Adding Photos to your Activities on iOS 14

If you're only seeing a limited number of photos, Strava may only be allowed to access "Selected Photos" due to changes to photo permissions in iOS 14. We are addressing this issue but, in the meantime, you can allow Strava full access to your photos as a workaround. You can adjust these permissions by going to your iPhone Settings app > Strava > Photos and choose "All Photos." Once you've allowed Strava to access "All Photos," you will be able to upload photos to your activity. If you're still having issues, please force close the Strava app and try again.

If you want to continue with only allowing Strava access to "Selected Photos," the selection of photos that you can attach to your activity will remain limited. To add more photos to the Strava picker, you can follow these instructions:

  • Force close the Strava iPhone app.
  • From there, when you try to add a photo to your activity, you'll see an option to "Select More Photos."
  • When you've added new photos to the Strava photo picker, you can view these photos by tapping Done and adding a photo again.
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