route I created?

We are investigating a bug that’s preventing surface type from showing on routes created from existing activities. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.

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