Suspending Services in Russia and Belarus

Strava has always been a platform that brings athletes together through the power of community. That very community is being rocked by a tragic and senseless war, and it’s important that we show our support and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 

As a response to Russia’s unjust war against Ukraine, Strava has decided to suspend its services in Russia and Belarus. We stand with hundreds of other corporations and organizations in implementing a temporary suspension of services. 

We hope these actions can be a meaningful part of helping bend the direction of the war toward its end, and toward peace.

You can contact us at with questions regarding your Strava account. We can provide an archive of your Strava data and/or assist with deleting your account. In addition, we can:

  1. Set your Activity Privacy Controls to “Only You” or “Followers” for future activities.
  2. Bulk update all of your past activities to “Only You” or “Followers” (this cannot be undone).
  3. Set your Profile Privacy Controls to “Followers".
  4. Adjust your Email Notifications settings.

Please email us from the same email address that is attached to your Strava account. This will allow us to provide the most efficient support possible. We appreciate your patience as we handle a large volume of requests.

Requesting a Refund

We will try to issue refunds to the extent we are able to.

  • If you subscribed through the Google Play Store or Strava website, please contact us at and we will do our best to assist you.
  • If you subscribed through an iOS device, you will need to request a refund from Apple. You can contact Apple Support directly by following this link.
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