Monthly Recap

Strava’s Monthly Recap provides a look back at your performance for the previous month. To view your Monthly Recap, log into your account on the Strava mobile app and select You > Progress. This feature is only accessible via the Strava mobile app, and you must have the latest version of the app installed on your phone.

The Monthly Recap is available to all athletes, but Strava subscribers will have access to additional data. Only you will be able to see your Monthly Recap on your profile page but you can share or download the images directly from the app.


Which activities are included in my Monthly Recap?

The Monthly Recap will include data from public, private and virtual activities completed during the previous month. 

Can I share my Monthly Recap?

When viewing your Monthly Recap, tap the share icon in the upper right-hand corner to select which section of the recap you would like to share via social media or download directly to your phone. 

How are the “Top Sports” determined? 

Top sports are only available to Strava subscribers and are based on the number of activities uploaded for each sport type.

How is activity time calculated? 

The total hours displayed in your Monthly Recap are based on your activities' moving time.

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