Trail Activities

Athletes have access to new sport types that will better reflect those memorable trail experiences we all enjoy. Subscribed athletes will also have access to new trail features to help pick the next adventure.

New sport types with trail route features will include the following

  • Hikes
  • Mountain Biking
  • Trail Running
  • Gravel Biking

When you start using these new activity types, you can then toggle your personal heatmap to specific sport types, for instance viewing everywhere you've mountain biked or gone trail running.

Suggested Route Details

Subscribed athletes will be able to find their next best adventure thanks to new trail features including difficulty, completion times, the busiest time of day, and seasonality information provided by trail datasets. Strava uses aggregated and de-identified community data sets to help athletes learn more about trail features for routes. We calculate route difficulty (easy, moderate, or difficult) based on attributes like distance, elevation, and aggregated community completion time.

How to Get Started

Subscribed athletes who select one of the new trail sport types will be presented with a new trail route experience on the Maps tab within the mobile application. Subscribers will be able to see new trail networks that may include multiple trails that will help them reach similar peaks and activity goals.

Trail Stewardship

When considering a new trail activity, it’s important that you respect the rules of your local trail networks, and only follow maintained trails.

Trails that are not maintained by public park services - sometimes called “social trails” - can negatively impact sensitive wildlife in the area. We ask that you honor Strava’s Community Standards, and stay on the maintained path.


How do I exclude my activity from contributing to the trail features?

To exclude your activities from the aggregate trail routes dataset, disable the toggle to ‘Contribute your activity data to de-identified, aggregate data sets’. More information on how to change this setting can be found here. To exclude individual activities from the aggregate trail routes, change the activity’s privacy controls to ‘Only You’. More information on how to change this setting can be found here.

How do I add a trail that is missing from your trail networks?
If you’re not able to find an officially maintained trail in a trail network you know exists, you can make a submission on OpenStreetMaps by following the instructions we have available in our support article here.

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