UPDATE March 1, 2021:
Version 1.6.22 is now available in the Galaxy Store. We appreciate your patience while we rebuilt our Samsung Galaxy app from the ground up. Please download the latest update here: https://galaxy.store/strava 




UPDATE: Thanks for sticking with us as we sort out the problems we've been having with our app on Samsung Galaxy watches. We've got a couple updates and wanted to let you know the latest.

The issues with the current app are more complex than we previously thought, and in trying to solve them, we’ve decided that the only proper fix is to rebuild our Samsung Galaxy watch app from the ground up. We know this means more waiting, but this will ensure a more stable app overall and will also help us keep it that way in the future. You can expect to see this new version in the next two to three months. 

If you're using a Samsung Galaxy Watch3, we've just released a patch for the present app to address problems with getting GPS signal and viewing Strava in the app store.

Unfortunately, for any past activities that haven't synced while using the Strava app on your Samsung Galaxy watch, we're deeply sorry to say that we're unable to get them to do so. This is the worst case scenario, and not being able to view, share and have a record of those efforts on the web or your phone is undoubtedly frustrating. We were hopeful that we could re-sync those activities as mentioned in our past messages, and we're again sorry we weren't able to deliver.

As a temporary workaround, please record your activities using the Strava mobile app or link and record using the Samsung Health app integration (available for Android devices only). 

Thank you for your continued patience. Please follow this article for email updates on the issue.