Changes to our Community Discussions

We heard you loud and clear: the old forum was hard to navigate and had tons of duplicate topics, which diluted your upvotes and made it hard for you to find and discuss what was on your mind. You also told us that Strava didn’t interact enough with your concerns in the topic threads or give regular enough updates. You were right, so we set out to find a way to amplify your voice and make sure we’re building and fixing what you need. 

Here’s what’s new: We’re gathering all your top discussions and combining them into topic threads, making them easy to find in one place. You’ll notice more topics as we build out this new space and get your feedback on what’s working. This change also means our small but mighty Community Management team can now be more responsive to you as well as surface your ideas to the teams who make changes to the platform. In short, your feedback will have the impact it always deserved.  

We’re committed to getting this right for you – let us know what you think!


I worked hard to describe my feedback, what did you do with it before you removed it?

We know and deeply appreciate the effort you put into giving us constructive ideas on how to make Strava better. That hard work warrants more of our eyes and ears and with this smaller forum space, we can commit to giving you the engagement and communication you deserve.

Before making this change, we audited hundreds of the top forum requests and took note of themes and actionable feedback. What we noticed is that much of this feedback was duplicated within the forums causing dilution of your requests. Additionally, most of the ideas in our Forum were also represented via other channels. For example, we see similar feedback in the support tickets you submit to our team, the one-on-one athlete interviews we hold with you, our beta testers, social media, etc. 

Finally, we are keeping an employee-only version of the old Forum for a few months to make sure we squeeze every last bit of juice from your ideas before we fully delete the data. 


I didn't see any problems with your forum—it seemed to be working fine, so why the change?

You may have noticed that when you searched for a topic, you were bombarded by hundreds of results. There were so many similar and duplicate posts that it was hard to identify which post was the ‘main’ post. 

Granular and hyper-specific posts added to the search result 'noise' and meant you had a hard time finding the right place for your feedback. Sometimes new posts were created after having trouble finding the 'main' post. 

As a small team, we struggled to manage these duplicates and knew that it meant your feedback was getting diluted or hidden. 

Finally, we didn’t provide you with instructions as to what feedback we were looking for. Our revamp will now be an ongoing collaboration with you, our community, and us, your advocates. We want to help you understand how to influence what we build and fix and also want to let you know when something is just not a priority or on our roadmap. 


You were not engaging with us on a regular enough basis, is that going to change with this overhaul?

Yes! This is one of the main reasons we are streamlining our Forum. We are a very small team wearing many hats and are doing our best to help you get the most out of Strava whether that means providing you with educational material, answering your support tickets, responding on social media, engaging in the forum, bridging the feedback gap between us and our product teams, filing bugs, etc.

And in full transparency, Covid-19 has significantly increased our ticket load. We are trying to balance responding to feedback with providing technical support. 

Moving forward, we will work more closely with our product teams among others to provide you with more frequent updates and reasoning on our product's direction. 


How is this Forum going to be different?

We're going to respond to forum questions, offer workarounds, give you product updates, manage expectations, and solicit feedback more often. There may even be times when we ask for volunteers who would like to speak with our research and design teams. 


How is this going to benefit me?

We will be assigning topic experts to each forum to help engage and respond to questions. You will get insights from the employees who understand the feature best and who are in the position to relay your feedback directly to relevant teams.


What are you doing with my old data?

We’re going to go through it and continue extracting themes. It will be kept for a few months but ultimately deleted entirely. 


Why aren’t you letting us pick the topics? Why did you get rid of the post button?

This is an ongoing collaboration with you. We wanted to launch with a shortlist of topics that we knew were top of mind for our product teams and a volume we could manage.


We have created a post for suggested topics; please take a look and upvote/add your feedback on what you'd like to see as a new discussion. Once we work out the kinks, we will add new post topics. 

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